Your own Web File Sharing System with User Management and DropBox feature

Your own Web File Sharing System with User Management and DropBox feature

If you’re looking for a personal file-sharing-system, then this custom web-app is for you. You will be able to send files to people you work with, friends etc., secure and password protected. This one is a custom made, full web-app, not related to any other app on the market (such as DropBox or anything else).

This web-app is installed on your own webserver (Virtual Private Server) where you can use as many GB you want and have no file transfer limits.

Below is the link where you can see the DEMO version. Remember that, for security reasons, we’ve limited the access on actually SAVEing or DELETEing the files that are on this DEMO verision. Thanks!

password : shareboxdemo

Sharebox & Dropbox - versions - Sound Lounge Studio on Code Canyon

current version 1.28 (13 march 2016)
General front-end and back-end page display improvements. Files to update taken from the latest .ZIP archive:

re-upload these below
folder CSS/ – > all .CSS files
folder main/ – > panel.php
folder admin/ – > uploader.php
folder admin/ – > show_user_files.php
folder / – > index.php

No need for re-install or anything, just copy these new files on top of your old ones.

version 1.26 (12 march 2016)

Updated a little HTML5 tweak on the “download” button, that immediately downloads the file. Before, users had to right-click on the download button and “save file as..”
They still can, but this way the download is more elegant. The downloaded files will go to your browser’s download folder.

All you have to do to update to this version is download again the latest .ZIP archive and replace the following files in your installation :

  • admin/list_files.php
  • admin/my_dropbox.php
  • main/panel.php

version 1.2 (march 2015)

Updated the front-end of the website to be responsive / mobile-ready

version 1.0

Initial app with all features

Sharebox & dropBox is your own personal web file sharing tool with user management. You, as the administrator, can basically upload any number of files for your friends, create users for each and manage the files you share with them. They can login in the front-end part of the site with a password you provide them with, and download the files you uploaded for them. They can in turn, if needed, upload you back files.

No more file size limitation, no more monthly fees on 3rd party websites that give you back a link to download from, no more waiting 60 seconds for the link to be available, you’ll have it all on your own website on your own server / domain.
It’s extremely simple to install (only 1 page and few input boxes) and very friendly to use.

Sharebox & Dropbox - features - Sound Lounge Studio on Code Canyon

  • only one person (you) uploads files for many users created by yourself. They can access the front-end with their name and a password you give them, and download the files you have uploaded for them
  • multi-user system (the admin (you) can upload unlimited files to unlimited people )
  • it’s possible to share already uploaded files to other users as well(no need to upload twice)
  • files can contain from regular english characters to indian, koreean, chinese, you name it
  • easy uploading of files with statistics and realtime graphic progress bar
  • statistics in your back-end module : who downloaded what, how many times, space occupied by users, etc
  • you (the administrator of the website) can get files back from all the users, in your dropBox (a feature that all the users have active in their menu
  • file-manager for your uploaded files and as well as for your dropBox files
  • there are 2 parts of the website – the back-end module that only the administrator can see, and the front-end of the website where people log in with a username / password you set for them and where they just see the files waiting for them to download
  • nice graphics, 9 different styled themes
  • real clean and nice AJAX Javascript uploader with progress bar with full documentation as well
  • pure Javascript functions all-across-the-web-app for fast and seamless integration