Personal DropBox place with easy File Uploading

Personal DropBox place with easy File Uploading

If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to get files from people (your own DropBox place on your webserver) or you need a way to quickly send YOURSELF any files from anywhere, when you’re away from your computer, then this web application is for you. It is a custom made, full web-app, not related to any other app on the market (such as DropBox or anything else).

Remember that in this DEMO preview, for security reasons, file saving is disabled. Thanks for understanding!

version 1.1
(we’re working on updating this app, we’re gonna upload the new version around the 28th of september 2017)
  Mobile-friendly 100% responsive update

version 1.0
  Your own personal…dropbox. Yey!
  Give this web-app URL link and login to any of your friends / coleagues and they can upload you files back in few minutes.
  No upload speed limits or size of file (the maximum that your web server allows).
  Javascript AJAX file uploader with animated progress bar and with some statistics as well (KB/s, seconds elapsed, minutes remaining)
  3 nice CSS graphic themes included (more to be added).

  No mySql database required. Things made easy!
  Easily managing (downloading and deleting) of the uploaded files, using your admin password.
  You can also send yourself files safely from any web browser (from your phone, tablet or someone else’s computer) that you can download when you get home.
  Easy installing in one step.

Also, if you’re looking for a piece of code like what we have here, you can easily integrate our little code here in any of your PHP/Javascript powered custom web projects (we have provided a lenghty documentation with specific details on how everything here works, inside the pack).

We also recommend, a web site we created that you can host directly on your webserver, that gives you Envato balance, push notifications on your email / phone, in-depth statistics, graphics and figures on your Envato account status + more.

It is a great extension of your Envato dashboard with a lot of extra features, especially created for Envato authors.

The web app is available here on CodeCanyon.