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When I use this at the top of the page it constantly redirects me to the login page, even when I log in…

if($session->logged_in){ echo ‘You are logged in’; } else { header(“Location:"); }

Any Ideas?


Its Ok, I have this sorted. Thanks

That’s good, thanks for buying the script!

what session variables can I access? I would need a username and the group they belong to… Thanks

If you look at the top of the session.php age you’ll see the session variables there, you can add whatever you want there if you need something else that isn’t there.

Hi there, my site root is set to page is at and my admin homepage is set to index.php. Id like when normal users log off to be redirected to how is this possible? Ive tried setting the login page to ../app/login.php but it dosent work. Thanks

Hi, is this if people logout from the admin backend or from your own pages that are using the script? Have a look at the logout.php page where you can specify where users are logged out to.

Hi I have pruchased this script, I am unable to redirect to the previous page after successful login nothing happens.. but when I refresh the link it goes to the original page.

I am trying to use this code,

if($session->logged_in) {header(“Location: ” . $session->referrer);} else if (!$session->logged_in){ header(“Location: ../../example-two/index.php”); }

Please send me the full page. At first glance it looks almost right but the issue may be where the code is placed on the page etc. Please send me a message using the form then Ill reply and you can send me a copy of the code.

Message sent


Ryszard Purchased

I have a problem with the installation, my host:, data base name: studio-graph_7 ???


Ryszard Purchased

What do I do with it, the application does not work :-(

It works, it’s been downloaded thousands of times so I think I’d know about it if it didn’t work. :) I replied to your email from the other day almost instantly but not had a reply. It might be an issue with your database settings – most hosts you set the host as localhost except in cases where the database is on a different server such as with GoDaddy. You can ask your host for these details or answer my email and I will see what I can do to help.

Is it possible to protect individual pages that only individual users can see. So if I had 1.html and I wanted only one use to be able to access it and not 2.html is that possible?


Yes that’s certainly possible, with some PHP at the top of the page.


I bought your script, but when i have Admin Activation enabled and i register a user, the link that the admin receives to activate the user wont work.

What do i have to do to get that one working?

And when you are on the dashboard and see that a user awaits admin activation, is it possible to just add a button there you can press to activate the user?


The is a table on the users page in the admin panel that allows you to activate the user. Just scroll down below the users table to find the users awaiting activation table!!!

I’ll have to look at the email link but it works for me here. I’ll come back to you as soon as I can look.



The Email link just sends me to the login page and nothing happends.

Please have a look at 7.1 in the documentation. If you still have problems you could also look at the example code. Finally, if it still isn’t working let me know and I can take a look at your code.

Hi. Quick question:

I get this message when trying to Disallow a username: Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘PDOException’ with message ‘SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field ‘ban_userid’ doesn’t have a default value’ in /home/tronderl/public_html/admin/includes/adminprocess.php:312 Stack trace: #0 /home/tronderl/public_html/admin/includes/adminprocess.php(312): PDOStatement->execute() #1 /home/tronderl/public_html/admin/includes/adminprocess.php(33): disallowUsername(Object(Database)) #2 {main} thrown in /home/tronderl/public_html/admin/includes/adminprocess.php on line 312


Are u able to access your database using something like phpmyadmin? In the ban list table, put 0 in the default column for ban_userid. The problem comes from having sql strict mode on, so the other option is to turn this off. Are you testing using a local copy of pho, MySQL etc such as xampp- here’s instructions to turn it off –



I just finish installation, and I meet a problem The Error Msg was occured when I create user by admin panel: ‘Registration Failed. We’re sorry, but an error has occurred and your registration for the username test could not be completed. Please try again.’ how to resolve it ?

Hi royx0612, thanks for downloading the script. This is often due to an issue with the form (mismatched passwords etc). Can yout ry again, if it doesn’t work, browse back to the form to check for errors. Failing that contact me using the support form.

how to change the Timestamp stored in database from utc to other timezones? also when in admin the last time visits columns shows utc timezone I want to show Eastern Time Zone i.e. is Toronto

Hi, you could add a bit of code in the controller.php file, right at the bottom for example…..


I have this code on the top of the page to authorize a group <?php include(”../admin/includes/controller.php”); if($session->isMemberOfGroup(‘groupname’)) {echo ‘You are authorized in this page’; } else { echo ‘You are not authorized’; header(“location: http://mywebsite/index.php"); exit;} ?> But Admin cannot enter. What I should write to authorize another group and also Admin?

That should work yes.

Actually no, you are displaying ‘You are not authorised’ but also redirecting the user. They wont see the message if you redirect them (using header()).

that doesn’t work. Please write me the complete code to authorize Admin and group or two groups (among them the group Administrators)


hagigeo Purchased

do you have any thoughts for paypal integration?


MattLuk Purchased

Hi, I am unable to log in as Admin after installing the plugin on my localhost. The tables in MySQL are created ok, admin/login.php opens with a login page, however I get message “Login is invalid. Please try again”. It seems that it’s a similar issue to Dozy – problem with MySQL encoding? I have tried using lating1, utf8 and utf8mb4 as default database encoding, however it doesn’t help. Are there any other things to look into?

Hi, can you send me a message so I have your email address. Thanks