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@noxidsoft : No news from the author since a long long time …..


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@JinRoh: can’t do with examples. Think products grid, columns: product, suplier. Want to make link with $xcrud->column_pattern but link to another table. When user click to suplier name in products grid, it will open supliers table.


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@sbscan : check nested tables

Dear Friend f0ska, Are you thinking in give the possibility to the user use MS SQL Server PDO instead MySQL Cli? You say 5 years ago you will do… :)


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@HVUS : No news from f0ska since the last update :cry:


This is a good script, it is a shame it is no longer being supported / updated.
Does anyone know how to limit a custom button so it only displays in certain modes?

I have created a pseudo delete button, but it is displaying when a user views a record, and I don’t want it to. Also does anyone know if it’s possible to get the DB name of the current table, and the DB name of the primary key column? – This would save passing them in, and make the code cleaner. (Im new to PHP).

Code below in case anyone finds it useful / has suggestions.

    function addFakeDelete($tableInstance,$tableName,$primaryKey) {

        $tableInstance->create_action('delete', 'delete_action');             // action callback, function publish_action() in functions.php
        $tableInstance->create_action('undelete', 'undelete_action');

        $tableInstance->button('#', 'Delete this Record?', 'glyphicon glyphicon-remove', 'xcrud-action btn btn-danger btn-sm', 
            array(  // set action vars to the button
                'data-task' => 'action',
                'data-action' => 'delete',
                'data-confirm' => 'Do you really want to DELETE this record?',
                'data-table' => $tableName,
                'data-primaryname' => $primaryKey,
                'data-primary' => '{'.$primaryKey.'}'
            array(  // set condition ( when button must be shown)
        $tableInstance->button('#', 'Restore this Deleted Record?', 'icon-checkmark glyphicon glyphicon-ok', 'btn btn-success xcrud-action', array(
            'data-task' => 'action',
            'data-action' => 'undelete',
            'data-confirm' => 'Do you really want to RESTORE (Un-Delete this record?',
            'data-table' => $tableName,
            'data-primaryname' => $primaryKey,
            'data-primary' => '{'.$primaryKey.'}'),
            array(    // set condition ( when button must be shown)


no longer updated :o , i need php7 compat

@vanucci what’s not working with PHP7? I am running against 7.0.10 & 7.0.16 With MySQL 5.7.14 & 5.5.56 respectively.

hi, I wonder how or if that could be done:

example here is: data from database shown in tabs and editable…: One line looks like:
$xcrud->fields('id,zip_code,city,street', false, 'Adress');

I would like to ONLY have the id field as read only
the other fields could be edited
So … Id should be shown… but not edit able
is that possible???


I found it!

I only need to put:

The initializing

.. now I will try to get a picture in a tab field…

Hi I have a question / idea or … I wonder if the following idea could be realized:

To change the view of one database/table entry to another, I would have to change the id of the db entry right? like that:
echo $xcrud->render('edit', 148); // edit screen with primary id = 148
Now – I would love to have a

admin page for revision work – with a drop down menü to change the id of the “xcrude” db / table view.

Lets say I use the demo page for tabs view…. and the live page would have the url www.demo.com/xcrude-148.php The code would look like in demo:
    $xcrud = Xcrud::get_instance();
    $xcrud->fields('customerName,contactLastName,contactFirstName,phone', false, 'Contact');
    $xcrud->fields('addressLine1,addressLine2,city,state,postalCode,country', false, 'Address');
    $xcrud->fields('customerNumber,salesRepEmployeeNumber,creditLimit', false, 'Finance');
    echo $xcrud->render('edit', 148); // edit screen with primary id = 148

Here the id is set to 148 now I would like to edit entry 149
As far as I understand, I would need to write a new page with code like code above, but with one change…. id form 148 to 149 >> echo $xcrud->render(‘edit’, 148); <<
The page url could be : www.demo.com/xcrude-149.php >> I go to that page (xcrude-149.php) and I can edit db/table entry with id 149

Is it possible to have a kind of admin page with a drop down field to simply select on other id and that would show the selected entry with the choosen id?

Hope I can explain what I mean…

Thank you… I will try… that!


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@martinius :
Check the demo : http://xcrud.com/demos/index.php?page=js_tricks&theme=minimal
You have an example with a button. You just need to adapt it with a drop down list.


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Hi. 1. I need to highlight a cell according to the value of another cell on the same row. I want red if my saving column is less than half of my budget column on a given row. $xcrud->highlight(‘saving’,’<’,’0.5’,’red’); This does not work. Can any one help please


2. How could I use a variable like $limit = “0.5{budget}”; $xcrud->highlight(‘saving’,’<’,$limit,’red’); //This does not work!

3. set_var does not work either $xcrud->set_var(‘limit’, “0.5*{budget}”); $xcrud->highlight(‘saving’,’<’,{limit},’red’); //This does not work!

I am using xcrud 1.6.25



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Sorry in point 1 I meant: $xcrud->highlight(‘saving’,’<’,’0.5*{buget}’,’red’)


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You can’t use create a variable because it’s not dynamic.
You need to create a ‘virtual’ column called ‘var_limit’ and hide hit.
So you can use it in the highlight function.


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Hi, Question about read only:

I’ve set up the tab version of xcrude – excellent version – I love it!!

One thing I could not figure out:
How to make a drop down fild – read only??
I sort of tested:

But that does not seem to work for dropdown fields…


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I found a solution!



martinius Purchased

alert Email Configuration????

If I get that right:
xcrud has that funktion, to sent an email IF some fields in Database where for example edited?

are there any files to edit in order to receive those emails?
I don’t get it!

so far I couldn ot manage that funktion to work!

I tested the alert_edit function just after connecting to table in Db:
$xcrud->alert_edit('City','admin@admin.at','Atention: The City name was changed','The new name now is: {city}');

... >> no email received….


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@JinRoh: mail() function is working well.
I added a password protection for the xcrud files. That protection script sends email if password has been changed. That works fast and well. So… there should not be a problem!
A Question: To I get that right?
I should be possible or “set able” that if any change on the table is saved, I could get a email “alert”??
That would be very important for me .... I gues!
sort of somebody hacking the page and writing links to porno pages or sell stuff pages….
so I would like a info IF anything on the table is edited. ...
My setup now is:
$xcrud->alert_edit('Adress','my.emailadress@gmail.com','The adress has has been changed','The new adress is: {Adress}');


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@martinius : XCRUD uses standard mail() function. Is it working on your server ?


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is it possible to show a image in a tab view mode?

In order to edit a certain Apartment, I would like to show the image of the apartment so that there are no wrong editing done.

The image I would like to show, is stored in a folder on my (remote) server.
Every customer has a folder called > wohnen< in there is a file like slider-image-1.jpg

I know how to show that image with .php – shure,
but can I shown a certain image within a xcrud generated tab…???
Is that possible?

The tab configuration looks something like:
$xcrud->fields('wohnen-image,info-of-apartment, size-of-apartment,bedrooms, garage', false, 'Apartment-1');

As a result the image filename would be shown in a input field at the beginning of the tab formatted table….