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Hi, Tucker Comstock again… I LOVE Xpro-Slider! Just having problems adjusting settings.. http://seren2017.tuckercomstock.com/lodging/index.php When I click on link under first entry (KIVU) the popup window opens but the top portion with the closing “X” is under the sticky heading. I can’t seem to control the opening position of the popup (I have 3 different heights for the sticky heading). Is there a way to do this via either CSS or JS initialization??

I figured it out! .xpro-previewbox-container needs top at 80 px (large screen) to allow sticky.

Great you have it fixed, and thanks!

Hello from Tucker Comstock (again)...

I am trying to open a lightbox on this page (the link is in the FIRST slide, near bottom of right side, marked BOSQUE de PAZ): http://seren2017.tuckercomstock.com/itins/adv8-4.php The page opens but not as a lightbox. I have fiddled until I can fiddle no more trying to get this page to behave as it does in the NEWS_CAROUSEL (lightbox works in http://localhost/design/lodging/index.php.

Thanks—I actually have solved about 5-6 problems by myself, and I resort to bothering you only after I have spend more than 20 hours trying to find the solution.

Ok let me check, I will be back soon.

Hello, can you send an email to my profile email, i will send you the fix for this.

Sorry, better if you send an email to xproslider@xprojs.com, I will send you an updated script file for this.