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YouMax Loading… I’ve read all the forum posts but still no luck getting the app to work. can you please help -> www.thethingaboutgreece.com/test

Please check the FAQ at the end of the demo page. Your Tab needs a name and give the same name in DefaultTab option in Admin Panel

hi there, your plugin says the following. what does it mean AUTOMATIC? you mean i can pull in from youtube from any channel or specific channel based on a niche keywords? (without having to look for videos and embeding the url etc?)

Youmax pulls in your channel and videos from YouTube and shows them on your WordPress website. This is automatic. So when you add a new video on YouTube, you don’t have to update your site again.

2) do you know if i can automaticlaly pull NEW videos as they are publised from a specific channel please?

3) do you know if i can show in the gallery based on a gmail account with which i logged into youtube and have created a PLAYLIST with my sign in to youtube. can that show automatically on my site gallery under specific page i had created just fro this?

4) what will be the video url be please? seo friendly url?

5) what if the original video is deleted?

thanks serendipity

1. You can pull videos based on Channel URL or playlist URL. If you add any video to your playlist later on, it will automatically show up on Youmax on your webpage.

2. yes

3. You just need the YouTube playlist link and it should be public

4. Video will be shown on the same page where you will display Youmax. Please check demos.

5. It will be automatically deleted from Youmax on your webpage


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I bought your plugin and I have a problem, I installed it on the site of a client the code API and the youtube identifier is just and well indicated but despite that it does not display the youtube string ( Palylist) of my client https://www.davidvicente-voix.com/essai/, yet on the site in English with the same parameters this is displayed correctly these are the same parameters https://www.davidvicente-voix.com/en/demo-voice-over/

Where is the problem

I see it being displayed at https://www.davidvicente-voix.com/demos-voix-off/

So looks like the problem is solved.

Duplicating Players? Is there any way to duplicate/replicate an pre-made player? It seems not, and that means I have to configure everything from scratch every time – from API/YouTube parameters to Settings that are unique to my site to MetaData to Colors/Styling. Unless I’m missing something? How is this done?

You mean duplicating all settings in a particular Youmax shortcode? We are planning to add this feature in future updates :)

Yes, that’s what I mean. I have to create multiple players for the same site using the same youtube channel and many similar settings. Currently, I have to create a new player and then re-enter all of the information ranging from Youtube/API parameters, to styling/coloring, buttons/links, etc. I would hope for at least a duplicate feature. What would be better would be for that, plus a Universal Settings area for much of that stuff (with ability to override) For example, Why re-enter YouTube/API info for the same site/client on every single player shortcode. Check out Smash Balloon’s social media plugins – they have it pretty good perfectly. Gravity Forms uses alot of “universal settings” too. Thx.

Thanks we will try to add it in future versions :)


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Is it possible to view a video (popup) when you also click on the YouTube Title and not just the thumbnail?

Thank you.

I am afraid I can’t make it run. Can you, somehow, iluminate my mind? Besides, I can’t find my YouTube username. Should it be the reason? Here should be: www.unityparatodos.com

Yes, please copy paste the shortcode in your post/page where you want Youmax to show up :)

Thanks, I think I am close to it. I have sent you an email. Have a nice weekend.

Never mind, it is working somehow, Thanks!