Discussion on Yacht Boat Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce

Discussion on Yacht Boat Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce

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Hi, does it syncronize with google calendar both ways? For example if an operater blocks a date on google calendar, will it be blocked on the website too and shown as unavailable? And is it possible to configure hourly bookings? Thanks for your answer!





Hi, can I have access to admin demo? thx


Sorry we don’t provide admin demo. You can see the screenshots.


Hello, is your plugin compatible with Elementor Pro ? Greeting :)

Yes, just display addtocart form in the Elementor, thanks

  1. I tried the demo. The schedule selection doesn’t give time selection. Can we have time selection in 1 day? For example 8am, 10am, 3pm etc.
  2. I am going to use this plugin for fast boats seat reservation. I assume that we can have more that 1 boat, right?
  3. Thank you.

Do you mean calendar? you can use this feature in the plugin.


Yes, calendar. Thank you for your fast response.

Okay, if you have other questions please let me know.


Hello :) Do you know when you will release a new version ? The one you have is 2 years old and so not really good , isn’t it ? Greeting :)


I don’t sure. If you really need this plugin, just buy it and we will here to help you compatible with latest WP and WC.


Hello developers.

I am looking for a Yacht booking plugin with two decks. In your plugin demo, I am seeing only one deck. I am wondering if two-deck interface booking is possible with your plugin.

A sample image of the two deck interface I am looking for is here:

Also I am wondering if the plugin is compatible with latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce.

With best regards,

Suman Banerjee,



- If the name of seats of two decks are not same, so it’s ok. If not you will have to separate two decks into 2 products with 2 different profiles.

- Yes.


Hello, These are pre-sales questions :)

First, thank for your last answer :)

One of my clients has a small boat out at sea. He would like to set up a site to sell tickets for boat trips.

Do you think your plug in can meet these 5 points ?

1/ There are x slots of y places each day. For example, Monday 5 sea trips with 12 places each.

2/ A customer must be able to display all the places available per period (day, from such time to such time) and reserve 1 to several places.

3/ The customer receives a voucher and shows it to the seller.

4/ My client wants multi-language management (5 languages), but that shouldn’t be a problem.

5/ What worries him is the management of children (juniors) and seniors. Children, even young ones, must take a place, so he charges a symbolic €1. So to be able to have a standard price + senior price + junior price.

6/ He must be able to announce a cancellation and a refund if ever bad weather and therefore impossibility to go out to sea.

Thanks for any help

Have a great day :)


1,2,5 yes

3,4,6 these things depend on Wordpress and WooCommerce settings.


Hello there, Your plugins seems interesting, but the last update is near 2 years old. Do you planned to have an update soon ? Or does that mean I need to find some other plugins ?

Greeting and thanks for your service :)

Thank you very much :)

Hello, if I have any problem (because of the old plugin), do you make refund ? Greeting :)


We already updated the plugin to compatible with latest WP and WC. But if it still have problems and we can not fix, we will refund for you.


I have problem to integrate icons or Image and how to get it to my page must I use a widget or how to use it?


Uploading images it’s just basic knowledge of wordpress, if you really can’t do it, please send website information to email I will check.


Really? This plugin not working, I have experience with WordPress and this plugin is a shame! I ask for a refund immediately!

Yes, make sure.

Hi there, just pre sale question: I need this plugin for Train reservation. We got 5 train’s coach and each coach can fit 40 people. 1. How can I manage to show 5 coaches at the same time to customer to choose the seat and Coach? 2. we have family package and the price for 2 adult and 4 children got 10% discount and more than 4 child, the price will be the same as adult. How can we manage it with your plugin? or if you have any advise to use other plugin which is compatible with yours. Thanks


We don’t have a plugin that exactly meets your requirements, you can use this plugin and combine some settings, customize.


Is it possible to book a reservation for multiple days? Like: from 25 to 30 May (all at once).


Hi, no, thanks

Does the plugin let you calculate the booking amount based on the table booked and food items selected? I want to let the customer select the table size and pay a fixed amount. The customer should also be able to select food items and enter the quantity and then the plugin should add this amount to the total booking amount.


You can manage table price in plugin configuration, as for food quantity, I think you can use variants.


Pre-sales question: Is this plugin still supported?

I see the last update was more than a year ago and according to the plugin description, it’s compatible up to WooCommerce 3.6.x (we are now in 5.1.x).


Yes of course. And no problem on latest version, we always here if have any problems.


Hello I want to use the script for something else, not boats Is the Titles editable? e.g. Change From “Boat/Yacht” to “Room 1”


Yes sure, you can name for the profiles.


Please can I see a video demonstration of this Yacht boat booking

Unfortunately we don’t have video demo, please look screenshots and live preview.


well noted with thanks.


I just bought this plugin and already set it up, but Woocommerce product section is nor picking it up. I cannot insert it as a product into the catalog.

I already deleted and started over using a different template… so I already spent a lot of time with it, but it is not working for me at all.

Is there is a hidden feature that I must enable to be able to insert this into the products?

also … the pricing section works different from what you have in the tutorial. There is no option to enter price, only the name.

I also spent a lot of time on the ship icon upload. The upload itself is working, but the selected picture is not used. I have to find the image file, figure out the direct link and past it back to the form as if it had been selected there.

Anyways.. entering the product into the catalog is the most important problem. Please help me with that.

Please also check type-price. There is nothing to edit there, only the name of the seat type. I don’t know where these would be used to enter the price. This also looks very different from what you have in the tutorial. If you wish I can send you screenshots.

ok. I found the boat profile. The problem was that it is greyed out. I can select the boat, but I cannot save it. When I save it, it will say select a boat again. I think it senses that the boat is incomplete because of the missing price setup fields.

Send your website information to my email I will check.

Pre-Sale Questions:

1) could this handle 700 seats? 2) reservations would be weekly for Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays – would you have to enter each day manually, or can this be automated within the plugin?

Looks great what you have done so far with it and your other plugins too – look forward to your response.




1. Yes. 2. Yes, plugin have daily schedule function, you can choose monday, webnesday and sunday.


Hi! I would like to ask, if there is a way to have “operator accounts” separetely from the admin account, of any kind of “affiliate” feature in order to track all orders accordingly in order to pay to them specific commissions? Thanks


This need customize plugin combined with woocommerce setting.


OK! Thanks for the rapid response.

i have problem to integrate icons or Image and how to get it to my page must i use a widget or how to use it?

I replied your email, thanks.

Congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)



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