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Hi, how can I add multiple calendars? Also how do I validate the plugin, I can’t see anywhere the filed for validation.

Thank you

Hi! What do you mean by adding multiple calendars? Right now, the plugin is only prepared either to be shown always on the side of all the screens or anywhere you add a shortcode but it always will be the same version of the calendar.

I would like to have two pages on my website with two separate calendars, with different gifts. Is that possible?

I’m sorry, but this is not possible at the moment as we only have one calendar. This is something we might add in following updates, but not here yet.

I need it as a fullscreen theme and not as a plugin, you can that?

No, I’m sorry :(


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Hey, is it possible that you can adapt the Plugin so that you can have more than one calender? So that each year hast its own calender and people could look up whats behind last years door.

Hi! This is something we might consider to have but I’m not sure if this could be done for this year (before December we mean). Maybe on next updates.


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Thanks, would be great if this is possible!


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Hello, I would like to integrate shortcodes for each day of the calendar however it does not work, the same for the integration of an iframe code. Do you have a solution ?

It should work, but the problem is our code does not work with quotation marks (””). So there is a solution we will add but, in the meanwhile, some users posted a solution which is basically don’t use quotation marks (””) when you write a shortcode.


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installed it in the correct way – try to use this code in my page [xmas-advent-calendar] – the only this what i see at my page is this code [xmas-advent-calendar] but not the calendar – plugin is activated

Hi! did you set up correctly the start, end and simulations dates as stated on the docs?


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I need the full calendar to fit inside its parent’s width, retain its square shape and still be responsive. Any tips on how to achieve this?

Please, post here the url of your site or send me an email with that so I’ll be able to check it and help you.

Thanks, I have emailed you.


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Hi rssyow. I am having somewhat the same problem as RamjetFDO describes above here, that Divi overlays the menubar and some of the number doors are also still shown when another is opened. All this only on mobile., desktop is fine. You can see it here https://dev.gravid.dk/julekalender/

I did try to put those 2 css values in as mentioned with an extremely high z-index with !important but that do not seem to help.

Would you please have a look at this? Thanks :)

Just a note. It is not the same doors every time. It depends on which other door you open :S

Try this for the doors:

Add to xmas-advent-calendar/public/css/xmas-advent-calendar-public.css the following code:

.xmas-advent-calendar__wrapper--big .xmas-advent-calendar__day-wrapper { -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0); }

Yes awesome! This works perfectly. Thank you SO much :D :D

Is it possible to add this to a Facebook tab ?

I’m sorry but I don’t think so. This is a Wordpress plugin so only works on Wordpress.

I love this plugin. Unfortunately it seems like it isn`t possible to have both sticky calender and big calender available at the same time. I think this would be a huge improvment. For my example I would love to use a christmas page for the big calender, but would also allow people to gain access from any other page. You should really consider making this an option! Another nice feature would be to upload cutom pictures for the calendar windows. Apart from that: I really enjoy working with your plugin!

Hi! You are right and we had that on our example page but doing some hacks. We are trying to release that as an update as there are other clients who asked for that here and in some emails. We’ll try to have it soon enough although I can not promise anything.


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i rssyou, i wrote you privately from your profile, please i need your help.

I’m checking the emails so I’ll answer you in a few.

many many thanks! looking forward to your reply

Hello! I’d like to know if it is possible to customize every images we see in the demos, and use my own instead. Thanks!

Although there is no option on the admin, if you change our images by your own images (using the same names we have) you should be able then to choose them on the admin and use them.

This method has been successfully used by several client who asked for the same.

Hi, thank you for this great plug-in which is exactly what I was looking for. Still, for the moment, I have two problems to set it up properly : 1/ each time there are these signs [‘] or [“], a [/] appears right before it. This is terribly annoying as in French – which is my language – we use the apostrophe all the time… How can I manage to insert them ?

2) For the moment I have not managed to insert the calendar into an article. I have typed the shortcode [xmas-advent-calendar] in either the text or the visual tabs but the calendar does not appear at all, just the shortcode… What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help in advance.


1) This is something we will fix but in the meantime, please do the following:

try to change the line 73 on /xmas-advent-calendar/admin/partials/xmas-advent-calendar-admin-display.php to this:

// update the day $wpdb->update( $table_name, array( 'position' => $_POST['day_position'], 'image' => $_POST['day_image'], 'modal_header' => $_POST['day_header'], 'modal_code' => stripslashes_deep(wp_filter_post_kses( $_POST['day_modal_code'] )), 'update_time' => current_time( 'mysql' ) ), array( 'id' => $day_id ) );

2) Did you set the options on the admin to be able to see the calendar? You need to choose the “show the big calendar version” as well as choosing a simulation date because if you don’t do that, you won’t see the calendar until the 1st of December (or the day you set up as start date).