Discussion on ChatPion - Facebook & Instagram Chatbot,eCommerce,SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing Platform (SaaS)

Discussion on ChatPion - Facebook & Instagram Chatbot,eCommerce,SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing Platform (SaaS)

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when i send email in brodcast option then all email going to pending pls solve this problem

Is it possible to send a message via messenger to someone who commented on a fan page post?

Sorry i am not sure what you are looking for. However maybe you are wanted auto reply system.

However you can do it using our system. When you setup auto reply in your post then when user comment on your post then our system will give reply in their comment also send the private reply.

Hi we have some questions on ChatPion + AI2Pen 1. Do you plan to add for ChatPion feature to reply using AI on twitter + Linkedin? 2. ChatPion has feature with posting text or video to all networks. How to add AI2Pen for ChatPion that user will generate content directly in one CRM with AI? that it will not need to login to different CRMs

Sorry we have no plan for it currently. But we may think about in future.

Can we order such custom development from your team?


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We replied in your ticket.

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Author response

We are here and always ready to help our clients to solve their issues. I am sorry to say but email is not our support channel and you cant open ticket because you do not have a valid support period.

You say you’re here but when you see your clients have issues, you still chatting behind the laptop without any action for helping. And the issue is a huge problem, bugs. Email no reply. Facebook cannot find people, envato only talk s! Platform cannot use, forums no one reply.

Yes your right we are here all-time to help our customers. But we have personal support desk so if you have face any kind of issue you need to open support ticket there.

Email is not our support method. You can open email for asking general questions and other but if you face any technical issue then you must need to contact our support desk.Also your mentioning problem is not the central problem that we fix one end then everywhere will fix. Its your individual issue. So you need to contact our support desk for issue.

Though i can see that you have not enough support period. So you need to renew support from codecayon then you will be able to open ticket. We must help you to fix your issue but you need to obey some rule also.

Hi, Can we train chatbots through custom datasets? Like feeding data from pdf, website links, etc? ChatGPT allows that via llamindex. How can we train the chatbot for large datasets.

Extremely sorry but i cannot understand properly what you actually looking for.

When will you add TikTok?

Mirazm Author Team

Currently we have no plan to add it.Thanks.

Do you will add canva api for create graphic or other?

Mirazm Author Team

Sorry but no.

I am planning to buy extended license during the sale. When will the sale for addon bundle sale for$298 will end? Whether the bundle addon guarantee access to future additions of addons as well?

Mirazm Author Team

1.Offer will end 22nd may.

2.No you only get the current addon.If any addon come in future then you need to purchase it separately. Thanks.

2 questions… can you tell me that extended license what does include??

If I buy this tool… will be all in source code or some features/links are managed by your server?? I need to know if it all in my server.


Mirazm Author Team

1. Mainly difference is payment getway.You will get payment option to charge your users. But in regular license you will not find option to set payment getway to charge your users please read here

2. You will get the source code. Also, you need to install it your domain and hosting.In a word you can manage everything. If you want to customize the code then also can do it.

Hello. I’m confused on what is included in this purchase. I can see many people purchased and then got stuck with the only option is for them to upgrade to an Extended account.

You list many thing, yet you have another website with 25 Add-ons to be purchased, which I think is very misleading to people here on CodeCanyon. You list all the features that can be accomplished, but not all of those features are actually included in this purchase!

Example: This is listed waaaaay down in the product description: “You can also create User Input Flow campaigns on the Flow Builder if you have User Input Flow and Custom fields, a ChatPion Add-on.” (which is an extra $27 add-on)

Plus another huge list of add-ons:

How many of these add-ons are actually included in the purchase of this codebase?

We just want you o be clear and transparent here. Thanks!

Mirazm Author Team

We are actually very transparent. We don’t hide anything. If read our item description then you will find the demo link there. And there we clearly mention the url for with addon and without addon.

However, if you purchase the chatpion.then you will get all the features which we mention in our item description page. If we write you need addon then you need to purchase that addon to get specific features.

Regarding the addon if you read the addon description page then you can understand we didn’t mention any addon feature in our chatpion item description page. Also if we use any addon making product video then there we clearly mention users needed this addon. So we are very transparent. I hope you understand.

And also regarding license regular license for personal use and extended license for business purposes. So everything is very clear in the item description page.

Is it possible to integrate your bot with woocommerce?

Can I see how does it works the purchase process using woocommerce products? Thanks

Mirazm Author Team

You can check the demo here

I don’t understand how does it works the buy process… I see back-end and I don’t know how does it works for users (frontend)


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I always get the following error as soon as I try to go into the list of Messenger Engagement section:

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: ParseError

Message: syntax error, unexpected ‘]’, expecting ’-’ or identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING)

Filename: ......public_html/application/modules/messenger_bot_enhancers/controllers/Messenger_bot_enhancers.php

Line Number: 1578

Please fix this error…


scvpl Purchased

but its clearly the error in script on line 1578 every time I open messenger engagement section this error occurs…


scvpl Purchased

The error message you’re seeing is a `ParseError`, which is a type of error that occurs when PHP is trying to parse the code, but finds a syntax error. This specific error is saying that there’s an unexpected `]` character, and it was expecting either a `-`, an identifier (like a function or class name), a variable, or a number.

This error is typically not due to the server, but rather due to a mistake in the PHP code itself. It’s likely that there’s a syntax error in the file `Messenger_bot_enhancers.php` on line 1578. This could be a missing or extra bracket, a missing semicolon, or some other syntax mistake.

If you say it’s working fine on your end, it’s possible that you’re running a different version of PHP that’s more forgiving of certain syntax errors, or it might not have error reporting turned on. However, the best course of action would be to review the code on line 1578 of `Messenger_bot_enhancers.php` and correct the syntax error.

Mirazm Author Team

Yes its php error but this is not our central issue. Anyhow at your end update goes missing or other that’s the reasons problem happening. So that i told you to contact our support desk then our support team will check your issue and fix it.If it is our central issue then we will fix it and give auto update. But its your end issue.

If you have any doubt its our code label issue then i will suggest you please downloaded the package from codecayon and then install it create a subfolder then check this problem happening or not.I hope in fresh install you will not get this problem.

He’ll, please where to demo link

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why is your support very slow? i have raised ticket and its been over 24 hours, haven’t received any support.

Mirazm Author Team

Sorry for it. Actually due to a lot of tickets reply goes a bit delay. However i have replied in your ticket.

If I purchased the script, Do you offer or support making app approval?? and how many days it will take for the script get ready for clients.

Mirazm Author Team

Really sorry but we don’t do it.I would suggest you to contact our ChatPion community here there are many users then will provide you the service taken by some cheap charge.

Hi can I purchase the addon bundle is I have a saas extended license? I just want to make sure before purchasing it.

I noticed it current on sell, I do not see any license apart from this for the extended license holders, as the addons are regurlar licenses.

Mirazm Author Team

Thanks for your interest. Yes you need to purchase addon bundle separately. However don’t need to purchase addon extended license .its regular license is ok.

Hello, can I install ChatPion on Bananahosting in a subdomain instead of the public_html folder?

Mirazm Author Team

I have replied in your ticket.

Can it be used without 3rd party messaging systems/social media like instagram or facebook? so does it have its own standalone messaging system?

Mirazm Author Team

Sorry but not possible.

Xetog Purchased

I am unable to connect Facebook with its App id and code

Mirazm Author Team

Can you please tell me are you facing any error?

Please contact our support desk to check to check your issue.


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