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I have a few questions 1) ready for the new 64 bit required 2/2015?

2) for smaller kids – can you add in menu a choice to use just the math you want for each gave. Want to use +, then -, then / and or others. Or use all of them. Can you or are you willing to add this.

3) how many math problems will the app support?

4) do you have instructions to re-skin app?

1. Yes its 64 bit ready 2. I suggest my developer to do this if you want 3. Its endless game 4. Yes, easy to reskin

1. YES, Its ready with 64-Bit. Made with Cocos2d 3.2.1 ARC enabled.

2. We can refer same developer for you to get this new feature.

3. Endless levels. Questions are generated dynamically. As time progress then difficulty increased and progress time reduced.

4.YES, clear instruction included in source zip.

Hi, I need to tutorial game center Leaderboard + Achievement


About Leaderboard: Create leaderboard with id in Prefix.pch LEADERBOARD_ID. Name it Top Score.

Achievements: There are 9 achievements defined in Prefix.pch ACHIVEMENT_ID_1 to ACHIVEMENT_ID_9.

Name it ACH_1, ACH_2 till ACH_9.

Refer gamecenter in live game here: http://is.gd/youstupid

Leaderboard Reference Name : Top Score
Leaderboard Id : com.tbg.yougenius.bestscore
Score Formate: Integer
Sort order: best to low
Score Range : 1 to 9999999999

Achievement Ref Name : ACH_1
Achievement Id : com.tbg.yougenius.ach_1
Point Value : 100
Hidden : No
Achievable More than once : No

and this setting like same “ACH_1” ?
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_2 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_2" // ACH_2 - UKG      // Description - Score 50+
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_3 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_3" // ACH_3 - 1st Std  // Description - Score 100+
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_4 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_4" // ACH_4 - 5th Std  // Description - Score 200+
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_5 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_5" // ACH_5 - 10th Std // Description - Score 500+

#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_6 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_6" // ACH_6 - COLLEGE        // Description - Score 750+
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_7 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_7" // ACH_7 - Sharing King   // Share Best Score
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_8 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_8" // ACH_9 - MBBS           // Description - Score 1000+
#define ACHIVEMENT_ID_9 @"com.tbg.yougenius.ach_9" // ACH_10 - ENGINEERING // Description - Score 7500+

yes. change 1 to 2,3,4…If any more doubts then email us

Does it support Apple’s iAD? Can you send a preview of the documents/instructions? I’d like to see how detailed instructions are before buying.

We used admob ads, we can give iAd code if you need…give me your email id so that we can send instructions notes

Hi I would also like to see documentation please. Please send to 9clouseau9@gmail.com I can’t get Admob, what do we need for iAd? Where do you put the code? Thanks

This game uses admob.


I need the code without adds. can you provide?

Ok, I can provide game without ads once you buy

hello. how do i slow the speed of the timer down?

Also, how do i disable the dimming effect on the home screen?

Sorry for late reply.

1. Slow the speed of timer : In FOURGameScene.mm, goto getProgressDuration function and change duration numbers.

2. Disable dimming effect : Goto FOURMainScene.m file and search for below line and comment. // [self showGlassEffect:logo];

Also comment // [bg runAction:rep];

I am getting build error. Can you suggest solution for this error. http://prntscr.com/9xl7h6

I googled but couldn’t find any. If I comment the code in #ifdef DEBUG then build completed but game crashes. Waiting for your reply


there is an error bin/sh when i try running the app. Also the simulator doesn’t run when I open it.

Has anyone experienced this or know how I can fix this?