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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. :)

Thank you :)

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Stop spamming all these comment sections with the same comments merely to push your own products. Your account should be suspended.


ejwarner Purchased

I’m looking at purchasing this app, but can you direct me to get the back-end and the other extensions for this app because I would like everything to work like the demo app.Thanks.


ejwarner Purchased

Any plans or features for the next update?


ejwarner Purchased

One of the big features I would like to have for this app is Chromecast. So users would be able to stream the content to their TV’s.


ejwarner Purchased

Well you be releasing other modules for the app?

what is the difference between your YoVideo and this app?

Hello, Yo365 is working on the new design, it is a next version of YoVideo. Best,

1. Could not able to sign in using fb. 2. Media file are DRM protected which is awesome, bt media player is not good enough, whenever you try to view videos of YouTube or Vimeo it is not getting full screen and if u cliick download button of these videos which doesn’t support download, it force to stop the app. 3. Please allow user to access downloaded videos when the app is offline. I mean users should able to browse their downloaded videos when they r not online

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. We are working to fix the bugs and will update this week. Best,

Video comments should go below the description right, why open a new tab for that!

Also, if you can sort out the issues reported by KiskuRapaj, I will buy it, like now!!

Facebook login is solved.

Hello, We just sent an update on Codecanyon for update some bugs. Best,

Well, in the playstore sample, YouTube videos still have problem with Fullscreen, and clicking m3u opens up the next page twice.

And how does the backend work?

Hello, Please check the backend at this link http://store.inspius.com/downloads/yovideo-php-backend/ . Best,

Hello, This App will support for youtube channel playlist..?

Thanks, Vasanth

Hi There,
We’re working on backend for add youtube playlist.
Thank you.

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

Thank you:)

What video format will this play :) ?

Would it playback live videos live, .ts or .m3u8 format ?


Hi There, App support basic video (mp4, mp3,...), youtube, vimeo, m3u8…

IOS version?

Hi There, We’re working for ios version

Hello, please tell me if we can add instant share button below video thumbnail and also please tell me is it necessary to buy php backend script and when you are going to solve the download videos issue. Thanks

Hi There, You can customize layout for add share button. App support download for mp4, mp3,...


Thank you :)

Hello very cool friend the app

I have to buy both the source code of the app + the php admin ???

What is the value of both?

Do I have updates?

Hey creat modulo chat. Uploud video bug

Hi there,
We’ll check and update chat module soon. Video upload bug : let me know information your file uploaded

The uploud option is not working. You could put profile verified, following and followers. E Create web version

Two question to Billy, 1. Why video download is not working on cellular data? please let user download the video download over wifi and mobile internet both. 2. where is option to delete downloaded video? one last request please let the user view the downloaded video when device is offline,


Youtube doesn’t go fullscreen, Is it compulsory to sign in to enter the app? Does it have all the Yovideo features?

Is it possible to shift the location of the admob to immediately below the player Does it support push notification?