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how can I change a active element of a menu item, I see there is a option for hover and Focus (for forms) but no active option.

Please check this tutorial on how to add active state Check video tutorial.

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Is this compatible with WordPress 4.9?

Yes it’s compatible with latest Wordpress version.

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Are you guys gonna run a sale for black friday?

No, we won’t be running sale on black friday.

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1) Hi by defaul storefront theme given tabed style horizontal, how do i make it appear vertical? https://demo.woothemes.com/storefront/product/blue-blouse/
2) Menu cart hover appear. How do make it apper by click?
3) The qty is appear so small inside input box qty. Is there anyway make it appear (- on left, (+ on right? . without used top+, left+. Any another better way? Because +- moveing can be broken style on difference screen device.
Please take a look at Description content tab in bellow URL, there is style ^ . popup top ^ for description. How do i make it? https://demo.woothemes.com/storefront/product/blue-blouse/

Hi i found it. It is css shape which is not already function in theme

Okay, let me know if you need more help. Best regards!


_o Purchased

Could you please add a “mouse hover out” event? Please check my clients site: https://www.lebenskraft.film and hover over the videos so you know. Also whats up with you and your team? Don’t you code anymore? Relativly long Time since the last update – with all those requests. Could you tell us whats up? Thanks anyway alot and have a great Day :)

Hi There,

MouseOut event is need javascript function, this is not possible to make it with pure CSS, I think CSS hover selector is enough to apply mouseover styles. I recommend you to check to this page to learn more about hover selector.

I share a new post on Yellow Pencil community, please check it about update status and details :)

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cfu3i29 Purchased

Any chance you would consider adding the possibility of customising CSS for multiple pages at once? We can make changes globally, per post type and per individual page, but sometimes we need CSS for specific pages only.

Hi There,

I think that the current 3 customizing types are enough for now. You can apply global customization to edit multiple pages.

please, can you explain what you mean by “specific pages”? :)

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Hi. when content < screen heigh (a web page that i don’t need scroll down, content within screen). Blank footer appear, what css should i use for footer, to stop this?

Hi, I didn’t quite understood your last comment. Can you explain it?

when you want to add icon before text we used. .class:before {...}, now we do the same with extra !important. So we can change the icon already added by theme

Hi There,

Yes you can change the font icons with .icon:before selector but YellowPencil can’t generate an ”:before” selector because of technically this not possible.

You can add a .icon:before selector to CSS editor and apply the content property to change icon but the best way to change is changing the icon class.

You can find all unicodes of FontAwesome icons on this page.

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Love this plugin. I’m trying desperately to universally hide the featured image from all my pages and posts including the home page. My site is using Elementor and I can’t figure out how to make this happen.

Hi, can you send me your website link so I can see how you can hide it? Also, it would be great to make a ticket here and send us your login credentials and website lino so we can help you faster.

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Quick question.

Which is the best and fastest setting to choose on YellowPencil’s “Output CSS Options” and why?

Static External CSS File or Dynamic Inline CSS

Please let me know. Thanks.

Alright thanks, will try it :)

Btw, is the big new update coming in December?

We’ll be releasing an update in December, or early in January. :)

Have a great day!

That’s great, thanks :)

This plugin is great!

It has allowed me to improve the visual aspect of my cart and checkout woocommerce pages.

The customer service is fast and efficient.

I recommend buying this plugin if you need to make quick changes on your website and don’t want to “code” for hours.


Thank you for your kind comment. We are super glad that you like our plugin and that it was helpful to you.

Have a great day!

Please make a option to add text gradients easily please! :)

It’s on our to-do list and we’ll include it in some of future updates :)


shivaji Purchased

1. While looking for a Visual CSS editor, I come across your Plugin. Yes, I build most of my websites in WordPress and I think this plugin is only developed to be used for WordPress sites only?

2. Is it possible to build a CSS code for all Browsers. Does it create Cross Browser CSS codes which can be run in any browser?

3. Does it supports the CSS for MAC Browsers?

4. Responsive: Stupid question but I would like to know that if I create CSS codes for Desktop, then do I need to manually design CSS styles for other Resolutions / mobiles/ tablets etc also or it creates code automatically for all Resolutions?

1. Yes, it’s wordpress plugin so it can be used only in wordpress.

2. Yes. Yellow Pencil adds cross browser code for all the browsers.

3. Yes.

4. If your website isn’t responsive, then you need to make it responsive which means adding specific code for specific screen sizes. On the other hand if you change something on desktop it will be also changed on mobile, but if you need something changed specifically on mobile then you can add code for specific screen size.

Best regards!