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Hello guys, really beautiful app! I have a radio station but i don’t know allot of programming. I just install Android Studio, import your files and then change my radio link ?

Also, i have shoutcast v2 and i’m sending the metadata to the server (i can see the songs names there) will it work with the app ?

Also, i don’t want to display any ads, is this duable ?

p.s: It would be very pretty if you could add, covers of the songs, maybe from last.fm ? :)

Hello any news on this one ???

Hi ShadowRunner,

yes, you right, no coding knowledge, just install android studio, import the project and change the radio stream url with yours and other required changes according documentation instruction.

should it works, probably you can send your example radio stream url to us, so, we can check it and let you know if it’s can working or not.

in the documentation already explained how to enable or disable ads.

the available features in our app as the demo that we have provided, other than it, currently not available, if there is improvement or add new feature, maybe in the next update version.


Can we add volume control (with touch screen )

Hi philipshine,

probably it’s possible with customization, you can contact us by email and explain for more detail, better if you can provide example design about it.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com


You can help me? when I replace the file google-services.json json and Buildo apk and unloading nell’cellulare me error “Error Analysis Package” HELP

nothing to do I followed the help you gave me is not working can you help me with teamviewer ??

Hi francescosdj,

yes, you can send your teamviewer id and password to our email here : developer.solodroid@gmail.com

if we have not been able to find the right time, for other alternative, you can clean your android studio project then make it .zip file, send it via drive attachment or dropbox and send your google-services.json, we will check your configuration and try to solve it and send the code back to you.


We sent id and password for email.

Is it possible to disable notifications and bypass the firebase step?

Please disregard. It was easy to set up. :)

Hi eyeWonder,

sorry for late reply, awesome and congrats for you, yes, it was easy to set up, good luck and hopefully this app useful for you. :)

if you like our app, we will highly appreciate if you can provide us 5 rating and good review for this. you can rate us from your codecanyon download page.


Hello, can I see the documentation before buying the app? Do you offer IOS too?

Hi kasen667,

okay, no problem, you can see the documentation by click this link here, we only develop Native Android App, so, we don’t have iOS version right now.


Hi, where do i put code for autoplay ?

Halo rikyadrianto,

if you want to enable autoplay, go to :
app > java > fragments > FragmentRadio, then, add this line code to implement autoplay fuction.

new Handler().postDelayed(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
}, 3000);

for more detail implementation, you can check this link below :


siap suwun mas. . boleh minta no hpnya mas via email hendro.dy@gmail.com ada projekan lain.

Halo rikyadrianto, untuk diskusi lebih lanjut, bisa hubungi kami langsung via email gan : developer.solodroid@gmail.com Thanks


jadaheto Purchased

I uploaded the application to google play and I get this error. has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a policy strike because it violates the impersonation policy.

Hi jadaheto,

if you say impersonation policy, this is mean the mistake caused from yourself, you don’t allowed to use another app or entity’s brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users. Don’t try to imply an endorsement or relationship with another entity where none exists. Impersonation can occur even if there isn’t an intent to deceive, so please be careful when referencing any brands that do not belong to you. This applies even if that brand doesn’t yet have a presence on Google Play.
Source : Developer Policy Center


Can you edit it in eclipse?

Hi redmediaperu, eclipse is now deprecated and no longer support with latest google libraries, this app built using Android Studio, we suggest you to migrate to using Android Studio, it’s most better and highly recommended. Thanks


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Hi, great app. its possible change the image background in ‘x’ hour? example: 14:00h its a image of one person (dj online) 16:00h its a image of other person (dj ‘b’ online)


Hi diiogotk,

we don’t quite understand what do you mean about it, you can contact us by email directly and explain for more clear and detail, better if you can provide example design about it.
Email : developer.solodroid@gmail.com



Zero1988 Purchased

Buenas noches… He tratado de añadir dos opciones en el Menú de Actividad; y parece que todo está correcto, incluso se genera el apk; pero cuando intento ingresar a dicha opción en el móvil dice que la aplicación se ha cerrado.

Espero puedan ayudarme por favor, o les envió el archivo para que puedan ayudarme.

Hi Zero1988,

please speak in English!, we don’t give advice to change, modify or make the extra features in the app, our support only related with the app configuration and documentation, if you need our support, you can contact us by email directly : developer.solodroid@gmail.com



Zero1988 Purchased

I have sent an email, please I ask for your help.

Hello, I like this app. Please i have some questions before I buy… I want to know if this app comes with a backend to manage programs. Also can you do some custom works on it for me because I need few things changed and little tweak.

Can i also from the backend add mp3 files to play randomly on the app.?

Thank you for your quick response..


diiogotk Purchased

Very Nice app, Are you going to add Album covers? Regards

Hi, thanks, maybe in the next update version in future if possible will be implemented. Thanks