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I need help, I am getting “The requested URL /public/login was not found on this server.”

Needs to be done in your apache settings

Thank you.

Welcome :)

hi Have the errors been modified in the restaurant application?

You can see the change log for updates.

Need help with cordova build ios. I get the following errors Error: ios-deploy was not found. Please download, build and install version 1.9.0 or greater from https://github.com/phonegap/ios-deploy into your path, or do ‘npm install -g ios-deploy’

I have tried: 1. npm install -g ios-deploy | 2. removed the ios platform and reading the ios platform | 3. re-ran cordova build ios and get the same error

ios-sim file is on the PATH files on ~/.bash_profile | XCode 8.3.3 is installed | Developer mode is enabled | MacOS Sierra, version 10.12.5 |

strange, you would need to look through stack-overflow to troubleshoot the path issue. The order in the bash_profile matters, so you might wanna try to move the related things up the file to see if that solves it for you.

It was a mistake on my part. I have added all the PATH in the ~/.bash_profile and also “sourced” the changes. I had to logout completely out of terminal and relogin to terminal. Any tips on how to upgrade to ionic2?

Good to know its resolved now. Unfortunately, Ionic2 upgrade is not simple, updates to Ionic2 will need Angular 2 and above, which will mean re-writing the javascript code.

Instead of deleting the comment, please develop the problems in the application

I need support in the restaurant application and News APP

How to fix errors in the application?

Connect with your technical support by email?




why not to connect your demo backend: http://ec2-52-21-107-249.compute-1.amazonaws.com/rococo/public/login Username: guest@example.com passsword: password

to your demo Rococo Restaurant app available to ionic view: 28f3b0eb?

we can do a real try, thanks

Sorry, I checked and are connected. awesome!

Please write it to frontend! :)

Can the App be used offline? even without internet?

Currently, we have a fallback, so yes.

Is this item supported? no updates since 2016?!

It is actively supported.

I have a already developed laravel backend and I am looking for examples on how to integrate ionic, your item may be a good opton. Pre-sales question: does it support laravel 5.4? Is it ionic 2? Do we have a login on the ionic side that autenticates on the laravels side? (i have users on laravel but want to do login on ionic)

Hey feel free to reach out to us at 0effortthemes@itobuz.com and we can help you with this. The current app shows how to connect with Ionic v1 and Laravel 5.2. Same thing will work on the Laravel side, on the Ionic side it’s a bit different from v2. You may get in touch and we will help you out.

Hi I have been promised 3 months ago to improve the application

What did you do 3 months ago to improve application errors ???

Best Regards


It has been more than 6 days and has not been answered !!

and You mentioned that you will repair the mistakes !! More than 3 months ago

Hello, will one be able to add a Gallery on the App? and also the Request a Quote can be extended without programming?

You would be able to add a gallery or add a new feature to the app. Its flexible, although some development knowledge is needed for extending it.

Hey do you have a plan on doing any updates to this project?

Hi, any updates to this project? Thanks!