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Nice work, GLWS! :)


It would be nice to have a URL link after uploading images and/or gifs.

Right now, it looks like this:

It would be nice to add something like this (with links and social share):

If you don’t want to add it to the marketplace version, I’m willing to pay you for freelance work and get it done for me.

Thanks for your suggestion.

It can be done, not a problem.
Perhaps we will add it in a future iteration. If you don’t want to wait, then we can implement it on your site. Simply contact us:


maybe add api for it ?

Thanks for your feedback.
For what data, exactly?

ill buy it…... looks good to me. lol.

thanks i see your working on it. from mobile make (description box wider) just a bit to fit the word in it. and also when you click an image from mobile it does not load.

delete “themes” button so users cannot access. let that be in admin panel

Your support is good thanks

can’t register( can you give demo user data?

Password: password

can video be uploaded?


This system is designed for images only.
However, it can be modified to handle videos. Please contact us if you require further assistance:


Is it possible to upload an image straight to the FTP and have it all still work?


That feature is not implemented. However, we are available for custom projects:

Thank you.

can the site be set so that users have to be approved first?

I guess what Im trying to say is can the site be set so that it is mandatory to register and not just anyone can come upload photos to the server?

Yes. The software has Usergroup Permissions. The demo is open for testing purposes.

its possible see admin page and functionality?

delete “about and help” button on top, how i can do that?

how to modify the code I don`t need the link about help and login on top of the page can I turn of by admin page or I need to remove some part of the code?

I am having some similar issues that looks like others have with the installer setting the database details…. i too started poking around to try and set manually, but i dont want to mess it up … I see db.ini and assume it would be here, but not sure about the dev vs live etc… I might try and reinstall if it screws up but I know the db details are correct… that everything is setup for it – I tried on 2 different dedi of mine, running cpanel/whm so I can set whatever if any changes needed…. I am glad to see you guys seem to be available for customization / tweaks (for this and other of your scripts – i plan on getting more you have a very slick collection so kudos on that).... if its ok I might drop you the cpanel info for this domain – cool one for this thanks in advance

I want to buy your product, but when I check the demo it is quite slow. Loading pages take some time. Loading the front page is quite slow. Is that because of your server or is the script really heavy?

Lo tienes en español?, con metodo de pago skrill por tarjeta de credito? no busco el skrill que te pide enviar el dinero al correo, busco el que te pide tarjeta de credito

Can you add adsense to script?

Yes, you the code is not obfuscated & the existing templates can be easily modified.

Can you relist your White Label Mobile Photo here on codecanyon?

I recall you had some other projects you were going to list, eg. a microblogging 140 character. Is that project coming soon? Thanks.