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Congrats ! Nice work :)

Thank you!!

this is nice. can push notification be integrated as well?

It can be! We did not integrate it, because it needs a native extension. We can help you late on in case interested and show you the way it works :) Thank you

Hi, I am about to purchase and would like to integrate push notification. Would there be a documentation that I can follow to do that? Or you will help walk me through it?

we will show you the way till the end! :) do not worry :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

Thank you Loads ! :)

Nice work!

It just need more documentation on the ActionScript code structure and how to generate the apk (Android) or iOS (IPhone).

Thx! :)

Well we can help :) Although if you google it, it is like rain out there.. email us if you need anything

Demo link doesn’t work…


It has been taken down by Google Play Store as it is demo.

If you need it, we can send you a demo apk.

Send us an email at info@wztechno.com

I am beginning to use this, definitely would like to be able to push notifictions…

we are working on that sir

nice work,thank you

Hey i bought your app 7 days ago and emailed you several times for modification with purchase code, you are not answering at all. This is really really bad service from you.

Sir, we can help if you have a specific question, we cannot do the edits you should do.. thank you

why i should do it my own, then why you told us about Modifications

You do not need to worry about anything. Just email us at info@wztechno.com all the modifications that you need to do for this application with your purchase code and we will do it for you in less than 48 hours. We will email you back an .apk file ready to be uploaded directly to Google play store. The modifications that you may ask for include:

Color Modifications Logo Changing Text Changing Pictures Changing Links Changing Contact us Information Changing Since iOS Apps needs special treatment concerning Certificates for testing and publishing, we will help you through the process till you publish your ipa file and upload it to the App Store.

You can have 2 modifications for each purchase! So you can have 2 Mobile Applications for two different businesses.


Please check your email sir, please