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does this calendar come with ajax, php, or jquery.

is it up to date?

My current CodeCanyon files are purely CSS3, its impossible to make this work for everyone’s requirements but the HTML and CSS has been made in a way to easily allow you to hook up your own jQuery. I plan to add some optional functions to the calendar in the near future which will include JQuery files, as part of version 2.0.

What are the arrows suppose to link too? I would think they would move between the months, but they go no where now.



Hi YogiFish, first off thanks for purchasing my product!

The calendar month handles (arrows) were left open for developers to do as they wish but I have a new calendar version “1.1” which includes all the months for 2014 in the format you discussed above. I plan to have this ready by the end of this weekend!

You will receive an email notification when the files have been updated so you can re-download! I hope this helps and if you have nay other suggestions please let me know!

This is a nice product. However I couldn’t help but notice limited formatting for the tooltip itself. It does not support html. I tried breaking into multiples lines but It takes the HTML code and uses it as normal text.

I might be wrong, but please advise.

Hi, I’m unsure what exactly you mean by the “tooltip” could explain a little more for me please. Alternatively drop me an email sam@xronnstudios.co.uk.

thanks, Sam

Hi Sam, Sorry but I mixed this with another support ticket. My apologies. The calender works ok on my end. Cheers.

Thanks, that’s good to hear!

Thanks for purchasing my item if you have any other questions or queries feel free to drop another comment.


Do I need jQuery for the date picker?

Hi, good question!

The calendar uses pure CSS3 no other library are required, although this item is just the Calendar mock-up you need to hook it up to your own system using the open handles.

Hi, how are you?

You tell me if your plugin supports integration with Gmail? (Google calendar )

I really enjoyed it.

Hi, thanks for your interest in my item, as far as I’m aware the google calendar is an iframe import which means the styles can’t be edited to match my design.

This item is a HTML/CSS calendar which allows you to import data into the scaffolding I’ve setup, just import your data and your good to go!

Hope this helps answer your question.

Hello… I want to make the holiday be a red background like your screenshot… there was no tutorial in documentation… can you help me???

HI, you can change the calendar colour, by opening the calendar template in your favourite text editor. Then look for the class name “blue-skin”, simply change the name blue-skin to red-skin and save your changes!

Hopefully this helps. If you need any further helps don’t hesitate to ask!

i want like this


can you help me????

HI, that is possible but thats a custom job. The colour combination in that screen isn’t included with the calendar. Please email our team at support@xronnstudios.co.uk and we’ll see if we can help.

Hi, is it possible to display the full year calendar inline and select multiple dates?

Currently you can only select a single month at a time, you can scroll through dates future/past but you can only see a single month at any one time.

You can set a single event on a single day, you could set multiple events on consecutive days. Although this would look much nice and have an improved ux using some css.

Hopefully this answered your question!

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your calendar. Quick question. How are events imported into the calendar?

Thanks for your response but, i still don’t quite understand what you meant by “you would need to pull your data from a database or third party source and manually add the events to the calendar” If I have to manually add the events to the calendar why do i really need the to pull the data from a database?

Sorry I didn’t explain myself very well. You can either pull the results from a database or third-party platform which is recommended. You can also add them manually to each day, the documentation covers this.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the clarification! Really helped.