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Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

Thanks andru24!


I see on mobile that it changes from 4 columns to two. I specifically need 3 columns on mobile can this be done with some simple CSS?


I appreciate your efforts :) Unfortunately it has taken months to get that solution looking and working like it is – so the css cannot be removed or edited for the sake of one plugin. Is there anything else we can try otherwise I need to utilise another plugin.

I don’t see how it can conflict unless it’s duplicating class names of another plugin?

Hi dessibob,

I believe your usage of xpanda is quite a unique case due to the fact that you need xpanda implemented within wrappers that has positioning assigned to them. The scrolling (or what you refer to as zooming) function is built to work with the window top scroll position and in your case we need to look at scrolling within another element. This will require some custom coding. I would love to help you fix this issue. I am sending you a private message to see if we can come up with a custom solution.

Great work! I need little help. I want gallery-1 to look like in greyscale, but on hover to be colored. How can it be done?

Thank you for purchasing Slobodan.

You could add the following lines at the end of the xpanda.gallery1.css file:

.x-initiated .x-item > a {
    -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%);
    filter:url("data:image/svg+xml;utf8,<svg xmlns='' ><filter id='gray'><feColorMatrix in='SourceGraphic' type='saturate' values='0' /></filter></svg>#gray");

/* - Item - Hover - */
@media (min-width: 769px) {
    .x-initiated .x-item:hover > a {
        -webkit-filter: none;
        filter: none;

Make sure to not add this to the img tag as this will make the image jumpy on hover.

That’s working very well. Thank you for support!

Perfect, glad I could help!

Hi: Could I install this extension on wordpress? Thanks in advance

Hi bitipajarito, unfortunately not. A wordpress plugin of xpanda is in the pipeline and will be available in the near future.

Thanks for the answer… How could I be aware when the plugin is available? I am very interested… Thanks again

You could potentially subscribe to my RSS feed – feed:// or you could private message me your email address and I will send you the link as soon as it is available. I hope that helps!

Can you tell me if your plugin has support for data in json format and received via ajax.

Hi TheClick_art,

Thank you for your interest. As it stands with XPANDA at this point, it does not have ajax and/or json support. This however is in the process of being developed as well as support for filtering by category.

To keep posted on the progress consider following me for future updates. You can find the link on

Hey Ant, we hit a problem where the gallery was somewhere in the middle of the page and on image click, the scrollTo pointed to somewhere on top of the page instead of the thumbnail top. I changed target.position().top to target.offset().top on line 418 to get the actual position of the element to fix it for me. Maybe it helps you.

Very nice plugin btw, thanks!

(couldn’t register on support page – captcha field is missing)

Hi pixel-ink. First of all, thank you so much for purchasing xpanda! I had a look at what you said about the scrollTo and can’t seem to replicate the issue on my side. I have added some content above and below the gallery and might have found what you mean about not scrolling to the top position of the clicked item. The only reason why the scrollTop would not be exactly the same position as the clicked item is when there is no content below the gallery limiting the amount of scrolling space available below the gallery.

It is difficult to say what the issue was with your implementation of xpanda is as I obviously don’t have link to your website :)

I hope that makes sense?

For further reading on position vs offset see the next link which describes it well and why I didn’t resolve to using offset

Let me know if you have any other concerns or queries.

Thanks for letting me know about my support forum.. Appreciate it!!

Hey pixel-ink, just to inform you that you were right. I finally came across the issue you had some time ago in regards to the “scroll-to” positioning and your update does fix it.

So thank you for that, I can now (again) say that everyday is a day to learn.

Good day,

Is it possible to make the image change (ie; image swap) on hover in staff-3?

Hi leneleeb,

No problem :)

The reason why the hover is semi-transparent is because of an “x-is-not-active” class added to all the items when one particular item has been expanded.

That is also why I believe you haven’t noticed it on your local environment.

To fix this add the following css:
.x-initiated .x-item.x-is-not-active { opacity: 1 }

Super thank you. All good now :)


Hi. I’m about to purchase your plugin. Looks really good! I was wondering if there is any “History push state” support, where the url changes according to the image you click. This way we can share links of a specific picture. Then on page load the specified image opens automatically.

thanks for your reply! Any idea when the next version will be released? Next few weeks/months?

I’m speculating that this feature could be completed by end of January.

Hi Robin, super excited to inform you that I have finally had the time to add the history pushState support you requested to help with sharing expanded items. I have submitted the update to Envato and now just waiting for approval and you’ll have a fresh plugin to download!

Hi, thanks for your plugin. It works a treat. When there are multiple instances on a page ( like ) Is there a way to make it so when an item is opened in any of the instances, all the other instances are closed? I.e. Only one item can be ‘open’ at a time across multiple instances. Thanks in advance.

Awesome! Thanks for your hard work and responsiveness. I look forward to trying it out.

Hi Eloquent-Design- I just installed the latest and greatest version. The new independent feature works perfectly. Thank you so much!

Hi Gwyn, it was only a pleasure and very happy you are satisfied!

Nice plugin. Just FYI, the 1.1.0 folder (which I assume was bundled yesterday) doesn’t work, it is missing the JS folder from 1.0.0, but even copying that in – it still fails to load.

Hi nerfmedia, thank you for the purchase and also for the headsup. The strange thing is that Envato hasn’t approved my latest update yet… I will have to investigate this with Envato to see if it was either my fault or theirs. I am sending you a message via your profile so we can discuss a means to get the latest version to you :)

Oh no, I don’t see a message box on your profile. Guessing it is for authors only. Please could you provide me with your email address via my contact form on this page?

Hello nerfmedia, as you have probably noticed, the latest version has been approved and ready. If you are still experiencing problems with the download please try redownloading again and let me know if the problem persists.

Hi, I bought your great plugin. Is there a way to load additional images dynamically. I have a image gallery and would like to show initially 50 images and then with a button “show more” I would like to load additional 50 images and so on. Is that possible with your plugin?

Hello mikelchris, thank you for your purchase! The feature you are requesting unfortunately does not exist at this point in time. I will add it to the list of the next release though. I am working on another plugin at the moment and only after that release will I start working on a new version of xpanda. Please let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll gladly assist.