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Hey guys, loving the look of this plugin!

  • Pre Sales Question **

Regarding showing a YouTube “Single Playlist Grid” – all the Live Demos show the videos Sorted by “Recent” with the drop down to Select “Popular”

Is is possible to have the “Single Playlist Grid” sorted by the order that is set on the actual YouTube Playlist ?

Cheers, Jakson

See YouTube API does not provide any sorting order option. We have coded the sorting in the plugin which can be – Recent | Popular.

If you let us know what sorting are you using on your YouTube, maybe we can add it in a future update :)

Email: web.codehandling@gmail.com

I bought this Plugin early 2016. Back then You guys had the Older version of Youmax. After that I remember Youmax was taken off Downloads page for a brief period. However, I remember that in the Older version there was an option to search Youtube Videos for specific Keywords and then display them in the frontend. Currently I don’t see that option in the Current Version of Youmax. Basically, You set the Search Keywords in the Backend Instance, and then display the Videos in the Frontend. Kindly let Me know if You guys plan to rollout the feature in the near future.


Do you mean the search box in which you can type in and search videos ? That is already present.

There is one feature that we are still going to add – Search Tabs which are based on search Keywords.

Let me know which feature you are looking for :)

old YouMax was having facility of creating duplicate of old youmax instance. Same facility should be there in new YouMax to avoid settings and pasting of API key in every instance we create.

Yes, of course we will add the link to duplicate instances in this version too. Please give us some time :)

Sure :) By the way Youmax is amazing plugin. I love its simplicity and the way it displays everything. Pls look into the possibilities of autoplay and auto maximize screen on mobile device….Missing photomax too :)

Hello, I’m interested by your plugin, but I have one pre-sale question. I’ve seen a nice feature on a website and I’d like to know if your plugin can do it also. Pls have a look on this page http://www.familycoste.com/extrait-1-du-futur-livre/ and scroll down. You’ll see a nice Youtube subscribe button appearing.

Is it possible with your plugin ?

Regards Cedric

That side-subscribe is not included with the plugin. If you want, we can take a custom development job for the same :)

Email: web.codehandling@gmail.com

Hello Codehandling,

Is there anyway I can remove the YouMax is loading text? Thank you

You can add the below CSS into your CSS file to hide that -
.yl-loader {display:none;}

Can you please point me to the file (or if there is an option) where I can add alternate text to the video thumbnails?

The title and the description of your video come directly from YouTube. So if you want to change that, please change it from YouTube.com

If I did not correctly understand your question, please let me know :) Email: web.codehandling@gmail.com


mdp451 Purchased


CTA button link is being opened in new window by default. Is there any way to open the link in the same window so that I can link to other part of my own website using this button.

Thank you.

You will need to change the source code for that. :)

I’ve seen comments that say to use a single video in a post you can use the “featured video” option. Where is it? I’ve looked all through the options when adding a new Youmax and I don’t see any options for single or featured videos.

The option is yet to be added. As of now you can use the ‘display first video on load’ options that will show the latest video.

I don’t understand. In previous comments you talk about and support the featured video option. I need to put a single video into a blog that uses YouMax’s functionality. From what I read in the comments before I purchased, it sounded like it already had that functionality.

You can use this workaround – Create a new playlist on YouTube. Add your video to it. Then display that single video with Youmax using latest first video option :)

Hi, I just bought your plugin and I must be dumber than a box of rocks:) I created an API and have my YouTube channel specified but, no matter what I do, the Yogahouse still appears when a page is created. Here’s the page … http://adaptive-business.com/complete-guide-nimble-social-crm/ Any help would be appreciated! Tx!

Please remove all special characters like < or > or \ from your Youmax Admin Panel.

Currently options like LoadMoreText etc. have these characters

Thanks! I will give it a go.

Is it possible to disable the header so that just the YT gallery appears?

Yes, there are Hiding options in the plugin


If a user watch a youtube video from this plugin interface, will it count as a view in youtube ? Any plan on adding a twitch module ?


Yes, it will count as YT view. Sorry, no plan on Twitch as of now :)

Where in the code do I find how many comments are displayed? I’d like to modify to show more comments. Also, do you plan to support nested comments anytime soon?

Such a parameter is not present as of now. We will try to add this in future updates :)

Thanks. Still, where in your code is the loop or function which displays comments so I can increase the comment count on one of our websites?

It is on line #725 inside the function getYouTubeVideoComments. It is currently set to 6.

Source file: youmax-pro.js

Please note the plugin uses the minified file youmax-pro.min.js. So if you make any changes in the source make sure you add it to the minified file as well :)

I have installed the plugin on website and configured the shortcode per instructions found on your website. My APi is showing traffic so it’s getting called. But player is still stuck on Youmax is loading. Site is here: https://hub.mitodev.net/videos-youmax/

Please set the Default Tab parameter to ‘Instructional Videos’ which is the name of your Tab :)

how do i get a refund?

I have a YouTube playlist that has been sorted manually. When I load this playlist through YouMax, it completely ignores the YouTube sort order and sorts it in some random order. Is there a way for YouMax to preserve the sort order as specified by YouTube?

Also, when I have two or more youmax instances on the same page, things like the tabs, comments, description, etc. don’t show up. For example, single youmax instance, Season 1, here: http://studioc.net/test/

Now if I put that exact same instance on a page with another one, all the things described above disappear: http://studioc.net/studio-c-season-1/

Any idea why and how I fix it?

Manual Sort orders will not show up. YouTube provides only Recent First order. And we have added a custom Popular first order.

The Hiding options from your sidebar are affecting the main Youmax. You can allow the headers etc. on the sidebar Youmax instance for now. We will give you a workaround to hide the stuff you want :)