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Hello ,Does this app use any currency conversion api? If yes, the api is free?

Uses multiple APIs, and all are free

Hi i also want to know about api is it free please

Accept my request for skype

nomoreturn give me ur skype or facebook need to talk with u

Skype: apptodia


Just to be sure, it downloads the current currency exchange rates, no need to input this manually ?

The procedure is automatic. Let me know if you need any clarification. Best regards

Hello, is this code on Eclips or android studio? Thanks

Is an eclipse project, but contains the build.gradle file that lets you work on android studio

Goo luck for sells.


hi can i add another currency?

Of course. Let me know if you need any clarification. Best Regards

code not opening giving error respond ASAP

Send me the logcat. Thanks.

Do you have TeamViewer?

Purchased the items, however, found error when build.

“Case Expression must be constant expression”


Pls help. Thanks

Of cource. Do you have TeamViewer?

hey I am new to this website. when i purchase what exactly do i get? Also, will I be guaranteed help to completion? I need to create a working app for a class I am in right now and its due in a week, will you be able to help me to bring it to perfect working condition when I purchase? Please reply as soon as you can, thanks

I am calling right now but you’re not picking. I need this to be done please.

Can you set up a time I can call so we can get this done? Between now and Sunday is good for me.

Please, for any clarification, send me an email to Thanks

Hello, Can you show me how to add a new currency in the app! Thanks!

the interstitial ad is not displaying. not on the emulator + I rendered the apk and its installed on my phone.

You need put your AdMob ID. XeCurrency -> src ->

Yes I know that. I did that and it still does not load

OK. Do you have Skype?

se trabaja con android studio o eclipse?

Esta desarollada en Eclipse pero se puede migrar a Android Studio. Un saludo.

Ho I tried uploading on Google playstore. It is asking me for a feature graphic and a high resolution screenshot. Do you have them ?

BTW, I bought your app couple of days ago.

Hello, Send me an email to in order to send you the screenshots. Regards.

The project does not open. “Plugin with id ‘android’ not found.” What I can do?

Please. The project does not open. “Plugin with id ‘android’ not found.” What I can do?