YooDeal - Coupon, Deal & Online Quotation

YooDeal - Coupon, Deal & Online Quotation

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Yoodeal – 3 interfaces

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Multi-Store concept

- Easy & Auto online Shop creation

- Professionals create their own offers

- Admin publish offers

- Many services for your professionals (boosts)

- Paypal payments (configure your account)

- Configure your language and your currency

3 interfaces

- Customers

- Professionals

- Admin

1/ Customers

They buy online, print coupons or ask for a quote online

2/ Professionals

- They create their online shop in 3 clic

- They add offers (online deals, printable coupons or other offers with or without quotation online option)

- They buy boosts to grow up their business

- They follow their statistics, sales, reviews, etc…

- They stay in touch with their buyers (inbox, social)

3/ Admin

- Manage PRO offers (publish, etc..)

- Can create stores or offers

- Global statistics

- Global view on all store & reviews

- Easy modification of website content / colors / logo / etc… (Administration tools)

One click install

Easy installation, upload sources on a FTP and follow online instructions. No development knowledge required.


Customer URL : Click here

Use this card to try a payment

  • Card Number : 4000000000000002
  • Expiration : 11/22
  • CCV Code : 123

Admin URL : Click here

Admin login :

Admin pass : test

PRO Store URL : Click here

Admin login :

Admin pass : test

  • Google Analytics & Pixel Tracking (configure your own pixel & analytics ID in config files)
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking (configure your own pixel in config files)
  • Sendinblue mailing API (configure your own API key in config files)
  • Paypal Payments (configure your own paypal account in config files)
  • 2Checkout Payments (configure your own 2checkout account in config files)

Update V1.1.0

- Bug fix
- Language fix
- Add Bank (IBAN / SWIFT) information for professionnals (Pro account > Edit informations)
- Add “Store informations” popup in admin (Admin account > Administration > Stores > button “store informations”

Update V1.2.0

- Bug fix
- Add 2CHECKOUT payment
- Add webservices

Next updates

  • Specific commission % per deal or coupon
  • Quotation management in admin
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Social connect (Facebook / Google / Twitter)
  • Manage professionnals
  • More payment methods
  • Switch language & currency in front

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