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Doesn’t work with PHP 7.4, due to magic_quotes :/ Anyone know a fix, or a decent alternative?

Fixed it for PHP v7.4 in the end –

firebird database???

@vimariva08 : No

Now that has gone the documentation link no longer works. Has anyone downloaded the 1.6x documentation somehow?

@xcartmods – I got my xcrud to work on php 7.4 by commenting out the various lines referring to magic quotes lines e.g. 16 & 2266

xcrud is a fantastic tool, but since it has no support I decided to search for an alternative and I found a very good one, after using it for the last 4 months, I can say now that it’s even better than xcrud. It’s called TABULATOR, it’s not a PHP library but a javascript library, very powerful. LINK:

@cfoinfo – The documentation and demo is up at however as JinRoh pointed out I wouldn’t trust it for purchases as it appeared right after the .com stopped working and we know @foska isn’t supporting the product and doesn’t seem to be about. I have concerns about access to the documentation also so I used a free website ripper to grab it. The demos are available with the software. I am currently considering migrating my project to another system, or rolling my own as Xcrud isn’t going to be great for longevity.


@all, I’m going to give this one a go, looks decent…

Fixed it for PHP v7.4 in the end –

please do we have mongoDB version of this.

@monkeyhunter – thanks for pointer to – I downloaded demo and documentation. Will be interested to see if 1.7 appears as this site promises…

As others have said, PHP7.4 causes issues due to magic quotes. XCRUD doesn’t actually make use of that old functionality, just checks to see whether the server has it enabled. But that still causes issues. You simply need to get rid of the checks.

Also, the documentation website is now gone, but all documentation is bundled with the download.

It’s frustrating that there isn’t really a CRUD system as flexible as XCRUD. I’ve played around with loads, but they always seem to have limitations. XCRUD wasn’t perfect, but with a bit of knowhow you could get it to do almost anything.

I know it annoys some people, but I also really liked the validation key based security.

Generally the code is still pretty compliant with modern conventions, so will probably continue to use for a while yet. I have however noticed that there’s limited use of the each() function, which was depreciated in php7.2 – so will need to fix that.

link of the review and documentaion don’t work please send to me a working links

use pdocrud is much more powerful than xcrud since it includes pdomodel

@dhuerta29 PDOCrud is okay, and as you say it’s use of PDO rather than SQLi is great, but it lacks certain functionality, such as proper session management. I have tried to migrate a few projects to it, but always ran into roadblocks the moment I wanted to do something a little different. The great thing about XCRUD was that it was a lightweight script that offered almost unlimited customisation, provided you knew a bit of php / javascript. I really also liked its security model.