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I have made the apk succeed :) but the login via facebook still got error, it say ” An Error Occurred in the implementation process” .. I have use the right facebook app id, correct setting in facebook developer , but the error stil occurred .. And number of its views did not changed,?? help…., I have bought the module player too Please Help .. Thank you

Hello, Did you create a ticket at so our technical can help you? Best,

Yes I have created a ticket to , but still not yet answered .. :)

Hello, Can you send us your ticket url to . Best,

When are you guys going to update this app. I am waiting for update

Yes it is Yo365 – Smart Network of Videos (Update) Queued for Review Submitted 4 days ago Should be envato job now. Best,

Whats the update change log my friend. Can u share please

How to update the app to recent version? just download it again or change the build number in the app.. I have made a lot of modification to the previous version I did not want to lost them.

Hey i have purchased your app and backend plus all the modules from and i need help how do i register on your forum? i can proof with paypal transactions ID if you want to. i need support!

I dont have codecanyon purchase code i buy it from your store

I dont have codecanyon purchase code i buy it from your store

Hello, You need purchase the app source code from Codecanyon. From our store it is plugins not main app source code. Best,

l do not want to login. I can not get home or not? Without having to log in.

the most problem is not working when offline and without internet (maybe need local database or something like this)

Android 7.0 is supported?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. Yes it is. Best,

Can someone please tell me how to use google drive videos as source?

Hi, when you provide the subcategory for the app?

Hello, It is still in development time. We will update it soon maybe the next version. Best,

Hi There, We have updated subcategory for the app.

I have already bought it, but it’s 1.0.3 only. Where can i download the lastest version (1.0.5)?

Hi There, We have submitted an update. Please wait for update approved.

Hello, I already bought yovideo, yo365, yobackend_2.0.1, YoVideo_Video_Detail_Module_1.2.1, yobackend_notification_module_1.0. I buy all your products, I need your help.

I am having problem with yobackend_notification_module_1.0 when I try to send message only returns in devience, can you help me

Hello, Did you create a ticket at so our technical can help you? Best,

admob is showing only on video page, is it possible to show on all pages?

Hi There, You can easy change for all pages

Hi There, You can easy change for all pages

kindly reply on ticket.

We sent an update. Best,

Its there a demo API example? I want to feed my already existing playlist to it. Let me know i will buy now

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. We will update the sample of API soon. Best,

Will i get it now, if i buy? I want to integrate my own playlist


Would you help to add Native Ads Admob such as in home page, most viewed, list video by category ? or is there an update for this Native ads? Thank you very much :)

Hello, You can create a ticket on our help center then we will help you this one. Best,

Helloo, I have submitted a ticket, this is the link Please help, thank you :)

We sent your ticket to our technical, they will reply you very soon. Best,

Hey does this app still support the yobackend? I see you’ve made a yo356 backend specifically for this app but does this app still work with the yo_backend???

Hello, It is still YoBackend at this link . Best,

I have some questions please Is there with the template files ( php ) Can I add movies and I mean the video for two hours

Yes you can add the video with Yo Backend Plugin. Best,

Hi, is it possible to create different channel accounts where users can stream their live events unto like Facebook Live? Secondly, I dont want to do most of uploads, I want to do more of live streaming? Can I customize it to show Streams that are live and those that just ended?

i upload my app… but sen me from google this problem


Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy. Before submitting your app for another review, read through the Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content section of the policy and remove any content owned by a third party from your app. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Hello, Thank you for using our application. Please create a ticket at . Thank you.