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Looks great and easy to use. How about adding pagination?

Currently working on it…. will add it and update it soon.

Thanks for adding pagination. Can the pagination be configured as the example below (featuring previous/next arrows)?

< 4 5 6 7 >

Ofcourse i can do it for you….. By the way the previous and the next button will be automatically displayed when the pages are more than 10.

check the pagination example at the below site link…

Hey how customizable is script? can I change the gradient image used as the background for the text fields and the title bar for each post

Sorry for the late reply…

Ofcourse you can change it. You can create and set your own new theme if you are familiar with creating graphics.

But remember that you cannot have different themes for each different post. You can have only one theme at a time for all posts.

Can this be integrated to a simple HTML site?

I dint understood your question.

But you will need a webserver with php support for complete functionality.

Well of course i have a webserver, my site is build´t in HTML , can your product be inserted on a HTML page or does it require site build´t in PHP ??

Well first of all my guestbook is standalone script, you can put a link on your html page to open the guestbook.

Secondly you can integrate php into html. You will get lot of results on google for doing that. But then the pure php based guestbook will not work. I hope so (99%) the AJAX based guestbook will work but cant guarantee until it is fully tested by me.

May i know where in html page you want to integrate the guestbook and what kind of functionality you want.

Seems to me that the book can be integrated into any page using an Iframe?

I’m having trouble getting the captcha to work. I activated on the config section but looks like image can’t be found. any ideas thanks

Check for the GD Library enabled in PHP configuration….

is it possible to add an approve feature, so only approved comments will show up? thanks

i will implement that in future updates.. You will have to wait for that as i am little busy with other things and my pc is dead.

Hello, smileys don’t work for me on php version but work with ajax … An idea ?

Can you give me the link where u have uploaded.

Where do I have to change the language of the months in the date. I want to have the months in Dutch.

Thanks Paul

Sorry for the late reply. I got my new PC just yesterday after so many months.

Open guestbook.php and check below line 180 for $mdatetime = date(“D, M j, Y, G:i a”);

replace it with /* Set locale to Dutch */ setlocale(LC_ALL, ‘nld_nld’); $timestamp = strftime(“%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S %Y”); $mdatetime = strftime(“%a, %b %d, %Y, %H:%M %p”, strtotime($timestamp));

Please help …. I have uploaded all the files onto the server and also modified the config file per the instructions and when I try to pull up the file with the browser it displays a “BLANK” page. Am I missing something ?


Please give the link to the guestbook.

I get the same results whether I use the php version or the Ajax version …. : (

Files are no good ….. Displays a “Blank” page. Very disappointed ….. Had someone else check the files as well. Conclusion bad code.

Did you check the mail i send you regarding the xml file. What is the version of the PHP on your server.

This guestbook was very easy to install and it looks pretty good so far… thank you! I just had a couple questions.

First: Is there an easy way to make the comment box HTML friendly, such as word processor buttons (font size, bold, etc.) rather than having the guest use HTML code to format their comments?

Second: I can’t figure out a way to move the “Add Guestbook Entry” button. It’s all the way at the bottom of the screen and it is difficult to find. It seems like is should be at the top where most will notice first. How can that be moved?


Seller contacted me via email and was very helpful. Highly recommend! Thanks!

Greetings. The Lucon font works locally when testing using MAMP but does not display on the webserver I’m using (running PHP 5 .3.5). Any suggestions?

GD is enabled:


GD Support enabled GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible) FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype FreeType Version 2.4.3 GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled JPEG Support enabled libJPEG Version 6b PNG Support enabled libPNG Version 1.2.44 WBMP Support enabled XBM Support enabled

Directive Local Value Master Value gd.jpeg_ignore_warning 0 0

Check if the font is there in the proper folder. I you are using the ajax version font should be in includes folder and in normal php version it should be in root folder where index.php is there.

Also make sure you have updated all the files on your webserver. It should work if all the files are properly uploaded on your webserver.

My webserver PHP version is 5.2.17 and local PHP : 5.3.8 and both are working fine.

All my webfonts are in a fonts folder, and I updated the captcha.php file to say

$captcha->font = “fonts/lucon.ttf”;

I will PM you the link to the site, it’s not public yet.

If you wanted to change the complete theme, bgcolor, background Image add banners or logos ect. all that is done through the themes CSS files right? I want to code this GB to match the color theme on my web site. So then you just change the text in the index.php” HTML Code is OFF
BBCode is On
” to HTML Code is ON or how does that work. I dident see anywhere to modify that other than just change it there. is this right? Thanks. BTW . very nice work.

Ofcourse you can create your own theme by editing the css file but make sure that the file names and all the files are present like in the default theme folder.

HTML code will not work only bbcode will work.

what is the problem can you help me there is a lot of problems. and in ajaxversion dont’t work

link is not working. by the way what problems is it giving.

ok now the link worked reopening after some time. I think so there is problem with the xml file. Is it properly uploaded and have the right attributes for read, write n execute.

edit: Ok xml file is also present. Did you edit anything in the code. It should work.