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Very useful tool indeed.
Good luck with the sales!

Thank you very much

Hello, I bought the item and sent you an email via your profile. Did you get it? Please take the time to answer, its important.


Hi, thank you for your purchase. I got your email and answered. I also put your question to FAQ, cause it is a nice example :) Hope it helps you.

Yes, its very helpful and easy to understand, thank you! I did reply with one more question, I hope you dont mind :)

Wow! I have to say this guy is THE BEST support on codecanyon and I’ve bought a LOT! Wish all vendors were as prompt and helpful as Axel. And the script does exactly as I need. Thank you!

Hi I am trying to use just to go to a xml url and convert to a csv file and save as a in the same directory I have looked at your examples but am totaly stuck please could you explain in very simple terms what I should me changing and running. Thank you

Hi, please check the FAQ section (support) here: I think this is exactly the example you are looking for. Hope this helps you.

Hi you, I have test script but I install not the same demo of you. It’s error layout . I have tested both localhost and sharedhost but it’s have still error. Can you help me fix this error or take me to step by step to fix error. Thanks you very much.

Hi, can you please tell me what error you get? Or send me a screenshot so I can help? It is possible that you have some diffrenet server settings or a different PHP version, that could cause problems.


Could you tell me why this xml is not correct converte to csv? I convert with the demo to csv. Is delimitated by ; but when I open for example in excell is not well imported.

Thank you

Hi, I checked your feed, and also tried to export it with the demo script, I saved it, and opened in Excel and it is correct.

Maybe an older version of Excel has a problem with the CSV ? And you know, that the filename must be *.CSV otherwise excel will open it as a text file?



Could you send me your mail and I will send you the file in order you can see the problem?

Hi, please contact me throigh the contact form on my profile page:

Does this item works fine when the xml file contains characters like “á”, “ñ”, etc. The generated csv file is a utf-8 file?

I need no rare characters in it.

I just tried the demo. I generated a csv file and I get this “calefacci??n” where it should be “calefacción”. Is there a way to change this to fit my needs.

can you please send me a sample link with the feed, or the sample XML you use?

I sent the xml link via email.

Good morning, we just bought your class to convert some xml files but im getting this error:

Notice: Undefined index: MIME_INFO in C:\xampp\htdocs\Bosch-convert-xml\XmlToCsv.class.php on line 350

Here is an example of one of my csv files


What do i have to do to solve this issue?

Thank you

the thing is, that copying the string does not work good in notepad, that is why you have to use the conversion tool to directlt create the file. :) But i found out that the content is there, it is only hidden in Excel. try to resize the column, make it higher and wider, and you will see the content… i do not know why excel hides it. it has a few line breaks inside, maybe that is why it seems hidden at first.

Hello again, you are right the values are “hidden” in the file with a few line breaks before the content, now i think i can use this if im able to map child nods to csv fields, is this possible?? i tried to map it as in your example but nothing happens

Here is an example of my code:

$x = new XmlToCsv(); $x->url = ‘xmlfiles/Bosch-AC-DIY-productos.xml’; $x->output = string; $x->map = array( ‘nombre_producto’ => ‘DESCRIPTION_SHORT’, ‘EAN’ => ‘EAN’, );

echo $x->autoConvert();

what im doing wrong??

Thank you

Dont mind my last comment i just found how it works. thanks for your quick and awesome support.

Best regards

Hello again

How can i put few xml fields inside one field in the csv file?? i have values like this inside the same item and just its getting the last value after the mapping

<KEYWORD>Accesorios para lijadoras</KEYWORD> <KEYWORD>Medio de lijado para lijadora múltiple</KEYWORD> <KEYWORD>Hojas de lija para multilijadoras</KEYWORD> <KEYWORD>Juego de hojas de lija de 10 piezas para lijadora múltiple</KEYWORD>

Thank you

Hello i just re snet it to you, it never got bounced so please tell me if you get it. Thanks

Hi, no, sorry it still did not came. Maybe it got filtered if you have XML in the message body or I do not know. maybe we can try it through GTalk or skype, or maybe you can send me your email and I will concact you.

Hi, very cool. A question.. XML pull the images, and create zip file? customize this for me? Thanks!

Hi, yes, I could do that for you, please write me on my email through my portfolio page. Thx


I bought your module but don’t know how to use it.

Can you please help me.

Thx and all the best


you need to be a little more specific. have you read the documentation? there are examples on how to set it up

Hello. Yes I read it but still doesn’t work. It create empty csv. Thx for answer

can you send ma the code you tried, or the xml which does not work for you?

Email Send

hi, sorry for the delay, i will check it and let you know what the problem is

I had xml to you. please help me!

Hi, the problem is, that this simple converter cannot convert items which are in more “sub-levels” in the XML. e.g. you choose items/item as your root for each Item – then only the next sublevel can be extracted (offers, atrributes, url, images or browsenode). the next level cannot, this is currently not supported :(

Hello, Question : is there a way to put in the csv file an extra column (with auto increment values) , without a corespondent field in the xml.

In my xml file I dont have a SKU file, but I need it in the csv file to be able to import the csv in magento.

Hi, sorry for the late answer. This is not possible by default, as noone needed it before. But I can check if there is an easy update of the code which would enable this.

Hi, I rechecked in my script again. I would be able to do it for you, but in general this does not make sense, as each time you convert something you get new numbers. so e.g. if you would import productst the 1st time, you get numbers fro 1 to 1000. The second time you import, it may be different products, some can be missing, there can be others etc.. – you still get the count from 1 to 1000 or similar. to stay consisents with your magento DB, you would need a new table in your DB where you would store the IDs and you would need to read them when converting. If this is of no issue for you, I can make an adaption of the script for you. Just contact me through my profile page and I send it to your email.


You extension is very good. But I need the exact example shown in your demo link “”

Where can I get that?

The package that I downloaded contains a different demo. The screen is not same as the demo.

Sorry, you are right, the demo is a little different. I uploaded the demo script here: You can download it. It is only the demo site, so just replace your old one and it should work.

Thank you.. :)


I purchased your product and am having issue with the XML program. It does read the Root/Item names but I don’t see anything that recognizes fields . How would I go about doing it ? Please see screen shot, I’m trying to extract those elements values . Screenshot :

Hi, as I also told you per email, but so that everybody knows – it is currently not possible to extract attribute values from the XML nodes.


I have purchased this product and is really working great. But it does not generate CSV file for some of the XML data properly. Please can you let me know why does it behaves differently ?

Correct CSV file is generated if we use XML data from this the following URL:

Incorrect CSV file is generated if we use XML data from the following URL:

Waiting for your reply.



Thanks for your Quick reply.

I am using the same code as your demo.



In that case, try using the advanced demo and set XML Item path to /*/*/* But a much better solution with more options for you would be to implement a small script like in the documentation, where you also could set up more parameters, as you have also some more nested values inside your XML and maybe do not not want them, or maybe you would need them in a nicer way displayed. I made a small demo for you here: the source code of this is the following: <? require_once('XmlToCsv.class.php'); $x = new XmlToCsv(array( 'url'=>'', 'output' => 'file', 'item' => '/*/*/*', 'delimiter'=>';', 'childItemsType'=>'node:value', 'childItemsDelimiter'=>"\n", 'childValueDelimiter'=>' : ', ) ); echo $x->autoConvert();

I think this better suits your needs.

Thank you! It worked. :)

Hi, everything is fine with xml-to-csv but the xml a company gave me isn’t correctly formatted. Your script work fine except for the <Foto>, it only read the last <Foto> and ignore the others. I need a csv with a row like: Broker;Foto1;Foto2;Foto3;Valuta. Thank you

<Annuncio> <Broker>4</Broker> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Foto></Foto> <Valuta>EUR</Valuta> </Annuncio>

<Annuncio> ... <Annuncio>

Hi, as CSV is a “flat” format, I didn’t include fields with multiple items in it. So it is currently not possible to automatically do what you need here with multiple photos, sorry :( However I could write you a special script, or extend the current one exactly for you purpose for some additional cost. You can contact me via my profile page for that.


Can you tell me if your converter can handle complex XML outputs with differing numbers as in this example:

<place id="1" lat="123456" lon="123456">
  <tag key="business_name" value="Business Name"/>
  <tag key="business_type" value="Business Type"/>
  <tag key="business_sector" value="Business Sector"/>
  <tag key="manager_name" value="Manager's Name"/>
  <tag key="manager_position" value="Manager's Position"/>
  <place id="2" lat="123456" lon="123456">
  <tag key="business_name" value="Business Name"/>
  <tag key="business_type" value="Business Type"/>
  <tag key="manager_name" value="Manager's Name"/>


Hi, from your example my script would not read anything, as it only reads values of nodes, not values of attributes. As your nodes do not contain any text, the converter would not read it. If I can help you with creating a custom script exactly for your needs, you can contact me via my profile page

Cool script, i use it on my marketplace

I am happy you like it :)


no matter what settings I use, I keep getting these errors. Could you please help me? What am I doing wrong?

sku;instock;laststock;delivery_date;delivery_days Notice: Undefined index: delivery_date in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 421

Notice: Undefined index: delivery_days in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 421 2A1000;32;1;; Notice: Undefined index: delivery_date in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 421

Notice: Undefined index: delivery_days in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 421 2A1001;38;1;; Notice: Undefined index: delivery_date in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 421

as far as I see in your output, the line breaks are correct. The are not displayed in the webpage, but in the real output they are correct. You can check the source code of the page, or simply save the output. try setting 'output'=>'file' and try again. And about manipulating nodes – as the script is simple, it does not allow manipulation. However, you could set 'output'=>'array', then loop through the array, and then create the CSV yourself from the changed array

My bad, the line breaks have been correct. And I saved the CSV-File now and change a few things afterwards now. Thanks for your help.

no problem :)


I put this code into my php file: <?php



And i run this php script and a nothing see any .csv file on my FTP, but I have not made any changes in settings.php.