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Is Xivmap compatible with my theme?

Yes as long as the theme leaves some space for the minimap on the sides.

Fluid themes or themes that aggressively use all horizontal space may need to be tweaked via CSS to make sure that the minimap won’t cover content. In these cases you may contact me, the author of Xivmap, and ask me to take a look at your theme. If I’m unable or unwilling to help you may ask for a refund.

Does Xivmap support mobile devices like phones and tablets?

Yes, with some considerations.

1. Only tapping is supported, not dragging. When attempting to drag, the regular native page scrolling happens instead.

2. By default, Xivmap hides itself when the page is less than 850 CSS pixels wide. This means that by default, it will only show up on tablets in landscape mode, but not on any phone.

To show it on all devices, add this css:

.xivmap {display: block;}

How does Xivmap handle fixed elements?

They are hidden.

Elements or descendants of elements with “position: fixed” do not show up on the minimap. It wouldn’t make much sense to display a toolbar or feedback and social buttons on the minimap.

If you have a use case for displaying fixed elements on the minimap, please do let me know.