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Hi again, There is one very large problem that I don’t know how to fix – the script cannot use large URLS like this one:

My workaround is to put all URLs through first to shorten, but would this be a bug? Or is it just how javascript works? I am not too knowledgeable in these things…

Hey my friend.

You can use this type of URL , this is an example below on how to use it






This is a pretty good job. It works fine, even under IE6 . I use it to diplay my Picasa album.

Just a remark: In the PDF documentation, some options are not described: o easing o toggleBtn

This is just a simple remark, since the sample shows how to use them.

Great job!



Thanks a lot for purchasing and for giving me tips to make XML -SLIDER better .. i hope you liked it and for the instructions file i will update it very soon. please rate the XML -SLIDER that will help v.much



are you able to change the width and height of the slider??

Sure,it’s very easy you can set the width and height from the slider configuration …. it’s well documented and very easy to change.

Are the next, previous and pause button images interchangeable?

SURE my friend


Quick question, as I am not well versed in XML … is it possible to make this slider automatically pull from a directory on my server? I’d like to find a slider where i can FTP images from my mobile device to a directory on my server, and have the slider automatically load them.


unfortunately that is not possible because it’s Javascript it can’t read files on the server, but if you add me on i can give you a small PHP file that can read files from a specific directory in the server and output results as XML . so you can put that PHP file URL to your XML -slider configurations and it will work as you want.

I hope that will help you


Hi Laith,

I just purchased your XML Slider. It works fine in Firefox, but I get a blank page in IE.

I am using Windows 7 and IE 8 .

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks, D.


Thanks for purchasing my Xml-Slider

1) Try this solution make sure that there is no comma at the last option see the comment bellow

$(document).ready(function() {
                            'easing':new Array("easeInBounce","easeOutBounce","easeInOutBounce"),
                            'play':"<img src="images/play.png" alt="play" />",
                            'pause':"<img src="images/pause.png" alt="pause" />",
                            'backward':"<img src="images/backward.png" alt="backward" />",
                            'forward':"<img src="images/forward.png" alt="forward" />"//clear the comma here if there is

2) if this was already right please add me on Yahoo : or SKYPE : Laith.abr and i will help you and make sure it’s working 100%



hi, thanks a lot for a very good job! One question: How can I say that the link open in the same window, like _self, and not _blank ??


Hello Laith =) Thanks for this awesome work, I use it and it’s work fine for me but I have question, How can I change the effect of the slider?


I found a bug in this script today.

When I insert an & symbol into the <title> tag of the xml file, it breaks. I would like to keep & symbols and not use “and” if at all possible.

Can you fix this?