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wp-roots supports this item


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Please can you check ticket


very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales ;)


I’m getting a 404 on the demo page

Hey, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had accidentally deleted the product… :-)


Hi, I can see the example for a single product. Is there an example shown for variable products in your demo?

Hey I did not consider adding this functionality there… but this sounds like a good idea, and I will add it.

Stick around for an update.

Excellent – Perfect! Thank you.

Does this work other plugin with extra option?

The plugin will alter the way the price is display by adding the you save code. Also can you be more specific to what extra option are you referring ?

Extra option added from plugins instead of woocomerce. Example this

Also can I see more pics like options,

I have not yet tested this.

Congratulations! GoodLuck :)

I have purchased this plugin. I have installed it but nothing changed. Your support-pages does not support the “You Save: Add-on for Woocommerce” plugin.

Marz71, I had to browse all your products to find only 1 on sale….

Please see in the following image that the plugin is working just fine:

See you save kr 143

I sendt you link to frontpage of the shop. You can see that the you-save is not visible on any products. As you write yourself you had to browse all my products to find one product which is on sale. Do you need any more reasons why the you-save plugin is useless?


The plugin displays the amount saved for products on sale. It works exactly as it is supposed to.

It cannot display anything on a product that is not on sale and visitors do not save anything if they buy.

The plugin is working just as it is supposed to. On the product page it will display the amount saved.

Hi, the plugin works in variable products, but not in simple… how I resolve ? thanks

I try ti click in your support page, but i get 404 error

I confirm, not work also with all plugin deactivated and default theme installed. in single product don’t display nothing… please support

I’ve resolved… in function you’ve missed global $product;

I am trying to install it on my wordpress shop and I get the error: ‘Missing temporary folder ’ . What should I do?

Hello please send a ticket here with more details:

Hello peakglobal, let me know if you are having issues with the plugin still and if so please send me either a ticket at the link above or send me an email at

Hi there! I have been looking for a plugin that shows the ‘you save’ amount on the cart page when multi-buy discounts apply or coupon discounts have been used. Does this plugin work in those circumstances or only works when a sale price is set on the individual products?

Hi, I just bought your you save plugin and i activated the plugin but it is not showing up on product pages that have woocommerce autoship activated. Does this plugin not work with autoship? Thanks!

Hi, the plugin works now in variable products, but not in simple… how I resolve ? thanks

ok, i got it working in variable & simple products but I was curious…..can you have the percent (%) saved beside the actual ($) amount saved?

Like can I have the % sign beside the amount saved?

Please see example below….

Price: $2.99 You Save: $2.00 (40%)


Any help on this?? If not, I want a refund. Thank you.

Hello. How can we solve the simple products problem? It works on variable products, but not on simple ones. Thank you!


please send me some details about your website at:

Hey, is this still supported?


Do we need to post here if no one replies in the support system? It has been a week and no replies. Is this still supported?

Can this be made to show in catalog view as well?