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The Restaurant app not work.please help me.im losing my clients.waiting you to give us a solution. we build apk file but app not show the menu and others. where the problem can be cause

Hey, can you please share your code with us? You can email us your app code files at 0effortthemes@itobuz.com.

Also, please email us your FTP details for the backend server. We may require your cpanel details, as well.


I try to mail u but i get a mail delivery.fix your mail please.also if u can genereate the apk for me and ios file will be better.i will give u the panel url


If you can send me your email, we can drop you an email, in which you can send us your files.

Also, unfortunately we can’t build Android or iOS for you, as that requires credentials to be shared, which is against our policies.


Pre-purchase question!

I have a question about your app. I try work with any ionic 1 templates and apps and i see that the file extruture of ionic 1 to ionic2…change. In the ionic 1 the home page is not on www folder and in ionic 2 the pages is on other folder (i think in src/pages/). How to work if ionic 1 templates and apps? Can i install the ionic 1 to run this? Can i run ionic 1 in a ionic2 instaltion? I can run this app in the ionic 2? Do you have the steps documentations for this? Thanks!

You can install Ionic 1 and you will be able to run this. Everything needed is documented.

when i run php artisan serve it return back an error….....

Script php artisan clear-compiled handling the post-install-cmd event returned with error code 1

replied on the other comment.

Am trying to update composer but still bring back this error ….....

“Script php artisan clear-compiled handling the post-install-cmd event returned with error code 1”

Pls anyone to help me….......

Please email me at 0effortthemes@itobuz.com with more details of your setup & issue and I will try to help you out.


Twalibu Purchased

Help please…...

Replied in the mail.

Hi there guys i want to test the back end system before i make a purchase do you have a online demo?

Hey, please find the following details.


Username: guest@example.com passsword: password

Thanks 0effortthemes

I need help, I am getting “The requested URL /public/login was not found on this server.”

Your server needs to point the URL to /public , try setting up an empty project from Laravel docs, and then you can try setting up the backend here.

how can I make the /public folder be the root directory of the application?

Needs to be done in your apache settings