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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks. for you too.

Hello With 4 bundle scripts. I can have how many views per day

I want a script that makes much seen per day


I think there is misunderstanding.

I am selling scripts not views.

views aren’t my responsibility. I sell scripts that generate content not views.

very nice work :) wish you all the best for your sales !

Thanks, wish you the same too.


Lealmar Purchased

I thought it was private support

please delete this comment and send private details in private message not here in public.

Good. GLWS :)



team478 Purchased

Can you respond to Japanese? Do you support multiple languages?

No dear friend.

I can respond English only.


team478 Purchased

Please tell me the recommended server


team478 Purchased

When adding a video, the site is not displayed. Please tell me how to improve and problems


there is an error caused by javascript with Chinese language.

open the file : themes/default/js/functions.js

remove these function from line 28 to line 40

(function ($) {
       $.fn.truncate = function (options) {
              if (!options) options = "...";
              return this.each(function (num) {
                     var height = parseInt($(this).css("height"));
                     var content = $(this).html();
                     while (this.scrollHeight > height) {
                           content = content.replace(/\s+\S*$/, "");
                           $(this).html(content + options);

team478 Purchased

I made a correction can not be displayed

It disappears when two or more videos are imported

I didn’t understand the problem exactly.

send me your admin panel login details in private message to check the site.

pls demo link und admin demo panel


they are 4 products and each one has demo and admin demo.


team478 Purchased

I will send information on the management panel

Http://discount-project.xyz/youtube/admin/login.php Admin 078899


I see that purchase extended support not extended license. anyway,

I will help you but to use scripts on many domains you must purchase extended license not extended support.

now, to get help send ne your CPanel details in private message.


team478 Purchased

I sent a message


I have fixed it.

Hello please can these bundles be used as a multi site? If yes, how? Because I will like users to use a single login to access these services (RSS, Viral Lists Pro, Media Aggregator and YouTube CMS Pro Version

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.


I meant that you can use them separately. not with one login because each script has its own database.

Hi, how do I remove RSS feed and how do I remove user login/signup?


would you please define which script you want to change ?

Viral Lists Pro 1.2 Also I noticed when I ad more content to an existing list I have to rearrange them or I will end up with duplicates

Also when I leave the social setting box blank the icons still show. How do I fix this?