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Existe una gestión de usuarios, o es usuario único? gracias.

hi! thanks for writing!

I wanted to keep this app simple, no database, just copy in your webfolder and ready to go. Also valuable code to include into your website fully documented, to extend your website into uploading files with statistics.

As for your question, there’s only one password for the main uploader feature, that you give to your friends and colleagues. Anyone will log into the uploader with this password, there’s no user management on this web app.

If you’re looking on something more complex, with user management, where you create each of your user, each with a different password, and they upload you files, and you can also upload files for them to get back check out our first app on CodeCanyon, link below. I think this app would give you want you need.

thanks, if you want to discuss in depth please use the email form on our page to email me directly.

Thank you very much for your quick reply, I have seen his other prublicación and it seems very nice, practical and well documented, I’ll buy immediately. Thank you.

Thanks for your interest and support, mate!

I’m happy you found what you needed. cheers

Hi, i have noticed the box “see uploaded files”. I do not want the clients seeing this if they are uploading to my drop box. Do you have an option to disable this from viewing this page?

The admin can access via url, but having this icon will confuse people uploading as they will think they can view their files they uploaded.

I’m looking to buy this soon and if you have instructions to remove this then great.

email me through the email box on my profile and I’ll send you the updated file. Or if you want me to explain you how to do it yourself let me know. It’s very easy. Cheers mate!

...basically, you need to comment out (or even delete) 3 lines of text in one file and another 4 lines of text in another file. :)

Please email me at and I’ll write you back in detail what you need to do, which lines you need to comment out or delete, but I can spare you this work by just sending you a .ZIP with the updated files, already got them for you.

Works Great and so simple, Nice Job :)

don’t forget to rate it after a while and give stars, it’s important for me :) cheers

5 stars already given,from me, It’s Perfect Thank you:)

thanks! :))

Beautiful work GLWS

thanks mate : )

do this work on Mobile end… I tryed to login on demo on mobile end and it don’t work

I will update it to your needs. Please email me @ and let me know what is not there, what goes wrong etc. OK ?

ok i’m doing it now

Hi, just bought the package, works great. I want to use it for a video upload contest, so I have a custom request with which I hope you can help me.

Can I eliminate the first step of filling out the password? I just want it to be open to everybody that has the direct URL.


hey man. Please write us on our profile page a message so we can communicate on email on this thing. cheers !