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I can’t try demo, some user login/password? admin pasword not work.

click first on “access admin panel” button, at the top-right, and then enter password shareboxdemo

So you keep adding dropbox in the description, but what is it really? Is this something I host on my own server and use my own ftp space? This is similar to own cloud? Do you have an IOS or Android client for this? Or are do you have plans for making one? I really like what you’ve done here, and I really like the interface better than own cloud, but looking for more options.

Thanks You.

you can host it on your own server and use your own ftp space, but has a nice web interface, everything you do is fast and easy via the web interface…you can share files across users, you can upload files to users, and they see their files with a password….if you need to share files to your friends or co-workers elegantly and organized you can….and also the people that log in to the front-side and get their files can upload you back files (to your own dropBox, included in this app) can see your dropBox uploaded files by these users in a special section in your admin module, where you can download and delete them….so far no plans on making an iOS or Android native app, maybe in the future. It’s built for large files that you work with (.mp3s, .wavs, graphic files, movies, you name it) that you need to share quickly and organized, with a password, with your work mates or friends….for more details you can contact us on our email, cheers!

hi there, please protect your dropbox folder from unauthorized viewing as i can view your saved files via browser. either disable Directory Browsing or use blank .html for all your folders.

thanks for noticing man, uploading the updated archive in 1 min

Hi, looks great, well done… there any chance of making it responsive layout? (not the admin side)


front page ? we’ll try in a few days…will keep you posted

we manage to update our app with full-responsive frontpage…check it out :) cheers

another piece from me… about creating Groups? Create a group then when you create a user, put that user into that group, lets say: Group1, then instead of putting a tick in the box for each individual user, put a tick into the Group selected and it goes to every user in that group?

and also….you could have the option for no Group.

Just a thought, keep up the good work :)


we wanted to keep it simple at first…we’ll try your suggestions soon, we’re already planning on expanding the website based on people suggestions…cheers!

I have few question before I buy your software, is the demo being suppress deliberately? cause I uploaded files to it but it does not show on the user level it was a gif file… one more important thing … how do you share the file with lets say a client or a colleague? I don’t see that option,,, I think it is a good software but it just stops short of doing a great job by not able to share your file, every one has free drop-box they don’t need to use this, please let me know….

no…the way it works is you create a user, upload files to him, change / edit his password, and then that person connects to the frontpage with his username / pass, and get his files. He can alwaays upload files to your dropbox, which every user you create can do.

The uploading should work, you have to click first on “check file name before upload”, that cleans filename of unwanted chars.

The app works very well, been tested and tested and is our own way of sharing files. You can always buy it, we’re always updating it when we upgrade it with new features and even bugs we or other people find.


don’t worry about the app not working…it works well, we tested it gazillion times, with all features….uploading can be done from loggin in as user and upload to the dropBox (which, after you get the app, will be your personal dropBox where all users upload files), or you can upload from the admin to a certain user. All the files have icons and types, detected from the .extension, major types are provided.

so yes, don’t worry, we’re supporting this app so you can always drop in a question on our email, and you’ll be answered.

to the question “how do you share a file with a colleague or friend” you say there’s no option for it, but actually this is the main purpose of our web-app. You create a user with your friend’s name, then you upload a file to that user, define a password for him, and then let him know the address of your Sharebox (e.g. and give him the password you set for him, so he gets from now on files from you from there.

hello if press Download in any file i see the preview not link download i se the only probleme realy it is verry good woork :)

hey bro :) If the file is recognised in the browser (such as mp3, mov, avi, etc) it will play. Just right-click on download, and select “save as..”, this way it will save the file onto your harddrive. cheers!

ok if i upload file i can see link of download ? or if i press the link i can download automaticly?

whenever you upload a file to a user, the USER will see that file when he logs in…’s not that you upload a file for yourself :)

Super tare! Felicitari! :) Chiar ma gandesc sa-l cumpar dar problema mea e cu instalarea pe un host…nu ma pricep. Well done! Silviu

e totul web-based…merge foarte easy, daca ai propriul VPS si nu shared hosting (care e mai ieftin) iti poti configura limita de upload peste 100Mb / file, toti userii pe care-i creezi iti pot uploada in dropbox-ul tau cate fisiere tine hardul, si tu la fel, le pui lor fisiere ce ai nevoie sa le trimiti, si poti sa dai share unui fisier dat unui user sa-l vada si alt user, fara sa-l mai upload twice. ;)

:) chiar o sa ma gandesc serios. o sa vad intai partea de vps. merci si multa bafta!

k. np. interfata e eye-candy, 7 themes ;) just a bonus

Hello I seem to be having a problem . I can see the share box front end , but when I go to the admin panel and put in the password I receive a blank screen and the addy says admin.php. I seem to be missing something here. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you amj

great man. Just let me know if all goes well :)

Up and running thank you for all your support this is 5 stars for sure. ^5

good to hear everything is ok man. Cheers!

Been using the script for only a short while now, but love it! Just downloaded the update you posted. Are there any docs on which files I need to upload? Just curious as I don’t want to lose anything I’ve already posted. Thanks for any help you can provide.

ah don’t worry man, I didn’t modify anything to the project. Just updated the keyword tags for search, so people can find the app better while searching for it on the market place…cheers. let me know if anything

Thanks for the quick reply! :)


I want to know how much control the admin has over the dropbox site with regards to files posted by users/himself, if its possible to restrict access to the portal by manually creating accounts and emailing the login to desired users, if it is possible to easily move the whole thing around because at some point, one may need to get a VPS or something like that.

admin uploads files for users created (which are admin’s friends) and in turn, his friends, can upload files to the dropbox.

The web-app was done for people looking a way to share files together, but I was not thinking about placing limits / limitations such as maximum files a user can upload during a day, or maximum MB upload per user in general etc.

These things can be easily done, and probably I will do them in the next version, but so far, I didn’t think it’s really necessary.

The only way we can place restriction on users would be setting a certain amount of Mb uploaded for each user when they use the “dropbox” feature, to send you (admin) files. But since I thought limiting the “dropbox” is unwise, because it’s a powerful feature, there’s no limitations what-so-ever.

Remember, all the users you’re gonna have are aquaintances, friends of coleagues. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to receive all the files they’re gonna send via “dropbox”, not limit them :)


thx for purchasing, I’ll be here if you run into any problems

You’re welcome.

First, I use this great utility ALL the time! Love it! That said, um, what’s in this latest update? I don’t want to lose my database info. Should I update?

Cool! Thanks for the continued support and quick answers.

hey, just to let you know I’ve decided to improve this web-app, with a lot of new features and turning it responsive too (good for phone / tablets). just to let you know…i’m not sure when the update is gonna be ready due to other ongoing projects, but we’re working on it…

hello sir, i was try install it and it’s work. but when i try login as a user the url after login or logout is Please help me to fix it sir.

the path should not contain install.php there as it is. you must have entered wrong path to the installation in the installing process

Sory… i was fix it. Only edit misc_var.php on auth folder

hey man. Everything is working now on your domain. Let me know if all is good with you, on my email or here, and also if you need the whole web-app in a folder or just leave it like it is. cheers!

thx for fast respond and great support sir. you are a great author

is there a feature to charge for the downloads, if I choose to have this for certain contents ?

hi. The web-app was not built in mind with a “charge for each download” option. However, since this is a very custom thing that you want, you would probably NOT find in any other file sharing system out there, you can actually very easily implement this custom change yourself, by adding the code that you need to our web-app, in case that you like how our web-app looks and behaves. Or hire someone to do the custom update. This will mean you will have 2 type of files : regular and paid. If someone clicks on “download” and the content is payed, a pop-up window will show up requiring him to pay via Paypal, or Credit Card. So you will have to get our app, have someone that can read basic simple PHP code, pay him to create the workaround + the PayPal + CreditCard integration, which will definitely be way more expensive than just grabbing our app. It’s your choice. cheers

Hello. Can a user download multiple files at the same time? What I mean is can he select five files for download and have them all download or does he have to select one and wait for it to finish downloading before selecting another? We want to be able to see a list of files and check off the ones we need to download and then hit the download button. In our current situation downloading ten files takes forever because each file is connected to its own download button. So you can only download one at a time. Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for your question. In Google Chrome, you can click download on all files, one after another, and the files will start all downloading. So you can. In Firefox, you need to just click once on “Do this automatically for files like this from now on” once, and after that, it will work like in Chrome. Same for all the other browsers. So yes, the answer is affirmative. Thanks

5 star work, This is great, Thank you :)

thanks a lot maan :) really appreciate it

I like the program, and I am ready to purchase it, the only thing I have a question about…Is there a way to make separate folders for the admin, as you can see that list will become long and unorganized quickly.

Thank you for response, yes that is a good idea, I really like the layout and UI of your product is why I am drawn to it, I just was doing a bit of research before making a final decision. I appreciate your response.

I’m thinking more and more in updating the whole code I wrote, and maybe also making it responsive as back-end, because many people ask for different extra features….right now I’m in the middle of a 2 month project, so maybe somewhere in november, 2017….

are you still interested in aquiring this web app ? as a sidenote, I have decided after many months to re-build / upgrade the whole app, adding features like reponsive back-end ( mobile / tablet integration ) + adding the most important features people suggested over the years and of course, adding some other stuff that I think are necessary for a complete app of this kind. Thanks for you suggestions.

Do your great software have multi language in place to help those who don’t speak english?

Hey fredsoft ! At the moment, the only language available is “english”. You are the 1st person who asks for different alternative languages. If the person using it does not know english tho’, by browsing with Google’s Chrome browser, you will be able to translate it in your native (or any other) language, at any time. Much love, and Merry Christmas !

Thanks for your quick reply. My last question. Can it support WebDrive to manage uploaded files as well?

Our web-app is a stand-alone solution, as you have seen while browsing through the demo version. It has no connection to any other software out there. CHeers

Hi why does it show all users in a drop down box on the front page? Not very good. Also any planned updates for this?

Hi. It shows users because it’s your OWN personal file sharing tool, where each of the users select their user, get the files you share to them, and occasionally upload you back something if needed. It’s not a PUBLIC kind of system. We’re planning a complete overhaul of this system somewhere this year, including a lot of new features, some of which were pointed out by people here (such as the option of having instead of the dropdown with all users a field where the user will type in themselves the user name + a lot more on the backend side). Thanks for your interest in our little code project. Cheers