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@kunaikun Happy to help you. Don’t hesitate …..

My file upload buttons stopped working in Chrome, but work in Firefox… anyone else having this issue or know how to fix?

@bmdumr Can you share the code ?

Hi, i was hoping you could advise me on a button.

function tw_completed($xcrud) { if ($xcrud->get(‘primary’)) { $db = Xcrud_db::get_instance(); $query = ‘UPDATE tw SET `completed` = b\’1\’ WHERE id = ’ . (int)$xcrud->get(‘primary’); $db->query($query); } }

I need this to also take the quantity field and increment the quantity field in another database (model.quantity) So the button does these 2 things when pressed, update the completed bool and increment model.quantity by tw.quantity

What would be the best way to do this?

Thank you for your time.

Hi everyone, How to resize image view in edit page? I was using this but it still no change $xcrud->change_type('foto','image','',array('width'=>100));

note: I’m not using code above to upload (different page). but in index page I use the code.

I want when in edit page, user see image in smaller view

“verification key is out of date” always come out when data is large. Any body can help to remove this protection? It also make me can’t open multi windows.

Last update was more than 3 years ago. Is this still supported and does it work with PHP 7?

Hi, Is this CRUD still active. I didn’t see any updated since 2015… Are you doing to have coginter version?

Hi F0Ska, (I purchased your crud, but with the account of my boss…) I have a question for you. I have, in the same page, multiple instance ($xcrud1 = Xcrud::get_instance(); $xcrud2 = Xcrud::get_instance(); $xcrud3 = Xcrud::get_instance();) With every instance I render a table to modify record. A user can modify many fields from one or more of instances. For example xcrud1 deals with users, xcrud2 is related to products, xcrud3 deals with delivery. a user can modify all of the 3 tables but he have to click to each of the “save” button. Is there the possibility to save alle the tables (each one linked to an xcrud instance) with only one button? or that one of the 3 “save” button, after saving its datas, call the update of the others 2 tables?

@jsling it is working for latest codeigniter v3.1.8

I want to make my url dynamis like localhost/plasma/inventory/id=1234 i want the id dynamis with use get method. i try use your coding that you share in this forum $sample_id = key($_GET);

if ($sample_id) {

$xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();


echo $xcrud->render(‘view’, $sample_id); }

but after i running this code i got some error like this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ’$’ in C:\xampp\htdocs\plasma\wp-content\plugins\xcrud_plugin.php(12) : eval()’d code on line 8

Notice: Undefined variable: output in C:\xampp\htdocs\plasma\wp-content\plugins\xcrud_plugin.php on line 13

please give me fast respons to resolve this problem.

hai f0ska can you helps me to make seperate url for view, edit with the data id like : www.example.com/news/edit/article=123/

Hi everybody, since xcrud works only with data which is in database and I cant use the conditions on new added data can someone help me with my problem?

I would like to enable/disable input fields dynamic during the user enter the date. I think this needs to be some JS but I have no idea how to access the input fields from xcrud.

lets say I have a form field with a YES / NO option and based on YES or NO I want to enable other input fields?

thank you in advance

Great script but unfortunatly discontinued and without support since years :( somebody recommend an alternative? Anybody here which still support/help with this script?

4 years ago users asked for multiple search options but I could not find any update or solution. I would need something like FILTER for fields like search all users with x age, y size, z name etc.

@Ali_AlKhamis It works with PHP 7 (and the latest CodeIgniter too).


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I try to help when I have time and line code (examples) to try I find the solution.


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This script is no longer supported and I assume most likely won’t be upgraded in the future to PHP 7 and so will stop working when PHP 5 is removed from hosting setups. Thanks to the AUTHOR f0ska for great support over the years, I appreciate this has grown to be a very large project to up-keep on your own. I’m switching all by builds to DaDaBIK – this is still going strong as a CRUD system and has been upgraded to work with PHP7. I’m currently porting across an XCRUD project and its going very well. Just thought someone may find this comment useful. Regards, Mark. All the best f0ska.

Hi guys, maybe somebody can help me out. I made my custom javascript function which I added into the same page as my xcrud, how ever when I try to call the function via


I get only check_username is not defined! I tried to save the function in several places but always the same. Do I need something special to call my own function?

I need to check if a username exist before the form will be saved into my DB. Any other approach? Thank you all…


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Could someone who knows this software have a look at my function and let me know if there is something wrong please?

$query = 'UPDATE model INNER JOIN tw on model.model_name = tw.model SET model.model_quantity = model.model_quantity + tw.quantity WHERE model.model_name = tw.model AND tw.id = ' . (int)$xcrud->get('primary');

If i input the sql into the database it works fine but going through xcrud shows no errors however it doesn’t update, i’m assuming it’s because of ” tw.id = ’ . (int)$xcrud->get(‘primary’); “


xxsnowie Purchased

I got this working :) If anyone needs help with similar problems message me :)

Hi, can you please tell how to make a search with multiple fields such as date and department