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Good work :) does it work on a multisite environment ? or does it need to be enabled for every single site in a multisite ?

Thanks, yes it does work on a multisite environment without the need to enable it for every single site.

Thank you

However, to enable it on each site stays a better choice to avoid any errors, and that’s what we recommend.

Nice Plugin!! Best of luck for your sale :)

thank you very much, you too !!

Nicely done !! keep up the good work

thank you very much, you too !!

good job ! wish you big sales ;)

thank you so much, you too !!

thank you :)

Very nice job dude =)

thank you so much :)

We are currently use latest version of Wordpress which is higher than you mentioned in Software Version section. We wonder that if we will use this plugin with the latest version of Wp, are there any problems occurs?

We are about to release a new version of YES that is compatible with the latest versions of Wordpress and it is going to be available next week. Thank you for your patience.

YES in its latest version now released! Big update.

Hi, I recently bought a security plugin for my online directory and it messed up the whole system. For example, retrieving lost passwords took users to error pages in the codes of the security plugin, images of businesses were not loading and for it to load, it required deleting or renaming the .htaccess and the .htaccess file kept creating itself each time, when users registered on the site, no action was taken and these users continued trying multiple times and as such their actions were reported as a brute-force attack? Can yours be safely used for online directories without these hitches. Thank you

Our plugin is designed to secure your system. It allows you to create as many backups of your htaccess file as you want, and before manipulating the file htaccess our plugin checks it and uses the wordpress methods in order to modify it safely. Our plugin also allows you to create database backups for more security. Our philosophy is to create a plugin that is fast, easy to use but most importantly safe and reliable, we perform the necessary tests in order to guarantee you a safe plugin.

Dear sir, I am looking for: woocommerce when they click on any product to buy or add cart will go to mysite.com/my-account/ so it mean need they register then go on to checkout! if your plugin can do that I will buy you