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Thanks for your reply i have already found and translate text in french, but tell me how can i do to have date (days,months) appearing on message in french ?

check this reply post if it helps you out..

Some answers you will find in comments itself.

Hi there,

I can’t make UTF-8 to work properly, am i missing something? I changed the charset in the “index.php” but still no accents.

Could you help me, please?

Thanks by advance,


Hi, I am really sorry as I am busy. And since my pc is dead I won’t be able to help u out. Hope so I reply you within a week as I repair my pc asap.

Hi, i can’t get accents to display properly (french here) utf-8 doesn’t seem to work everywhere. Any help would be very appreciated.


Please read all comments. There is solution in comments.. My pc is dead now so I can’t help u out right now.. If u go through the comments u will surely find the solution.

Hello, how to put the dates in French. Thanks for giving me the concrete solution because I am not a programmer. thank you very much


open guestbook.php and find function addGBEntry().

Few lines below is //setlocale(LC_ALL, ‘nld_nld’);

replace it with setlocale(LC_TIME, “fr_FR”);

make sure the two // front slashes are removed.

Please make sure that French locale is installed on webserver. If after changing the above code it does not work, contact your webhost to see if French locale is installed.

Hello, The guest book so far is in order, everything funkioniert. Only would like to use for German language also. Unfortunately utf-8 coding does not work so well. I have converted in meta area charset to utf-8. Can you help me?

I thank you in advance

Hi, There is already solution for this. Please go through comments. Check this one

Thank you for your quick response

Hey there – I wonder if you can help me… I’m embarrassed to say, but i know very little about PHP. I purchased this file because the person I am making a website for had purchased the domain before getting me involved and has asked me to add a Guestbook to the website. Unfortunately – it appears that after looking through the control panel that there is no way to create a mysql database so that is why I searched for an alternative and found yours.

I purchased it, hoping that I would not find it too difficult but alas I think I have shown my “blonde” colours when it comes to coding.

I am stuck with how to sort out the code in the config.php file.. I am not sure how to make the changes… and then I have to try figure out how to insert this guestbook into the website…

I’m hoping that you may have some time and patience to help me please?

Regards – Chris

Search for file theme.tpl file in templates folder. Remove the code below from that file.

<div class="span1"><img src="{{avatar}}" class="img-polaroid" alt="gravatar" width="60" height="60" /></div>

By the way looking at the page link u posted above. You need many css tweaks to match the design of the website.

Wow – thanks so much for that – I will make the changes when I get back from work later.

About the CSS – yes yes – that was my next hurdle to jump over but wow there is so many css elements :)

Initially, I wanted to put the form in one div left and the messages in a div right but no matter how I tried I could not float the messages to the right.. that’s why I left it in the same style originally made..

Anyways – thanks again for your help :)