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this looks great ! very useful :)

Thanks for your comment Eric. Happy new year.

Hi, can this plugin be added to selected theme pages only?

Yes. It is possible. Take a look to the Developers section of the Documentation. Happy new year.

This is a plugin that I woud recommend for my next customers! Thanks!

Thank you for your nice comment Redhop, Happy new year.

Purchase #1! Looks great! Good luck with sales! Plus a Happy New Year from this side of the pond.

Mark, Miami, FL

Thank you for your purchase, please feel free to contact me 7/24 if you need support. Happy new year Sir. Cheers.

Hi I can’t get this to actually work on my WP theme, can you help please?

When you download the package, there is a detailed Documentation file which explains everything

In brief, you can select the icon locations or display type and also it is widget ready too. If you are using VC, it is also compatible with that amazing plugin too.

If you need more information than documentation, please use the support section above to contact me .

Do you plan to add “VKontakte”? (VK.com)?

Thank your for your request.. I will add VK next week and release an update which will also include sticky bars on left and top.

Please update plugin for VK support


I am interested in buying this plugin. I have one question. If I Tweet a post, with a featured image attached to it. Will I see that image in the Twitter Stream? In other words, will this plugin add the featured image a TwitterPic. Or will the image only show when the tweet is opened? For me it is really important to see images in the main twitter stream

As a photographer I really need optimal graphical representation.

Currently the plugin is tweeting the URL of the page with title. I will take a look to include featured image of the post/page to attach tweet

The most important will be to create a feature that will show my picture in the stream.. From what I’ve seen sofar is seems that it can not be done sofar ?

I am sorry. without Api we cannot attach the media to tweets. And api will ask for auth to each person for authentication. In this case this is totally out of this plugins aim. Sorry mate. I couldn’t help you.

Ok! Thanks,


After purchasing I am disappointed on a few items. One, I do not want this to be displayed on every page, there is not place to turn this off. Others may want this on their home page or contact page but I do not. But more important, this is easy to use, however, how is one suppose to get the short codes? Nothing anywhere describes that or how to use them on a page. Unless you have a fix for these, this was a waste of my money. Thoughts?

Hello Warinerm;

There is a settings page to turn it of which explained in documentation. (Settings > xBooster Social Plugin) when you open settings page there are Display Settings. Select None for Share and Like buttons .

Shortcodes are : [xBooster_Social_Profiles iconsize=”32px” title=”Follow Us” counter=”yes”] and [xBooster_Social_Share iconsize=”32px” title=”Share This” counter=”yes”]

Documentation have also short code explanations too. Please look at the How to section of the Documentation. Please be sure you downloaded all files not just plugin.

Not just short codes you also have option to use widgets.

I hope this helps.

Great job , congrats