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Hallo. please iwanna see the Demo if possible.

Sorry, but there is no working Demo.

ok thanks

Hi: when did you make the last update for your script? do you install the script for free if i buy my license?


You can check the latest update date on the right sidebar of the Item’s Page.

I will help you if you need help with the script for free.


sNakiex Purchased

Hi, so i’ve had the time to actually look at the source for this game.

Just some observations:

- You still use mysql instead of mysqli (Why??)

- You wildly use SELECT * when it’s not needed. (In messages.php you do SELECT * FROM MESSAGES just to see if there are messages, why not just select the ID and not fetch everything??)

- You do NOT encrypt user passwords, this is really a big no-no.. (Why would you ever do that??)

- You are not using a templating engine or any sort of mvc.. :’(

This means your script is unsafe and not compatible with PHP 7.

Honestly the game looks pretty and it works, but i would not recommend to use this script anywhere without major overhauling.

Yes, I know about these issues but I do not have enough time to improve the game platform.

The script is not unsafe and can works with PHP 7, but the mysql functions should be converted to mysqli.


menstar Purchased

i purchase this item but i am having difficulty in downloading it,please help,

You can download it from the Downloads page of CodeCanyon.

hallo.. please iwant see the demo . can you great new demo ??

I’m thinking of buying but the background pictures and 3D cars seem to be not working

My support does not include customization services.

Could you at least show me an example?

Examples, connected to customizations are considered as a customization services. These type of services are not included in my support.

Hi: iwant see the demo or recommend me with website/s who purchased your script. best

Hi, i have done all steps before step 4. Configure the Game Settings via the Admin Panel. I can’t access the admin panel, i only get a 100% white page when i try access my site. Any ideas on whats wrong? Regards Cordante


Check the error_log file of the website and if there are errors connected with xRace PRO send them to me via the Contact Form and I will tell your what to do to fix the issue.

btw, my PHP Version is 7.0.17, MySQL Version is 10.1.22-MariaDB

Merhaba demo yokmu nasıl bakabiliriz demoya yardımcı olursanız sevinirim uzun süredir takip ediyorum hiç güncelleme opmuyor geliştirilmiyor

hello, 1. Is it possible UTF-8 to be a new language? 2. i can change custom font ? 3. i cant edit css ?

1. Yes, it is possible.

2. Yes, it can be changed.

3. Yes, you can edit it.

Can i transform this car game in a cycling game?

Yes, this is possible.

Is there a demo to view? is easy do edit? for cycling i need to edit a lot of staff

There is no demo for the moment, but you can check the Screenshots.

Yes, the script is very easy for editing and customization. You can change the most of the staff via the Admin Panel, too.

Car Images – is not working,how to get 3d models for interior and exterior..theat is not mention on the manual,and the manual dont have setup of the site information …it this base on intuition?

thx for the info but i am confuse about this

This is a text mistake. You can edit this text via.php files.

ok no probleme