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Exallent work, i like it! :)

Awesome work, superb 8-)

thank you :)

Very useful & it help us to create innovative hover effects

thank u…. :bigsmile:

well structured and very useful

thank you :)

I just purchased this control. Looks great!

Are you limited only to target an image or can you target a containing div. I would like to apply the effect on a div, not only on the img.

Thank you for purchasing.

If you want to apply effects on a div, then just remove the img tag and add a div with your content.

I just bought this item. My editor doesn’t allow me to use span labels. I need to change this:

<span class="x-circle x-white"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a></span>


<div class="x-circle x-white"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a></div>

What changes I have to do in xoverlay.css to keep it working properly?


Please, forget this comment. I have not problem with this.

ok, thank you for purchasing :)

In all the variation we can show either the text and button OR the icons.

Can you add some variations to show both: text AND icons.


Thanks for the advice, :) will add in the next update

How do I change the xoverlay-box background color for x-simple.

I change lines 150 and 165 of xoverlay.css from

background:rgba(181, 37, 132); 
but then I lost the opacity.

Please I need advice for this.


The last parameter of the background is opacity,

for example,


here .7 is the opacity.

Add this one “background:rgba(181, 37, 132, .7);”

Thank you

thanks, I didn’t see it.

I create an icon with

<span class="x-circle x-white"><a href="#"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a></span> 

The icon is shown but the circle is bigger than it should be. I sent you a link to my site via private message so that you can look at it.


just search the ”.xoverlay span i” and change the height 38px and width 38px

There are 4 ”.xoverlay span i” classes in xoverlay.css, change all

Thank you

thank you!

I also have to change the font-size in the 4 ”.xoverlay span i” classes.

font-size:40px; width:38px; height:38px;

Hi I like you product so much , but i am facing a problem as the picture is still big as it is and there is no effect at all as nothing happen , i am using class=”xoverlay x-imgrotate-left” . Please could you write for me the code of this class i mean all the html code block and which js and css file i have to inserted in my website

And if icons are not coming then, the way you added Font-Awesome css, is not working please check.

Thank You :)

Hi thanks for your reply even if its not looking for it, please may i get your email to send to you what i did and to check i miss any tags

Hello, structure of this items is so nice and user friendly, i want you to upload more items on codecanyon.

Are you available for freelance work ??

yes, you can mail me for any kind of web development related project.

Great work!!!

thank you :)

nice one 8-)

Live preview doesn’t work.

Live preview fixed

Hello, the live preview dosent seems to work at all on Safari, Chrome ans Firefox…

Live preview fixed

Nice work! GLWS