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I seem to be having issues with my Youtube playlists not automatically playing the next video in the playlist, and the playListAction:”playall”, doesn’t seem to be working.

Please share your website link and mail us at

The option for Automatically playing next video is yet to be added :)

How can I display 4 columns on the same row? The component is only showing 3 columns and I don’t know how to change it. I have a license and I’m using v7

Please use the “Responsive Breakpoints” options in the Youmax Admin panel. :)

can I easy to setting show div.yl-item-container only?

Yes, you can use hiding options to display only the item container :)


is there a way to show hidden video’s on youtube in youmax?

Sorry, hidden videos cannot be pulled. Only public videos are shown :)

I sent you an email. My plus sign graphic in the “load more” button is gone. I just have an empty circle. It was perfect for a year then it just disappeared. I don’t want to list the site link publicly. Would you please respond via email and I’ll provide you with the link. Thank you for your help!

Thanks. Can you tell me how to check that? I’m lost, but I can do it if you point me in the right direction.

Ok can you please share the link to your page again. I will try to check it out :)

Marking this thread duplicate… Please reply on our main comment thread..

Hi can you change the thumbnail quality which takes from youtube? Now it takes the mq. Make it take the hq. Thank you.

The hq thumbnail will have black bands on top and bottom. So we use mq.

Example: MQ Quality Link: HQ Quality Link:

Let me know your thoughts :)

Hmm my throught is maybe using css can position the image in that way so that the bars are not visible? I don’t know if its possible in this situation.. but some others use the HQ image and the bars are not vibisle at the final output. It’s always nice to have better quality. I will send you message…

We will try to add an option to use HQ images in the next version. :)

Hi, I’ve bought the Youtube Plugin, and the like button is not working can you tell me why? when i click on like button new window opens with error400 saying Error: origin_mismatch same happening with comment, when i try to post comment on a video

Make sure your YouTube Client ID has the same domain on which you are running the script :)

from i can get my Client ID

We have added the steps to get Client ID below the demo page -

I sent you an email. My plus sign graphic in the “load more” button is gone. I just have an empty circle. It was perfect for a year then it just disappeared. I don’t want to list the site link publicly. Would you please respond via email and I’ll provide you with the link. Thank you for your help!

I’m not sure exactly what that means. What is your suggestion on how to proceed?

I have not changed anything other than I updated the theme. I never added font awesome library link to begin with. I’m not sure how it was altered. Theme is Enfold.

Ok can you please share the link to your page again. I will try to check it out :)

Dears, the tab “Featured” of the Product DEMO page,is always showing “Youmax is loading..” and same as my playlist.Perhaps the inclusion of a private video, how can I set up a playlist that contains a private video? Thanks a lot.

Sorry private videos are private to the uploader. Youmax will display only public videos :)

Did you receive my email from yesterday? Thanks

Hi here it is again.


I am still running the older script as it worked fine for what i do with it. Except for now it is no longer playing video`s.

It shows the layout and all the video`s but it shows a black box in the popup.

Can you help me get it to work again on my new site, which is now fully https? Url is

I get all kind of https errors in firebug console and i do not know how to solve this. I attached the old config as a text file.

I would love to get the new script up and running but I cannot find how to get 5 video`s next to each other and the header is no longer there. Attached the new config also but I am missing many fields that are in the old script

Old config which i am using now:

<!- Include in your head section -> <!- Include jQuery if not present already -> <script src=”/youmax-javascript/jquery/jquery-1.9.1.min.js”></script>

<!- Include Youmax -> <script src=”/youmax-javascript/js/jquery.youmax.min.js”></script>

<!- Include Youmax Styles -> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”/youmax-javascript/css/youmax_trend.min.css”/>

<!- Include in your body section -> . .

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(”#youmax”).youmax({

apiKey:”AIzaSyDe-v06cxbkuuUCGf2ISUz2W-_Rj4q5qC8”, clientId:””, channel:””, youtube_playlist_videos:[ { name:”Chemical Guys Videos”, url:””, selected:true },

    name:"SmartWax Videos", 
  name:"Detail Job Videos", 
  name:"Carpro Videos", 
  name:"Meguiar`s Videos", 
  name:"Other Videos", 

}); </script>

New config for the pro script:

<head> <script src=”./jquery/jquery-3.1.0.min.js”></script> <script src=”./js/youmax-pro.min.js”></script> <link href=”./css/youmax-pro.min.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>

<script> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery(”.youmax-pro”).youmaxPro({ tabs:[ { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”Chemical Guys Videos”, }, { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”SmartWax Videos”, }, { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”Detail Job Videos”, }, { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”Carpro Videos”, }, { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”Meguiar`s Videos”, }, { type:”youtube-playlist-videos”, link:””, name:”Other Videos”, }, ], defaultTab:”Chemical Guys Videos”, channelLinkForHeader:””, apiKey:”AIzaSyAXKvGqWiGSFp3abqiU8kmAJi0sREcZXyU”, youTubeClientId:””, vimeoAccessToken:”c289d754a132ca07051aaf931ef0de33”, maxResults:”20”, videoDisplayMode:”popup”, playlistNavigation:true, youmaxDisplayMode:”grid”, gridThumbnailType:”full”, autoPlay:true, dateFormat:”specific”, hideHeader:false, hideTabs:false, hideSearch:false, hideSorting:false, hideViewSwitcher:false, hideLoadingMechanism:false, hideCtaButton:false, hidePopupDetails:false, hideDuration:false, hideThumbnailShadow:true, youmaxBackgroundColor:”rgb(251, 251, 251)”, itemBackgroundColor:”#fbfbfb”, headerBackgroundColor:”rgb(83, 48, 144)”, headerTextColor:”white”, titleColor:”#383838”, descriptionColor:”828282”, viewsColor:”rgba(180, 0, 0, 0.97)”, tabsColor:”rgb(207, 8, 8)”, controlsTextColor:”black”, baseFontSize:”16px”, titleFontFamily:”Roboto Condensed”, titleFontSize:”0.9”, titleFontWeight:”normal”, generalFontFamily:”sans-serif”, descriptionFontSize:”0.84”, viewsDateFontSize:”0.75”, showHoverAnimation:false, showFixedPlayIcon:false, iconShape:”circle”, loadingMechanism:”load-more”, loadMoreText:” Laat meer video`s zien..”, previousButtonText:” Vorige”, nextButtonText:”Volgende”, displayFirstVideoOnLoad:false, ctaText:” Get me a GoPro..”, ctaLink:””, minimumViewsPerDayForTrendingVideos:”5”, responsiveBreakpoints:[600,900,2000,2500], }); });

I hope this helps.


There is an option in the Youmax Admin to set the protocol to HTTPS. That will make sure your videos play properly.

If you have some more http warnings, please open the youmax css file and set the http links to https.

If you are comfortable with the old script, please keep using that :)

Thanks i was looking at the wrong section in the new script and overlooked the https option. Just added it and refreshed caches and now it is playing fine :D

The playlist no longer loads on my website, now it only says Youmax Loading – . It was working last week and since then I haven’t done anything to the settings.

Also, when the page loads it automatically scrolls down to that playlist section, is there a way to not do that?


I see Youmax is working on your page. Possible an API Key issue. Let me check if auto-scrolling can be disabled :)

Hi Codehandling,

I am having a problem with the Twitter share link on the video pop. Both Facebook and GooglePlus share links work however the Twitter share link doesn’t do anything when I click on button.

Is there something extra I need to do to get the Twitter Share button working?

Many thanks,


Thank you for your reply. The web page link is:

Thank you in advance for your help!

Okay, we have fixed this bug. Release will be out in a couple of days. Please download again after the new release come out and your problem will be solved :)

Thank you so much this! Wonderful plug-in and wonderful support!

Support for this still available? Got your fiverr gig and no response for a week. Should I have tried here instead?

Yes, you can message us here. We have picked up your request and completed it :)

Thank you for the support and clarifications. Great developer 5 stars~

Can I get a response? Just need to know what to do, here or at my fiverr gig purchase. I see other answers given but have not received any here or on fiverr. Thanks

Apologies for the delay. I got your message. We will check your webpage. Yes, please message us directly, instead of Fiverr :)

You Youmax is live on your webpage now!

Thanks! You guys always do great work! Sorry for the message mix ups.

Hi. Is there a way to share via my webpage and not via YouTube? I mean when I share and the viewer clicks on image to drive him on my blogpage and not in YouTube page. Thanks

I don’t see any answer. I tried the version 7 or 8 or 9? I don’t know and it works fine for me. Plays one video, brings few relatives and shares from my blog page. Only lacks the send a Like button. How could I have a license and download that one? As upgrade maybe (as gift sounds divine), I could pay a reasonable price. I need to work on it legally. Thank you in advance.

As of now, shared link points to the video. You can use the older version too if you want. Both versions have the ability to play single video :)

Thanks. How to play a single video? I mean I want to play the video https://blah blah=videoid. What should I do? P.S. If something will change about the shared link, please notice me here :)

Hi, I’ve added the script but im getting this error in console

jQuery(...).youmaxPro is not a function

Make sure the link to Youmax in your HTML is correct. Make sure you have a single version of jQuery on your page :)

Hi. I sent you an email yesterday about receiving updated files. I think Envato has old ones because when I use the online generator, it asks me to link CSS files that are not in the zip file from Envato. I can’t use the generator code with the files I currently have.

I would also like to know if it is possible to see the replies of YouTube comments.

Can you share your web page link here. Envato has the recent files. Which generator are you using ?


flysoft Purchased

Sir your latest update not working please sent updated it

Please share your webpage link if you are still facing any problem

hello, I wonder if it is possible to answer (respond) a youtube comment, (not just post a comment, I mean respond to one already posted) and also I would like to add a dislike button, I hope it´s possible, thamks!

As of now, main comments can be added. Replies will be added in future versions.

Youyube block my api access… What i did is just having the old youmax and the new youmax on my website. Anyone face the same issue?

Project ardent-oven-120340 is in violation of Google’s Terms of Service

Google has found activity on My Project (ardent-oven-120340) that appears to be committing a general terms of service violation.

This can be a violation of either the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service , or the applicable Terms of Service of the specific Google API you are using. As a result, your project is subject to suspension.

To minimize disruption of your project, please correct the violation by getting in touch with our team by submitting the form below so we can provide more clarification.

In addition, please fill out and submit the form below.

What your project does and how it uses Google Cloud Platform and Google APIs How your project’s behavior could relate to the detected violation What you have done to correct the violation If you’re not sure how to complete these steps, enter a request for assistance instead.

You will receive a response within 2 business days.

It was because of the name i gave to the OAuth client.. ahh… So i had to rename it. All fine now.