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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks. for you too.

Hello With 4 bundle scripts. I can have how many views per day

I want a script that makes much seen per day


I think there is misunderstanding.

I am selling scripts not views.

views aren’t my responsibility. I sell scripts that generate content not views.

very nice work :) wish you all the best for your sales !

Thanks, wish you the same too.


Lealmar Purchased

I thought it was private support

please delete this comment and send private details in private message not here in public.

Good. GLWS :)


Can you respond to Japanese? Do you support multiple languages?

No dear friend.

I can respond English only.

Please tell me the recommended server

When adding a video, the site is not displayed. Please tell me how to improve and problems


there is an error caused by javascript with Chinese language.

open the file : themes/default/js/functions.js

remove these function from line 28 to line 40

(function ($) {
       $.fn.truncate = function (options) {
              if (!options) options = "...";
              return this.each(function (num) {
                     var height = parseInt($(this).css("height"));
                     var content = $(this).html();
                     while (this.scrollHeight > height) {
                           content = content.replace(/\s+\S*$/, "");
                           $(this).html(content + options);

I made a correction can not be displayed

It disappears when two or more videos are imported

I didn’t understand the problem exactly.

send me your admin panel login details in private message to check the site.

pls demo link und admin demo panel


they are 4 products and each one has demo and admin demo.

I will send information on the management panel

Http://discount-project.xyz/youtube/admin/login.php Admin 078899


I see that purchase extended support not extended license. anyway,

I will help you but to use scripts on many domains you must purchase extended license not extended support.

now, to get help send ne your CPanel details in private message.

I sent a message


I have fixed it.