YFeeder - PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App

YFeeder - PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App

YFeeder is a PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App with AngularJS + Onsen UI (Latest Release: 1.0.0).

YFeeder is a Feed Reader application based on the Yahoo Query Language (YQL). Yahoo Query Language (YQL) allows you to access atom, rss, micro formats and more.

Yahoo Query Language (YQL) is a great service especially after the announcement that Google Feed API is officially deprecated.


Documentation & Support instructions:


  • Get UNLIMITED Atom, RSS, or Media RSS Feeds, Micro Formats and more using the Yahoo Query Language (YQL)
  • Define all your Feed Categories and all your Feeds just by editing a JSON file (json/feed-resources.json)
  • PhoneGap/Cordova Full Hybrid App using AngularJS + Onsen UI
  • Onsen UI front-end development framework using Angular.js
  • Master/Detail pages with Onsen UI (4 Levels)
  • Onsen UI Components
  • Onsen UI is bundled with Font Awesome
  • AngularJS Controllers, Factories
  • Cordova Plugins
  • Already builded for iOS and Android platforms using the Cordova Command-Line Interface (Cordova 5.4.1) – Build are included in the deliverable

PhoneGap / Cordova Plugins

  • Device: The device object describes the device’s hardware and software
  • Dialogs: Visual, audible, and tactile device notifications
  • EmailComposer: The plugin provides access to the standard interface that manages the editing and sending an email message
  • InAppBrowser: This plugin provides a web browser view that displays when calling, or when opening a link formed as <a target="_blank"></a>
  • PhoneGap Social Sharing plugin: (nl.x-services.plugins.socialsharing) – This plugin allows you to use the native sharing window of your mobile device.

YFeeder Resources JSON Structure

Please just define your Feed URLs into the json/feed-resources.json file that comes with the following format. { "categories": [ { "id": 1, "title": "", "description": "", "icon": "", "items": [ { "id": 1, "title": "", "description": "", "url": "" } }, { "id": 2, "title": "", "description": "", "icon": "", "items": [ { "id": 1, "title": "", "description": "", "url": "" } ] } ] }


YFeeder 1.0.0
- Initial release