Responsive HTML File Uploader

Responsive HTML File Uploader

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Simple “DropBox” style HTML5 website with Javascript AJAX uploader (documentation on how to use the uploader in your own website is included).

100% responsive, use it on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Password protected uploader area and file listing area, with 2 different passwords. Set your main password for the uploader and give it to anyone, and they can upload files for you in seconds.

You can use it on your mobile, to send yourself images or videos from your phone Gallery, making it easier to download them on your computer. Fast and convenient.

Use your second password (that only you know) to see, download and delete the files.

This HTML5 simple website has no need of MySql database and also has no connection to the well-known “dropBox” file-transfer service..

Remember that in this DEMO preview, for security reasons, file saving is disabled. Thanks for understanding!

version 1.1

  The code is 100% responsive now (best viewed on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop)
  HTML5 custom-made audio player to play your uploaded MP3s and WAVs inside our web-app
  Improved graphics, cleaned up the code + other small improvements

version 1.0

  Your own personal…dropbox. Yey!
  Give this web-app URL link and login to any of your friends / coleagues and they can upload you files back in few minutes.
  No upload speed limits or size of file (the maximum that your web server allows).
  Javascript AJAX file uploader with animated progress bar and with some statistics as well (KB/s, seconds elapsed, minutes remaining)
  No mySql database required. Things made easy!
  Easily managing (downloading and deleting) of the uploaded files, using your admin password.
  You can also send yourself files safely from any web browser (from your phone, tablet or someone else’s computer) that you can download when you get home.
  Easy installing in one step.

We have included a lenghty documentation on our AJAX Javascript uploader, so you can include it right into your own website.