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Hello, I’m not a programmer could help me with this?

I want to convert the XML “lomadee.xml” but I can not

Nothing appears in

Thanks for listening


Hi, I cannot see any of your pages now, it seems like they are not there anymore. Not even the XML file ( – I get a 404 Page not found error. So I would start there. Then if that works you can try to enable error display, so you can see what is wrong. You can try to add this before the “require_once” statement:
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);
At any time you can check on my page:

Here I tried the code I have sent you and it worked yesterday. So when the server, or your pages work again, you can check if it works on my page. And if yes, try your code. If it still does not work, try to check the errors. Good Luck

Thank you!

You are very attentive and helpful, helped me too long and the script is excellent

I rated icomo Note 5 to the script

Just to make it to ask questions, to put the coupon code I edit it? <?php require_once("XmlToRss.class.php"); $x = new XmlToRss(); $x->url(''); $x->title('Rss Lomadee'); $x->description('Some RSS description'); $x->map(array( 'description' => 'title', 'code' => 'code', 'link' => 'link', 'title' => 'title', // 'pubDate'=>'', 'guid'=>'code', )); $x->autoConvert();

You have to put the code in one of the fields “description” or “title” as there are no other usable fields in RSS code. I wanted to try, but your server is down once more and I cannot access the XML to check..


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is this still working i want to convert to rss

how new url will b added


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every time we publish post then new url is added to xml file , you script is automated ? will your script add url automaticall from ads page or we need to update that , if you are sure then i will buy it we are using codenitor framework


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Not working for me its giving some demo url in rss file i added what u sia dbut we r not seeing any single xml url in rss

seems you have some error in your code, can you send me the code you use?

Can this be used to convert atom feeds to rss feeds? Or are atom feeds different than xml feeds?

Hi, in general YES, it can be used, as Atom feeds are XML documents. But it also depends on which data you need out of the feed, as my converter only extracts data out of 1 sublevel in the XML. In this example: You could e.g no get only the <author> <name> as this lies 1 level deeper as the others, but you could get all the data from <title> <link> <content> ...


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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ROOT> <STOKLAR> <STOK ustkate="BIL" UstUrunGrup_Ad="Bilgisayarlar" subkate= "All In One PC" kod="AIOAPPMK142TUA01" name="Apple iMac MK142TU/A 21.5 DC i5 1.6GHz 8GB 1TB"/> </STOKLAR> </ROOT>

I can not set the incoming xml code above. What should I do?

Thanks. I think like you. Sample; For example, to filter this tag.UstUrunGrup_Ad.

So this one cannot be filtered now :( If you are intereseted I could maybe make a custom script for your needs (for an additional price), but with the current script it is not possible.

Thanks. I’ll find another solution.

I can convert the same (second) level items just fine , but one of the values I want to convert is on the third level, under a second level item. How do I go about that? I tried using a simple xpath nomination but it didn’t work (something like ‘title’ => ‘program/title’)

Hi, It is currently not possible to read nested items. You can only read the text value of the whole node with all its child-nodes as 1 item, but you cannot select the items on the child-level

Ah, got you. Too bad. Is this something you would be interested in coding for an extra fee?

Sure, why not. I thought about that some time ago, but hadn’t come to an easy and good solution. so maybe I can just adapt it as needed for your needs. Just contact me through my profile and we can discuss the details. And you can also send me a sample or your XML and what output you expect.