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using the latest version, setting a line_color value (either hex or rgba()) throws an error: “yoshi.js:230 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘r’ of null”.

It also breaks your demo. Please fix.

Looks like it is working fine in the demo – updating line color values as it should

3 weeks for a reply.. ty.

When I downloaded, it wasn’t noted that the input colors have to be 6-digit hex codes. Short hexes (#FFF) don’t work, nor do RGB or HSLA. Patched it manually, have it working with RGB and such now on my end.

As per my original post and with your original code, #FFF or non-6-dig-hex on line color kills the animation completely (does it on your demo). Would recommend/request you add in your own support for RGB and such. So much more customizable than hex codes.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey there!

Thanks for this awesome script ! Here is an improvement suggestion :

Instead of settign which is the minimal distance between 2 particles to draw a line, you could put an alternative “Max links per particle” so that every single particle is connected to all the others but not too many lines on the screen, a bit like a logical/geographical network. That would be visually awesome I guess and I would 100% Adopt it.

Thanks again for your work !


Thanks! It will come in future :)

I’d love to add this to wordpress. Is there any way to do it? I’d love to buy it. Very nice script!!

Hi, it is standard jQuery script and can be used inside WordPress manually

Hi I am a beginner to WP and would like to add the particle effect to one row within Visual Composer. I am using the Salient Wordpress theme and my coding skills are very very basic. I purchased a license for your Yoshi particle effect but nothing is clear from your page ( Please could you help?


it look amazing, but my Safari keeps crushing. Did you optimize your script for safari? why it’s crashing the page in 10 sec?

Hey guys,

Would this work applied to a Canvas tag within a Wordpress website? <canvas id=”canvas”></canvas> i mean, instead of a DIV?

Hi, I want to use background colour with some opacity.

So can I change colors transparency of background and particles colors?

If yes can you please provide me a code…

Thank you for your winderful program !

According to your explaination,

I could find this;

•Just copy and paste!

•No Coding Skills Needed


Where and what particular area can I get the generated source code ?


THIS IS A MP4 file that I explain the above;

floa Purchased

I’m having trouble making the animation full screen.

Hi. can i use it on android? i mean in a App?


Thank you for this cool effect!

I noticed that the particle rendering slows down after running for a couple of minutes, and the performance starts to decline. What is the best way to stop the particle effect after a certain period of time, so that it doesn’t run indefintely? For example, how do I make the particle effect stop after one minute?

Thank you

Actually, instead of “stopping” the particle effect, I think I should have asked the following question:

How do I destroy each particle after it has moved off screen, so that they don’t continue to consume memory and slow the performance?

Thank you

Hello. I want to see live preview demo but server displays this account suspended. Any chance?

demo site is not opening with me


How do I get a refund. I purchased it by mistake.