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I want to inform you that this file in Envato Marketplace is outdated according to what I can see in your demo.

Could you please release the upgraded version?

Best regards



Something else came up…

Your extension doesn’t consider the total but the sub-total which means if you have a product that costs a 100 USD but the delivery costs 50USD the total would be 150USD consequently Moneybookers and Paypal will charge a commission of 3% or 3,4% over the total 150USD and not over the 100USD.

And this is not right…

Do you understand what I mean?

Yes added this option. also upgraded the version. Thanks

Thank you so much for the hard work.

You people have been quick to solve the problem, professional and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

Apart from that this is one of the most important extensions for open cart due to the fact OC doesn’t take care of the these necessary fees, etc.

Thanks again

Is there an updated version OpenCar 2

Please send email at opencartmart@gmail.com , I will send your there. Thanks


I got a link from a different page saying it cost 15$. Can I purchase for that price.


Where did you get $15? There are two legit site 1. Codecanyon and 2. opencart.com


found it online. they link to this site, but they advertise it as $15 not as $19

Hello dwsbd, I have a opencart 1.5.61v web site. I wolud like to give free product from any category or same category to my customers. For examle, they will buy 3 products and pay 2 products only. Can we do that with x-fee pro extension? Best regards

Sorry it is not possible. You can just give discount either it is percentage or fixed

Looks awesome, very nice and clean design!