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is it possible to use user permission ? i mean i want each record “managed by” one user so everybody can see the record but only specific user can edit… is it easy to do with this ?

It’s a shame that you left this development, your class is still the best and there are still several sales!

can i only show data with pagination in a page, without giving editing permissions ?


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hello there
How I can pass some form variables to new page after saving
I use java script code to redirect to new page, but I need to pass the variables of the email and username to use in sending email to user

Hi. Please help me. i use xcrud for my project but i have one problem. How can i make that view and edit section depends on table field. Something like this if type field content 1 show some filed else not show.

Hi, I can see in the comments that you were planning to make xCrud CodeIgniter friendly. Do you have instructions on how to use XCrud in CI?

Hello! I tried to search around comments but I’m unable to find the answer. Is there a way to set a custom ADD button that add a new entry with a default value?

I need two of them, one that will add a new entry that select in my ENUM field “Name1” and the other that will select by default “Name2”.

I’ve tried without success this: <button onclick="Xcrud.request('.xcrud-ajax',Xcrud.list_data('.xcrud-ajax',{task:'create', name:Myname1}))">Add Myname1</button>

Hope you could help. Thank you!

How to refresh the page data after 5 minutes. Thanks

How to protect a page with login system, any script you reccommend? Thanks

Can I disable export to CSV and Print ?

I am stuck. I have a phone number field, SPhone, that I want to be formatted as a US phone number when it is displayed and stored, but I cannot figure out how to do it. Please help with a specific example.

hi.. I’m setting up a simple xcrud page, latest xcrud 1.6.26. php version 5.6.30. in php 5.2 it works just okay. But in 5.6, when clicking any buttons (add, or 10/25/50 button, edit a row, etc) it redirects to the index.php of the page. Really weird. Any suggestion? Thanks.


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About UNION ALL issue, i found a solution.

If you have:

select * from table1 union all select * from table2

just use this:

select x.* from( select * from table1 union all select * from table2 ) as x

In that way, union all works with $xcrud->query.

I used “column_callback” and will call to db to get some data. When I export the crud data to CSV, I got error “Commands out of sync; you can’t run this command now”.

just hard code change “_csv” function in xcrud.php to store data as array first to fix the problem.


>> Can I disable export to CSV and Print ?


detail: http://xcrud.com/documentation/index.html

Hi can this script generate the data table code to add to my new build clientarea template to display their product they order, invoices ect?


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I hope you come up with an new version soon, wonderful program..

Hi f0ska, is there a way to make add & edit page have more than one column (all fields have classes sm-3 & sm-9 now)? I have too much fields in one table. Please help me where I can change it. Thanks in advice


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It is clear that f0ska is no longer interested in providing support for this. I would like to discuss fixes/workarounds with others who have purchased this item. Except for minor issues, this script works perfectly for my needs.

If anyone is interested in discussing, email me at queues69 -> gmail -> com