Xfinity CRM - Designed for Small Business Management

Xfinity CRM - Designed for Small Business Management

Xfinity CRM - Designed for Small Business Management - 1   Xfinity CRM - Designed for Small Business Management - 2

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Xfinity CRM is feature rich Client Relationship Management System which is specially designed for small businesses.

It enables you to make valuable relationship with your client, by managing leads, contacts, tasks and events within one application.

Powerful search systems helps you to find your missing client using any piece of information.

Xfinity CRM easily fits into your organization’s needs by allowing you to manage custom fields. It also adopt the color of your organization by allowing you to change its theme.

Laravel framework and Material design theme is used to build Xfinity CRM.

Main Features

Here are Main features of Xfinity CRM:


  • Manage Contacts easily with user friendly UI
  • Filter Contacts
  • Ascending / Descending Contacts
  • Export Contacts as CSV


  • Manage and assigning Leads
  • Filter Leads
  • Export Leads as CSV


  • Manage event using Calendar
  • Shared Calender
  • Sync with Google
  • Export Events as CSV


  • Prioritize task by drag and drop feature
  • Filters to manage task easily
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Managing task made easy with user friendly UI
  • Choose to show number of tasks per page

5.Global Search

  • Select modules to perform search within modules

6.Theme Modification

  • Modify CRM color to suit your brand requirement

7.Dynamic Language

  • Add languages to let people work with in your organization

8.Calender Setting

  • Assign different color to manage task easily
  • Different settings to manage calender

9.Custom Fields

  • Custom Fields make xfinity CRM more rich to suit event small business requirement
  • Need more fields to get and manage your data
  • Add as many fields as you need to different modules

10.Roles and permission Management

  • Create Roles as much as you need to control access of people
  • Control access to each feature using permission

11.User Management

  • Manage user in single screen


  • Import data in CSV format of other CRM

Use Cases

  • Using Custom Fields turn xfinity CRM into any CRM to suit your requirement
  • Managing your customer is not easy. Xfinity CRM do hard work for you
  • Managing Users, contact and assigning them task without CRM is not possible these days
  • Syncing and managing Tasks in one place – Right from CRM to your Google account
  • Syncing and managing Events in one place – Right from CRM to your Google account
  • Every Small business need standalone CRM to manage its relation with Client
  • Prioritizing leads
  • Following up with leads
  • Identifying a deals age
  • Understanding customers through in-product activity
  • Understanding customers beyond sales interactions
  • One company, different sales processes
  • A quicker, efficient way to ride to sales meetings
  • Using a CRM for sales management
    • Sales Prospecting
    • Sales Outreach
    • Tracking
  • Using a CRM for strategic marketing
    • Cold email outreach for backlinks
    • Cold email outreach for guest posting
    • Cold email outreach for Public Relations
    • Cold email outreach for partnerships
    • Cold email outreach for content licensing
  • Using a CRM for competitor tracking
    • How likely are you to lose a customer?
    • Building powerful customer profiles
  • Using a CRM to increase profitability
    • Which stage is the customer in now and can they be upgraded?
    • Will they churn soon?
  • Use Xfinity CRM for Managing Real estate business
  • Use Xfinity CRM for Managing Auto Dealership’s business
  • Dont need to pay monthly bills any more – Install this script to get rid of monthly bills
  • List goes on

Additional Feature

Ready to go
Designed to run without any coding. Upload, install and start managing your business, that’s all.

No extra requirements
Works with minimum requirements that supported by almost every hosting provider.

User Experience
Designed for fluent usage with continuous form design with best UX.

Responsive UI
Access your dashboard from any device like mobile, tablet or desktop to Place Limit on Order.

Basic to Advance
Designed to fit every purpose of usage, from basic to advance.

Video Tutorials
YouTube play-list that covers all aspect and features for comfy usage.You can check our tutorials on YouTube using this link

User guides
Well documented user guide that covers all options and features for comfy usage

Change Logs

1.0.0 – 23 April, 2019

- initial release