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This may come in handy soon.


Ivor Envato Team

Wow! even the same formatting! great file!

Temporary ENVATO Problem.

Live Preview Here:

Seeing the file types includes I suppose that the full source code is included? Not only the button click source..


full source code is included!

ok thanks for the info. Nice short and clean code. I actually thought it would be creating the excel with code using interop or so.. But it is now functionality that the grid provides I see.


I was in a hurry and bought this item. I downloaded it and realized it is written in ASP .NET.

How much would it cost to get a PHP version of this?




Unfortunately I haven’t worked with PHP .

I’m not satisfied at all! The source code is written in ASP .NET, totally worthless for me. Please note in your description that it is a ASP file!


Item Attributes (right side) contains this information.

I need to create portrait and landscape A4 print format. Can I make excel file with the logo and image in the header and to insert a picture in content with the data from the mysql table? Is it possible to easily adjust margins of the document and color, font style and column widths in document?


unfortunately this item cannot do it.

Hello any plans to support framework 4.0 & IE9 or HTML5 ?


yep, soon I will publish another job . Thank you!

Hi, Before i purchase this, may I know the answer for my situation: My client have 2 different systems: a. Door access that produce XML file. b. ASP web based attendance system.

Can I use this file to make the XML in (a) to (b) automatically?

Hi, you should integrate both.

will this import from excel to DOM tables or HTML grid


Hi mate, this script looks awesome. I need to save the fields filled in a wev contact form and save it in a excel file. is this possible with your script?

Thanks in advance. Regards.


it is not possible, you should make changes in the code.

I dont read ´the comments and I make a bad buy, only works in asp. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nice Work. Good Luck With Sale