Discussion on xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD)

Discussion on xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD)

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Is anyone else using 1.7 successfully? I have a test site using it and I get: PHP line errors on edit e.g. line 5187; UI oddities with bootstrap 4 like no background to print button; strange layout for form view button.

For people coming to Xcrud for the first time, be assured – as many people on this forum can confirm – it is an excellent product. I’ve been using it for years.

However it is now a ‘legacy’ product that is not supported by its original developer, foska. I say legacy because it was not updated for php7 and bootstrap 4. Although it can run on php 7 or at least I got it to run and I’m not even a programmer.

The 1.7 version seems to originate from a different developer and costs a lot more. It has some useful new features but does not seem as well supported as 1.6 used to be on codecanyon. I hope that Infratto can provide another xcrud alternative soon.

Hello Guys, I bought xcrud 1.7 from around September 2019. Before then our company had been using 1.6 and for almost 3 years..

So far, its great. There were clarification we had to communicate with and that was it. We have an inventory management system that uses bootstrap 4. In case @cfoinfo you have an issue with any errors i can be able to sort you.. chat me.

Plus a good example of bootstrap 4 is here Seems to work very well.

@cfoinfo just email their support. They will respond

clarification i meant september 2020.. one thing i noted is that if you want to use bootstrap4 endure to change the xcrud_config.php line i think 13 to ‘bootstrap4’. That is not well documented.

@infratto check out field grouping feature here:

grouping + inline editing + column summation. yours works something like this..

@infratto will your xcrud work with codeigniter 3?

I am a big fan of your plugin, I already using your plugin that I had bought your plugin from code canyon.

I want to clear some doubts

can I upload images by URLs that are stored in the server locally? can I upload bulk images?

what is the major use of the crud pro?

@filmizz 1. according to bulk upload is a feature which they are testing and about to launch 2. i think with xcrud you should be able to upload images by pasting a url, i will try get one of my old codes that i did that way 3. what xcrud pro does is ensure you have one complete package with login, role management and xcrud windows, so inshort when you are building an application and you have pro, you can create users and assign them a role like ‘finance officers’ then you will be able to define the menu and windows that the finance officer can see. your windows will be your xcrud forms. makes development very fast.

with some small modifications it works on php 8