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Can I use the Youtube videos (not mine but available in Youtube) in the app?

I want to share one feature please look forward to it. Is this possible so we can set credit points for App Viewers in their profile. So they collect credit points by their activity. Such as Credit pts for Click on Like, Click on Subscriber button, Sharing Button, comments etc & many. More. so user can automatically pass or enroll to premium user & we will Price them. Successful App needs Best UI, Best Codes, Best Support (Updation | Upgradation), Best Feature (ideas), Marketing & Lots of efforts. I m going to buy it n its all plugins one by one. Hope u delivers all upto best.

i want to know that ? if we include youtube videos , are they monitize with youtube …? we dnt want to intrupt our youtube monitize views. suppose if viewer view videos can youtube count it as view… and can youtube ads plays on it.. i m bit confuse here

hi forgot password is not working, also when ever i create new apk app crashed on first use, if i clear all data from app it crashed after it opens. i checked my firebase ac their is no user ac created by user..? i checked app its working with login. databse is also not showing ? please make ui tweaking videos or docs..

I need suggestion.. Is this app worth to purchase? I gotta need to make an app to play in app video from youtube channel list and share on social media .

And also display news items from rss news feeder … please I need suggestion

One more question .. Do you guys provide database schema and My sql or SQLite script if I purchase backend module because I may need to modify database …..

Vidhub demo is not working

Would you like to make plans for subscribers?

I can see now this is a lazy developer. Dont even reply to its customers

Demo APK not working

i tried opening on android studio and i get this error Gradle failed: Error:NotAfter: Sat Nov 11 15:18:03 WAT 2017

What is the difference b/n this one and YoVideo? Do they both work with the same backend you sell on your site? Does the backend come with the a front end site or it is just for mobile apps?


Salvo84 Purchased

Hello I got the app here, but this is not in the Android Studio, there are always errors despite the fact that I have updated everything. I ask for help!! Registration in their forum is also not possible. I’m totally disappointed


Salvo84 Purchased

I am very disappointed!! Registration in the forum is not .. the app is not synonymous and no support. I have purchased the full package with addons and backend. Either you help your customers or do not sell any defect applications!

when are you going to update? after reading users comments i don’t think i should buy this code.



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I can provide support for yo365 video. send me a pm message and i’ll help you resolve all your yo365 issues (ios and android).

Admob available in this app ?

Please add youtube downloader in app

Hello I see your app now so good but I read all comment no reply do you still continue to develop this app and support? I want to buy this app too.