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there is a storyboard? lib which they use? Xzing or ZBar?

many thanks

hi pmunz no storyboard ? lib is onbarcode

ur qrcodes can be put image / logo in the centre ? same as ur icons ?

hi 2ze, this is impossible, Icons is friendly

This is no good on the iPhone 5, screen size issues.. Please update..

Hi tsardob, please check feature app “Mobile OS IOS 3.1, IOS 4.1, IOS 4.2, IOS 4.3, IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1” . But i will update new version Thanks

Ok so you saying this is iOS6 issue? and not iPhone 5. I expect all customers to be using iOS6+ now and 7 soon..

hi, ready 40 type ?

Yes, It ready

does it work for any language ? and is there any app i can try ?

Waiting for new version update?

is it easy to integrate into existing app?

Can you send me an email on how to import this thanks. It works great. The name on the top of the App does that correspond with the actual barcode or is that just a label to name the barcode. I want a secret code that only a bar code reader can read. For a validation system I want. Let me know. Thx

i don’t known your mind, please description detail , my email xcncoder@gmail.com

I would like to know the way to add this via -(IBoutlet) to access this through my other app then return via back button. If you could do a video showing how to do it would make more sale.

Hello ngtbinh,

I been waiting for iOS7+ update for long time. Users have reported issues of saving there barcodes to device. Please can you update this app or provide information on how I can manually make the updates needed.

Thank you

Can I integrate within my App

I get 25 warnings and 4 errors in xcode. could you update the code please?

Can you add a barcode reader in this app? I think if you did it would make more sales. Would be nice to have as a replacement for my QRcode reader.

Is this app still works fine and supported? Kindly have me notified if there is new update and I’ll buy the code. Thanks.