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chrome cast? options? implement…? it´s possible? cost? Thanks

can we upload self hosted videos mp4 not just youtube?? and can you provide apk demo thanks

What a terrible support this person has, I want my money back

I do not understand how codecanyon can allow this person here has a bad support and does not answer the messages

can i add native admob ad in video description

Can this app work like Netflix? Displaying videos on demand from my own server or does it only broadcast streaming live or from youtube?

Does the app have any dashboard to manage?

Can I add mirroring option to smart tv

Hi am having with setup. Am getting below error with InspiusCore-release.aar library. error: duplicate value for resource ‘attr/tint’ with config ’’. Message{kind=ERROR, text=error: duplicate value for resource ‘attr/tint’ with config ’’., sources=[/Users/narendranathp/.gradle/caches/transforms-1/files-1.1/appcompat-v7-27.1.1.aar/e30bfffdfa731a2d4dc04554d54307ad/res/values/values.xml:251:5-69], original message=, tool name=Optional.of(AAPT)} Issue is with InspiusTintableImageView, for which you are using a custom attribute called tint. If you change the name of tint attribute to something else, this error will be gone. If you have updated library with fix please send it. Or else please fix the issue and send the updated library.

Please, we are waiting since 2 weeks to buy ios and androi Yo365

chrome cast? options? DLNA ? implement…? it´s possible? Thanks


OsemTV Purchased

Hi. No update anymore?

¿Chromecast? opciones? implementar…? ¿Es posible? ¿costo? Gracias

chrome cast? options? DLNA ? implement…? it´s possible? Thanks

Can I get a demo apk file to have a look? And if you can provide me a clear concept of this app in details, please. I am interested to buy.

I think the seller is dead

R.I.P author.

It is not working with latest Android Studio version. Will you please update the code ever?