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Hello, I have few error and warn messages appearing: “Warn Failed last request. statusCode: -1 response: null” The second one is: “Warn Location permission exists but GoogleApiClient timed out. Maybe related to mismatch google-play aar versions.” The third one is: “dialog internet title dialog internet desc” How do I fix them?

Hi, we have analyzed and researched in recent days, and we find that this message related with onesignal library which unstable, so, for the solution is remove that library and totally using firebase as push notification services which recommended by google, your question have already replied via email, so, for more detail, please check your email. Thanks

Hi, questions, I need to to be spanish, is there any langauge file? also how is payment sistem, probably need ot have pay on deliver mode.

Hi haik74, for change language inside the app, you can change it in the strings.xml in the android code, the payment system using bank transfer or direct payment, or you can add the payment information in the information menu. Thanks


riffche Purchased

Hi solodroid, my app keeps crashing after i change the color of the app, what should i do?

hi solodroid, i am trying to create the admin panel but i keep getting mysql related errrors. i have sent a screen shot of the error to your email.

problem solved, thanks.

hi solodroid, i tried setting up onesignal but it was giving me problems so i decided to leave it. but now my app has stopped receiving firebase push notifications. what should i do?

How do i change the word “Reservation” in the button at check out to “Place Order”

Hi growfast, please open app > res > layout > activity_cart.xml, find the word “Reservation” and replace it with your word. Thanks

hi solodroid, how can i change admin panel image icons?

Hi riffche, you can change the image assets of admin panel side in the assets – images folder. Thanks


Hi Solodiod,how are you doing.i had tested app and admin panel.it working fine.both admin app and mobile app.but i am not able to see the menu items loading in mobile app and it showing the error “Failed to connect the internet”.but other page like news and gallery are loading fine in the mobile app.could you please help me .urgent reply will be helpful.thanks

Thanks problem solved.i miss configured server url. thanks buddy

Hi knvraju16, very good and congrats for you if you have solve it, if you need support, you also can contact us by email that we’ve provided directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks

Gan saya mau purchase aplikasi ini tapi apakah currency nya bisa diganti ? Mksdnya jadi Rp.2000 (tanpa .0 atau decimal) , itu kan kalau di demo ada decimalnya, nah ini pengen di hilangkan …

Halo gan, bisa gan, nanti kami bantu atau kami kirimkan versi kode yang disesuaikan dengan format currency idr. Terimakasih

tolong kirimkan gan yang udah format (Rp.2000 tanpa decimal )saya udah purchase

Halo gan, thanks for purchase, di kirim besok ya, karena hari sudah malam jadi sudah off, silahkan request ke email ini : developer.solodroid@gmail.com. Terimakasih