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Hi there,

Thanks alot!

Could you help me by telling me the difference between the xBreadcrumbs – Expandable Navigation for WordPress plugin and the xBreadcrumbs – Dynamic & Expandable Navigation plugin??

Greetings, Tomas


This appears to be a duplicate comment that we have replied to. Please let us know if this assumption is incorrect.

Thank you,

w3Blender Support

Hello, The plugin works with woocommerce? I need to at all strnaitseh ( category and products , basket , single page) was your standard plug-in instead . Will all new categories are automatically displayed in the breadcrumbs ? tures or each will need to add a new category woocommerce?


The plugin is only tested and confirmed to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.1.x. Currently, there is not an ETA available for the next update. I will check with our lead developer to see if it can be determined if there would be any conflicts.

Thank you,

w3Blender Support Team

Hi, Just setup your plugin , great plugin…

I just have one small issue….

For example my hierarcy is like this :

  • Home
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Cars*
    • Honda
    • Ferrari
    • Hummer
  • When I hover over cars , I get results from top level items(Home, about, contact)....... I want to have the subpages to be displayed when I hover over cars=(Honda, ferrari, hummer)....

Is there a quick fix to this ?

Im an experimental coder , so I should manage if you give me code and where to place it :-)

Anyone there ?

Hi,,, I havent heard from you … I need some customization , and im willing to pay for it … Please contact me asap… its important I publish the page in this month. Thanks

Hi, I mistakenly purchased the jquery version of this plugin when I needed only the Wordpress version. I purchased Wordpress license immediately thereafter and have no need for the jquery license.

I sent a refund request for the jquery version and have not heard back yet. Could you honor my refund? I will be happy to leave good feedback regarding my overall purchasing experience with you.

Thank you!

Good morning, I’m from Spain. I buyed your plugin. I follow the steps for install plugin (easy) and insert the code in the theme-header.php or header.php but it doesn’t work. I have installet another simple breadcrumb plugin and works correctly. I have desactivated the previous installed plugin but your plugin still not working.

Whats the issue?

I need a fast solution…

Thank you in advance

Please, I need an answer

On the other and, my email to make a feedback is jordi@lagranjadigital.com

The website that i have making is: lagranjadigital.com/supremabiometricos.com

thank you for all

Are you on vacation?

is this compatible with wp 4.7.1?

Hello your plugin dosent seem to work, please issue a refund.

Apologies it works fine – please ignore! I do have an issue that the breadcrumbs are missing the first level… ie my url is /shop/category/product but the breadcrumb shows home/category/product… any way to fix this? Many thanks

Hi, the plugin does not work on my site (WP4.7). I disabled all plugins and ! used the default theme, it still does not work. Do you have any suggestions?

Any support in here?? it doesn’t work in WP4.8.3!!