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Demo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLSafpZlIgk

Will add on Codecanyon soon…

Hi there. I have a dating website and I was wondering if I can use this “pop up” to let people know when their “Friends” log in WITHOUT having to refresh the screen? more like a real-time thing?

When somebody logs in I have a timestamp on my mysql database that updates the status of whomever is online and adds their name as well to the table. Could i use that along with your script to create the pop up notification that i want? Thanks!


Yes, you can integrate to your website. But, maybe you must made few customization to this script to work like what you want.

Thanks. :D

im only good at modifying php. does it have lots of ajax/jquery/java??? or its fully php?

Yes, I’m made in php. Only fews code in javascript. :)

is this php or javascript? i want javascript only .. and do you include the icons?

also i have to suggest z-index:99999; in style.css to avoid problems … i rate this code 5 stars … i wish you big sales

also you have forget a error log in the js folder :P

Hahaha, thank you for inform. :p

I can’t understand , is your notifier can pop to me to tell me that there is a new comment or article or sharing image , video , ...etc on facebook ?


Sorry for late reply. YNotify is a PHP script for showing notification like on Facebook on your webpage. So, everytime people visits your webpage, there have notification that will be showed like what you’ve set. :D

hi just purchase and installed successfully on my site, i was expecting few things which arent in it.

automatically disappear popup after x sec rotation of the x number of popups in a single run/visit and x sec pause till the next appears

can you add these please,

also the time (few sec ago, one hour ago) is not showing, is there something i need to update?


Thank you for purchasing.

Yes, I’ve put in list for new features in next update.

Could you please send url where you installed script? Please send to yiedpozi [at] gmail.com

Thank you. :)

Email sent done, please check it,

and when will be the next update releasing?

Replied. :)

if i have a php site I need some customization done to this script so it works with other triggers in my system not just on page load..can you do this.

very cool work ! all the best for your sales

Hello, can I scedule the notifications ? How can I add this to wordpress ?