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gpmiraq Purchased

i upload my app… but sen me from google this problem


Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy. Before submitting your app for another review, read through the Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content section of the policy and remove any content owned by a third party from your app. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Hello, Thank you for using our application. Please create a ticket at http://inspius.com/envato . Thank you.

I am reposting this again since I havent had any reply for the past 10 days…..

Hi, is it possible to create different channel accounts where users can stream their live events unto like Facebook Live? Secondly, I dont want to do most of uploads, I want to do more of live streaming? Can I customize it to show Streams that are live and those that just ended? edanternii8815

What do I get if I buy this? Is it just android source code only? Is the backend included?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. The item is not included the Backend. Thank you.

good day! Interested in this for personal library! Just wondering can this play videos based on links such as openload? If not how much to customize this request? thanks!

Can i upload videos and in this app admob are integrated

Hi, can i get the latest demo apk?

Also whats the main difference between Yo365 and Yovideo?

Hi, I have sent an e-mail 2 days back but still no replay. I am interested in buying your app…

i see a new update for the app. what has changed?

support is worst for this app week before created token but no reply


hello no one replying plz reply i m facing to much problem

Our technical will get back to you tomorrow. Thank you.

still waiting no replay no one contacted me facing problem from last 1 month but no help…....................................

hello no one replying plz reply i m facing to much problem

Hello, Can i know your ticket url to check ? Thank you.

still waiting ….........................................................................

I bought YoBackend – PHP Video CMS product and have not received it yet


OsemTV Purchased

Waste Money buy this apps. Crash in first launch, always get msg from Firebase Crash Reporting. never help to fixed this issue. and ignore. about this crash.

hey i need you please help me .. its my proplem .. http://inspius.com/envato/forums/topic/error-bullid-valus-24/

Hi there,

You seem to have some great product but it’s such a chaos in your products that it makes me wonder.

For example, this one: Yo365 it is for Android. If I click on “iOS version available” it sends me to a website, I guess yours.

Why is not available on CodeCanyon to buy?

Also, how the database is working? If I want to be able to let people register or/and sign in I guess I have to have a database?

Is there only one database for both platforms iOS/Android? If so, which one is it?

Can you please be more specific? In this chaos, it is pretty hard to understand a thing or two…