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There seem to be a bug relate to the little X button (at the right side of each block), when adding a header block after other blocks, the little X will be positioned wrong. Header is at the top but the X is at the bottom. I wonder if you know a quick fix? thanks.

When selecting a block from the block’s panel, you can only click, not drop and drag. How ever when re-arranging blocks that are already on the main stage, you can drag and drop. Please email me at xtremeblocks10@gmail.com

Please try it first, if you can’t reproduce the error, I can spend some time to record a short video to show you. The drag-n-drop error I mentioned, is after the block is placed.

Yes please send me a video

Hello, nice builder again, it seems that one of the blocks is not working, the one that looks like a contact form, how do I get that to work? Thanks

Thank you Qazz. I fixed the form block. I submitted an update but if you would like the updated files, submit an email via the support tab and I will send you the files.

Hi, great script. I’m wondering about the menu block, if we create multipage site, when we update a menu or a footer block, we need to update in all the page?

As of right now yes. However, your comment definitely helped trigger new ideas for future updates. Thank you.

THIS FW is bad ass! Best I have worked with for ease of use, quick sites. How about a publish feature, Components like custom forms, autoresponder, countdown, buttons, well, container? Edit / Add HTML. Can we create and add Blocks without programming? Also, what about premade templates? Can I make templates and have them available to edit and use inside builder?

I see some issues but these are just wish list items :) – Can’t to edit text size, color, link, etc, change sizing of elements and video. A Responsive video block (Just video player) , Image re-sizing. It seems now you have to have an exact size image to replace a placeholder one. Blocks with form field, how do you edit form properties? Change colors of containers, change icon properties

If this project is still underway, don’t quit. Awesome site output like this is hard to get for this easy.’ Incredible and fluid design. High end, latest BS coding, not early strap code. I have spent hours looking at CMS page builders and this is by far best one.

Yep did that twice.. NO response. Surprised to say the least

Please check your email from yesterday and today.

Isn’t there a user reg and login? Otherwise unathorized peeps can load up server by saving projects!

Can you make logotype builder like this https://goo.gl/ArQrKm? It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

That would be pretty cool. I’ll see what I can do :)

this is a great script. but how to add custom html form code in form block?

In a form block? Are you asking how to create a block with a form in it, or users can input HTML inside a form? if the latter, that may require custom development which designers are free add to make the builder fit their needs. If you’re only trying to create a block with a form in it, you can simply follow along with the provided documentation on how to create a block. If you need more help on how to, feel free to email me.

how to add? meat ttags, page titles, website title, favicon, etc

say 1 block selected and that block has 2 images, can remove 1 image?

Hi techmaster, for now meta tags, page titles, site title, and favicon will have to be added manually, or you can edit the builder code to fit you needs.

If 1 block has 2 images, if you add the class “dup” to a div that wraps the image, users can then copy or delete the div with the image.

Icon Generator: Clients can edits icons using the Xtreme Builder’s Icon Generator.

how to generate ? from where?

These are font awesome icons. You can right click the icon, click “edit”, and a list of icons to select from will appear.

You can also manually add other icons in index.php file, and give it a “icondiv” class to enable icon changing in the frontend.