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I’m just waiting for the delivery system to buy the app. Any way I can adapt it?

Hi lazaroHick, if you have knowledge in android programming, maybe you can adapt it, we also have plan to include delivery system in the next update version. Thanks

Hi, I want to know if we can see on the backend all reservation make from the android app ?

Hi SetoKyba,

we don’t connect demo android app and admin panel to keep content in android app don’t changed, of course all reservation which make from the android app :


Hi , i need pay this app , but how can connect the app with the admin dashboard??

Hi alihamad, tutorial how to connect the android app with admin panel already explained in the documentation which included in the download package. Thanks

now i payed for your app ,... and i was make download , but i need app for eclipse ..can you send me ..??

Hi alihamad,

Thanks for purchase our app, eclipse version currently not available, but, if you need it, we can send eclipse version to you, but, to convert the project, we need time up to 1 day, you can request by email first and then we will send it later.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


Great Job! Is it possible you can add the in-house ordering feature? Or can we ask you to customize it? How much will you charge it? Thanks.

Hi christer007, do you mean delivery order? maybe it’s possible, if you want to ask or discuss with us about customize it, maybe you can contact us via email directly, better if you can provide sample design or screenshot so that we can better to understand it, for the charge, will be considered later. Thanks

Hi, it seem that your app is what i am looking , but i have some questions. 1.How can a person with no android programming skills get the apk to connect to the admin panel? 2) will it be possible to have a ready to go package where we can just install the admin side and be able to update the client side with ie. menu item updates, and push message to clients? .Thanks Robert

Hi rdukes,

thanks for interested with our app.

1. in the download package already included complete documentation, so, don’t worry, no coding knowledge to setup this app, all step configuration and guide already explained in the documentation, if you still have problem in app configuration, we provide help support to make sure you can use this app until it can working properly like the demo that we’ve provided.

2. we don’t quite understand with your question number 2, this app working based on client server, android app as client and admin panel as server side, all products and categories managed from admin panel, android will automatically update the content according in the admin panel, the available features of this app like the demo that we have provided, so, you can try the demo app to know how this app working.


Hello I want the control panel to re-sell it How much the price?

Hi ahmedabumsameh,

we don’t understand what do you mean about to re-sell the control panel? you can’t re-sell or re-distribute the end product, it violates the policies of Envato License, for more detail about it, you can check it here :


I mean admin panel Web template I want to admin panel only Are you developed it or free template?

Hi, we don’t understand, of course we develop it using php standard programming language, this admin panel only integrated with android app which included in the download package, if you interested, you can purchase it, rules and policies in the use of code under license Envato. Thanks

Hello, this is a nice app you’ve got, can i add my own currency if its not listed as i can’t see my own currency in the demo admin

Hi idiaro,

thanks for interested with our app. yes, if the currency isn’t available, you can add it manually, it is very easy, just for example, you can check this screenshot how to add your own currency easily : http://prntscr.com/c3llx9


Hi, Can you please tell me, Admin can view the some one ordered item? or admin can get the notification..?

Hi InTunesIT,

awesome and congrats for you. :)

then, if you like our app, we will highly appreciate if you can provide us 5 rating and good review for this. you can rate us from your codecanyon download page.


oops, yeah, sure :) sorry for the my mistake

Hi InTunesIT, no problem, thanks for your support too, hopefully this app useful for you :). Thanks

sell or not open source cod ??

Hi tonush, this is full source code and on sell on Codecanyon, this code is under of Envato Market License, if you want to buy it, you must obey to the Envato Market License. Thanks

Hello, Is RTL support? I also need eClipse version.

Hi shafiei777, yes, this app support for RTL, for eclipse version is not included in the download packge, if you want eclipse version, we can send it to you after purchase for freely. Thanks

Hi, Is Android 7 support? and when a new version is released??

Hi shafiei777, yes, support Android 7, if the latest updated version is available, you’ll get an email notification automatically. Thanks

Hi there, I am getting an error after logging in. Please address.

Fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object in /home/ahmadomer63/public_html/gourmet/public/login_form.php on line 46.


Got it Right. I updated PHP version to 5.6 in my Godaddy account and input user details correctly in variables.php. Thanks anyway for a great application. :)

Hi ahmadomer63, awesome and congrats for you, thanks for your positive feedback, hopefully, this app will useful for you. :) Thanks

when is the next update due? Will I automatically get update if I buy it ?

Hi kunal1123,

yes, after you purchase it, when updated version is available, you will be notified by email automatically and you can download it from your codecanyon download menu. we have yet to set the exact time, maybe next month.


Hi, Great app. Any plan to integrate staff and roles function to your app in the near future?

Hi ProAudio, thank you, we will consider it, probably in the next update version if possible. Thanks

Hi, What is the payments methods that available on this app and can I change the currency?

Hi abdulaziz4419, yes, you can change the currency according your own currency, then, for the payments, direct payment or bank transfer, you can put the payment information in the information tab menu. Thanks

Hello. If I purchase this product can I change the name of the website as well the name on the mobile app? I noticed there is no place to change it in the “settings” menu.

Hi IykeN, yes, you can change the app name, logo, package name, etc, all configuration and required changes have already explained in the documentation, yes, this app built using android studio, so, you need to make required changes and compile the project first before uploading to playstore. Thanks