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come on man, check your spellings before posting.

;) Sorry for the spelling, I have been working in this direction

nice item , good luck in sales

And I wish you good luck

Hi, this is really good. But one miss option :)

- html 5 geo location finder no there in this pack.

Click and find us > html5 geocode (mobile)

In tab “ADD MARKERS & ZOOM” is the field “Set location name”. Enter the address and click “Chang position marker”. Marker placed in the right place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiFre-J0eSE#t=00m38s

Nice plugin, try to make analog with yandex map api. Russian web will love it

thanks for the idea

hi. can ? ask a questin about clustering.. clustering by doing what? sorry my english is not good.. can we make custome clustering? thanks sinceraly

Of course you can make a custom icon clustering.

1. Video lesson on working with clusters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBSvlpeMVgk&feature=youtu.be 2. Ready example code http://demo.masscode.ru/yogamap/guide.html#CustomClusterIcon

Hi! Is there a way to priority which points go on top of which? I have several addresses clustered in close vicinity however I want one type of marker ID/icon to go on top of others.

I’ve tried moving the marker variable before and after the other, along with the address of the one I want on top of the rest, doesn’t seem to make a difference. How can I remedy this? Is it possible?

Thank you. Amazing add-on by the way, probably one of the handiest in a while. :)

Regards, Rachel

I’m on vacation. I will be on Monday and decide all questions.

I made an example for your task. To use a parameter zIndex You need wait for upgrade to new version of plugin or email me to limasscode@gmail.com Example: http://demo.masscode.ru/yogamap/guide.html#MarkersFrontChangingZIndex

Confirming that this is working. Thank you SO much, you are an awesome dev for adding another great functionality to this mapping system. Thank you!!

new version error javascript (A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

Script: file:///Users/saadettasdemir/D…c1.0.3/js/jquery-1.11.1.min.js:2)

1. Under what circumstances you found an error? 2. What is your Web browser and version?

I hope. add a lot of mark same place


Describe your problem in detail to email limasscode@gmail.com

can ? ask a question? add mark and close customize. and if we want a new mark we have to all mark again. understand? why can’t save our marks? sory my english is not good

If you restart Yoga Costumizer, all data will be reset.

if we want new mark we have to do everyting mark again. sorry my english is not good.. what must I do this subject? for example open custimizer.html and paste old mark and a new mark … understand me.. thanks

1. I offer you a simple way. 2. Open your initialization code. The code in which are added the old markers. 3. Find in this code the parameter “addmarkers”. 4. Copy the code of the last marker and paste it next to. 5. Change properties of this marker to new values. http://prntscr.com/bf0nfd To know the coordinates of the new marker, you can use the file custimizer.html. Add only one marker and watch its coordinates. http://prntscr.com/bf0pid

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Hi there, many thanks for the great plugin. I’m trying to integrate this with Webflow which calls jQuery 2.2.0. As suggested in your instructions I skip your calling of jQuery as it’s already present, but unfortunately I can’t get the maps to work when calling jQ version 2.2.0, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I will send an email when you return as suggested. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

Please give a link to a page with a non-working plugin.

Hi there, please don’t worry about this now as I needed an immediate solution and found another map plugin that didn’t have the jQuery conflict. Other than the issue I encountered (which was not a fault of your plugin) the plugin worked perfectly in every way. Thank you.

Hi, do you also plan to have some import function? I have over 100 markers, so adding this one by one is no option. thanks. Great script!

what are the data you want to import? give an example please.

Hi, I have a problem since today, nothing appears, no map: http://www.vision-environnement.com/live/carte-des-webcams.php Thanks for your help

Hello! Already we are working on it

Send me your e-mail in personal message. I will send you corrected script

hello Yurik Thank you, this is my personnal email: vision-environnement@live.fr

kinds regard.

Is there any way to create custom icons for every location? thanks!

Also, would there be anyway to add a basic polygon shape around each marker to show something like a basic service area? Thanks!

Hello, 1. Use “icon” parameter for each marker object


2. This function unavailable

Best regards

Awesome, thanks for the answer. One more question. Is there a way to disable the zoom and streetview controls? I think a workaround for showing a polygon or circle service area is just using a custom icon, but this would only work if the user cannot zoom in, since zooming would change the area. Thanks!


I’d like to know how I can override the Yogamap Settings for other pages. Let me explain:

1) I’ve included the plugin like so:

<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/jquery.yogamap.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="../map.js"></script>

2) Let’s say I’ve got 10 pages. I want each of those pages to use the SAME map.js file found in the root of the website. FYI: The map.js file has all the settings, colour scheme, zoom, markers etc etc.

BUT on the other 10 pages I want the map to set a different “Center” and “Zoom” than what is already set on map.js

EG (Page 2):

"center":["-23.802726","35.516428"], "zoom":8,

EG (Page 3):

"center":["-36.802726","24.516428"], "zoom":10,

etc etc…

How Can I override the main map.js “center” and “zoom” settings on other pages as per my examples above?

I’ve tried adding this jquery to my pages (below the map.js include) but it didn’t work:

$(document).ready(function(){ $('.ini_class').yogamap( { "center":["-36.802726","24.516428"], "zoom":10 }); });

Excellent stuff! This worked … thank you for your prompt response!

I will also be grateful if you rate this plugin in “Reviews” page

I actually did a while back :)


I’d like to ask if you could help with the query I made above.

I want to TRIGGER your map. So the map is only initiated when someone click on a link. So far, I’ve manage to code some Jquery to get this working BUT the map isn’t loading the STYLES from map.js.

This is what I did:

$(document).ready(function(){ $(".load-map a").on("click", function(){ $(this).fadeOut(); $(".load-map").addClass("ini_class"); $('.ini_class').yogamap(); $('.ini_class').yogamap('setOptions',{zoom:14, center:[-23.802726,35.516428] }) }); });

As mentioned above … this works however it’s not loading the STYLES from map.js

So then I tried referring to Yogamap using VAR:

var customMap = $('.ini_class'); customMap.yogamap( { "height":"600px", "center":["-19.380613","36.386193"], "zoom":5, ... (and the rest of the code / styles go here )

And calling yogamap like so:

$(document).ready(function(){ $(".load-map a").on("click", function(){ $(this).fadeOut(); $(".load-map").addClass("ini_class"); customMap.yogamap(); customMap.yogamap('setOptions',{zoom:14, center:[-23.802726,35.516428] }) }); });

But this attempt didn’t do anything after clicking “Load Map”.

Where am I going wrong here (sorry my jquery knowledge is a bit limited)

1. Change your map.js file: $('.load-my-map').on('click', function(){ $('.ini_class').yogamap({ "height":"600px", "center":["-19.380613","36.386193"], "zoom":5 // (and the rest of the code / styles go here ) }) }); 2. Remove in all pages: $('.ini_class').yogamap('setOptions',{zoom:14, center:[-23.802726,35.516428] }) 3. Set custom zoom and center by data attributes: <div data-zoom="7" data-center="[-30.559482,22.937506]" class="ini_class" />

Hi, I’m trying to set the map to load satellite view by default … how can I do this? I’ve tried using the instructions here : https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/maptypes ... but with no luck


I can help you after the weekend. My email: limasscode@gmail.com



You need to use the “mapTypeId” parameter.


Read: guide.html#Options

See: live_example.html

Can we have different custom makers images to one or more markers in the same map? Thanks

I’ve got to put an image, but I would like to know if it is possible to get the same like this without any border and fixed with and height. Thanks: https://monosnap.com/file/TrjaIs2kFgSnkbZc5S6PE1Ee1xUq6v

To change the style of the info window, read this article: http://en.marnoto.com/2014/09/5-formas-de-personalizar-infowindow.html

I have just bought. As I fill markers dynamically from mysql, how can I set automatic zoom level to show all markers in map? Can I also center automatically the map to show all markers? Thanks

Very good! Just in case, I leave here a link to an example: http://demo.masscode.ru/yogamap/guide.html#fitMarkers

All is perfect. But if I have only one marker the zoom is too big. Can we put a limit of zoom?

I made an exception for a single marker. If the marker is one, then the map will have zoom, set by the parameter: “zoom”

I sent a link to your email

Hello. I am very keen to purchase this as it seems to fit my needs. I have two questions that I’d like to ask before purchasing.

1. If I create a map with markers and all and have this embedded in my site, is this map saved so that I can get back to it any time and add more markers and make any customisations?

2. If I purchase this, I want to have the created map embedded into Webflow. But it seems like someone else in the comments had trouble making the map work on webflow. Is yoga map compatible with Webflow?

I look forward to hearing from you.


1. In process 2. With Webflow no problems


Hello, make routes option, please, so we can use it for travel solutions