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Hi when i get to this part

1. Open Gradle Scripts → build.gradle (Module: app) 2. Change the application ID with your own id name, 3. Standard naming procedure : com.yourdomainname.yourappname 4. Click Sync Now.

i click sync now but the build fails saying

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:processDebugGoogleServices’. > No matching client found for package name ‘com.demo.shadland’

ok so i got everything done without any errors in android studio. (I made a full video of it exactly step for step if you want to see it. it would be a great addition to your documentation)

the app-debug.apk was due to an option i chose when i signed the apk. so that issue has been fixed too.

I send the app-release.apk file to my phone and it installs without any issues. asks for the permissions to give and once accepted it installs and i open the app.

and then as soon as i open the app it forces close. i cant use the app. it opens and then instantly closes.

I am not sure what is happening here but if there is any way to fix this or if there is some help that you could give?

i can send you the video that i did of building the app in android studio if it is needed to show if i did anything wrong…however it took about 30 minutes of video time.

I have android version 5.1.1 Lollipop version. it does work with that version right?

Hi ShadOrfeo,

we think you make a mistake when build the project to apk file, first, please note, don’t change or rename the project folder name.

try re extract the project from original zip file, don’t rename the project folder name, open it using android studio and try to build apk, if you do correctly, apk will be generated and can be installed on your device without any problem, if you want to generate signed apk, make sure Signature Version : V1 (Jar Signature) is checked.

this app is working fine on android version 5.1.1.


Is there an ios version ?

Hi, we only develop native android apps, so, we don’t have ios version. Thanks

We are purchased your app. But you do not update your application in 5 months. Please add admin panel into your update.. We are waiting…

solodroid where are you ?

Hi, sorry for late reply, admin panel integration with this app have already available, but, we have not release it on codecanyon, if you want to get this version earlier, you can make request by email and we will send the update version to you. Thanks

I have a problem, when i receive a call, the radio sound don’t stop, any bug fix for this?

Hi, where did you get the call from? from phone call or social media call, should, if you receive a call from phone, the radio will stopped automatically, if you have problem, you can contact us by email that we’ve provided for support. Thanks

hi, can you send me the Updated version, thanks.

Hi, updated version with admin panel support has been sent to your email, please check. Thanks

how can i disable the Interstitial?

Hi, you can disable the interstitial ads by set ‘false’ value for interstitial ad configuration in the Config.java file. Thanks

does this work with android 7.1.1?

Hi, yes, this app also work with android 7.1.1 (Nougat), we have already test it and it can work fine. Thanks

Urgent Reply Please!

1. Supports Icecast? 2. Is there a management board? If so, what kind of action is provided by the Management Panel? If you have demo, can you Admin Panel Link

Hi farukserin, yes, this app support icecast, in this version is not integrated with the admin panel, so, radio streaming url included in the android code directly. Thanks

Hi i want to purchase Your Radio App (Single Station)

Hi do u have aVideo Tutorials on This templates

Hi anandangel, thanks for plan to purchase our app, if you want to purchase this app, you can purchase it on codecanyon officially, the documentation included in the download package, not video tutorial, but, documentation with screenshots. Thanks

ok thank u

show album cover?

Hi, in this current version doesn’t support for display album cover arts, we will consider to add album cover art in the next update version. Thanks

Do you have any predictions? surely there will be this feature?

Hi uops, we can not determine the release date, the application is still in under development, if you have purchase the app and when an updated version is available, you will get update notification automatically by email. Thanks