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does anyone know if I can add a toggle on-off button for a boolean column? Something like Switchery

found out that you can use column_pattern, fixed.

@JinRoh yes, but that is only for Xcrud’s buttons. I want my own custom html buttons

@JinRoh I fixed that, but how can I pass the auto increment id of a row in column_pattern? trying to set html id={id}.

$xcrud->column_pattern(‘auto_ship’,’<input type=”checkbox” class=”js-switch”’);

This is a toggle on and off button powered by javascript, how do I read what value it should be set to (1) or (0) from the database, and how do I modify the database when I click the toggle button?


$xcrud->column_pattern'(auto_ship', '<a href="#" class="xcrud-action" data-task="edit" data-primary="{id}">{value}</a>');

My website use open street map ! xCRUD can use OSM ? or only Google Maps ? the api is free ?

thanks you for your response :-)

My website use nested table ! Can i display in default_tab a value of record or only a label ?

Thanks you for your response :-)

@mrx02de how can we talk? Would like to know more about your update and changes on the script before i buy it.

“Verification key is out of date” error when I open Xcrud in multiple tabs. I am going crazy. Please f0ska email me with the solution

“Verification key is out of date” error when I open Xcrud in multiple tabs. f0ska please help. Tell me what is the solution.

“Verification key is out of date” error when I open Xcrud in multiple tabs. f0ska you replied 4 years ago saying that there was going to be a new release. Now please tell us how to solve this issue

“Verification key is out of date” error when I open Xcrud in multiple tabs. Fellow users if f0ska does not reply I will be putting my team of 4 developers to work on update this script to fix its bugs. If you are a DEVELOPER and wish to help or you are a customer and with to help with the INVESTMENT ($) please contact me. I will be also sharing the bug fixes for a price. The idea is to collect enough money to do all the bug fixes that f0ska is not doing. f0ska if you are reading this contact me or I will proceed to fix the bugs and charge for the upgrades. 4 years of wait. All my projects going downhill. Cannot wait any longer.

FELLOW CUSTOMERS: contact me to get bug fixes for a price. With the money collected I will put my teach to work and fix everything.

f0ska contact me. Fellow insterested users comment here.

@mrx02de Contact me. I am working on updating xcrud’s new version on updates mysef as well. I have a team of developers working with me.


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@rodrix385 : You can not modify and distribute XCRUD for money. XCRUD is the property of F0SKA. You can contact CODECANYON about this.


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Hello, i have implement api google maps in config xcrud ! it is perfect but … the search don’t work !!! one idea ?

when i put coordonnate it is ok (the maps found my point) but when i write adress … nothing :-(

thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuu :-)


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I went crazy but it is OK now :-)

for info, an API key problem: - restriction to applications (ip) - restriction to api (geocoding)


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Hello mrx02de !!!

Can you explain how to migrate to bootstrap 4 ?

thankssssss :-)


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@moncompte : contact mrx02de (He works on it 3 months ago). Check comments

Can anyone help me isolate the value selected from the relation function? I have tried capturing the value several ways, and I cannot capture the selected values.

I have dependent relations
         DENOMS_xcrud ->relation(<strong>'Country_Id'</strong>,'countries','id','Name');
        $DENOMS_xcrud -> set_var('COUNTRY','{Country_Id}'); This doesn't work (with or wothout "'" 

        $DENOMS_xcrud -> set_var('COUNTRY',(string)'{Country_Id}'); This doesn't work (with or wothout "'" 
        $DENOMS_C = '{Country_Id}';  //This doesn't work
        echo " Country is " . $DENOMS_xcrud->get_var('COUNTRY') ."!";
        echo " Country is " . $DENOMS_C."!";
// I am trying to capture the selected country in Country_Id...

        $DENOMS_xcrud->relation('Denomination_Id','denominations','id','Denomination', null,null,'Name','Country_Id');  //I want this relation based on the selection in the first relation.  (Country) and it doesn't seem to work
//      $DENOMS_xcrud->relation('Denomination_Id','denominations','id','Denomination',"coins.Country_Id,{Country_Id}");
       $DENOMS_xcrud -> set_var('DENOMINATION','{Denomination_Id}');

        $DENOMS_D = '{Denomination_Idi}'; //Nothing is stored here
        echo " Denomination is " . $DENOMS_xcrud->get_var('DENOMINATION') ."!";
        echo " Denomination is " . $DENOMS_D ."!";
        echo " Country is " . $DENOMS_xcrud->get_var('COUNTRY') ."!";
        echo " Denomination is " . $DENOMS_xcrud->get_var('DENOMINATION') ."!";

// I am trying to capture the selected Denomination in Denomination_Id...

Can anyone provide some guidance? I am missing something in the translation. I can’t get the Country relation working correctly and, no mater what I try, I can’t capture the selected values from the relation Drop-Downs.