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I upgraded version but “Allow multiple login” option not working, even I selected “No” it’s still accept login using same account. Can you please advise is there any way I can change settings in php file to make it working?. Thanks

It was test file, I don’t have any other code in that file. Is there any alternative code which I can use to archive same result? The code which I mentioned first that working but it’s redirect me on login page and not going to index page which I mentioned in URL. Please advise. Thanks

I did research and found below code. It worked but it’s load first “Destination URL” and also load else URL too even I logged in. Is there any changes I can do on below code so it will check if user already logged in then load destination URL or it will load else URL. Please advise. Thanks

<?php include(”../admin/includes/controller.php”); if (isset($session->logged_in) && !empty($session->logged_in) ) { echo (’<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=">'); } else { echo (’<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=">'); } ?>

Hi, that seems a lot of code for what you want to do. Did you check out the documentation where it mentions about ‘protecting Pages’.

For example..

if(!$session->logged_in) = If you are not logged in if($session->logged_in) = If logged in (the only difference being the ! mark)

SO long as you have the correct path to the controller.php file (which might have been your initial problem) than those should work.

this is third time i am asking; will you solve the problem that i said you before? i asked here but you didn’t say anything. will you solve the issue?

Notice: Undefined index: session_id in /home/angry/public_html/xavier-demo/admin/includes/Functions.php on line 825

Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id – headers already sent in /home/angry/public_html/xavier-demo/admin/includes/Session.php on line 555

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/angry/public_html/xavier-demo/admin/includes/Functions.php:825) in /home/angry/public_html/xavier-demo/admin/includes/process.php on line 207


seglavi Purchased

you can check the issue which i told you before.

Hi, yes I know what your issue is and I saw your video before but that doesn’t help me because I cant replicate it here or anywhere I try and so I cant see a way to fix it. I’m wondering if it isn’t related to the browser you are using. It is almost like that by clicking quickly it is submitting an incomplete form without some form fields (which would explain the error), but that would be the fault of the browser. But as I said above I’ll continue to see what I can do and get back to you.


seglavi Purchased

i am using chrome version 66.0.3359.181. and it is the problem when you submit quickly without any data it is giving the error. nothing else. i am suprising that you can not replicate the issue. anyway. and hope solve soon in new updates. regards.


Can you please tell me which bootstrap version is used in this tool ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. It’s Bootstrap v3.3.4. Thanks.

Thanks for your response !


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on a local installation, after successful installation when I try to login I get this

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field ‘ipaddress’ doesn’t have a default value in C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\Functions.php:94 Stack trace: #0 C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\Functions.php(94): PDOStatement->execute(Array) #1 C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\Login.php(108): Functions->addSession(‘7de6e232fc97d30…’, ‘92b94b1e228159f…’, 0, ‘1’, 1529757689) #2 C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\process.php(45): Login->login(‘admin’, ‘12345678’, false) #3 C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\process.php(12): adminLogin(Object(Database), Object(Session), Object(Functions), Object(Configs), Object(Logger)) #4 {main} thrown in C:\laragon\www\xavier\admin\includes\Functions.php on line 94

any clues?

Sure, it is a Session Object variable (or parameter). So you can do something like <?php echo $session->id; ?>


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Awesome, thank you!

Rated also 5/5



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I am getting a warning in my error log file:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: session_id in /...manage/includes/Session.php on line 173

Any idea how to resolve this?

Thank you

Thomas Herold