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Fantastic script but the geoname table is not complete also missing the england between the choice of nations.

my mistake .. I thought they were saved as a united kingdom or England but it was like great britain.. but I don’t understand why some cities are not found with distance filter

hauntd please fix the photo match game css issue the heart is still missing when you resize browser man we need u back u can make more sales pls dont leave us behind

I think this project is dead. Waiting about a month but no reply. There is no reply on email. Don’t purchase this template.

I know that this project is death, but developer are you joking?


Line 4865: (‘LT’,’en’,’Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic’),

Why you named Lithuania as it is still in USSR? :DDDDD

@hauntd are you planning any updates on this ?


bacarell Purchased

I’m trying to configure the crons.

With cron configured with application (for example 30 * * * * /path/to/youdate/application/yii cron/hourly >/dev/null 2>&1 ) and even with wget method, for example

I get the following error: Error: Getting unknown property: yii\console\Request::serverName

Can I ask you an help? Thanks a lot!

Any upcoming updates, Please ?

Project done i guess ..

Prebuy Question: Can its generate fake users please.

Кто покупал, у скрипта есть преимущества в плане производительности по сравнению с другими датинг скриптами на этом портале, в частности QuickDate? Да, и куда пропал афтар?


matilde Purchased

Hi there! It’s possible to turn one the access without login as option?


matilde Purchased

How to edit country list?

Any Yii devs willing to take this up ?

Good afternoon, we want to buy your application but we would like to know if the appointment site with App for Android and iOS is also integrated?

We are interested to know this.


kanimoosa Purchased

Hello, that’s great. I’m very impressed with your ability.

But I have a question. “youdate” is an intro screen that always has a subscription screen. Can’t we change this so that we can see the list of members without logging in or signing up? I want to make sure I don’t see it when I sign up from the first time

And can you automatically translate your user profile or message into the language of your country? For example, the country of the user automatically send a message, as follows : in the language of translating the function shown. Do you have any plans to update this feature?

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